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Events [Winners Announcements] Introducing the Black Desert Content Creators!
Black Desert 2020-03-26 10:00
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Greetings Adventurers! 

Let us introduce you to your official Black Desert Content Creators, who’ll be with you on your adventures in Black Desert!


Black Desert Content Creators

Family Name
Ravenclaw SalimXSrew HORANI Minka






Livestream & Video
W84ME2JOIN (Twitch / Youtube) Sraj (Twitch / Youtube) Quendya (Twitch / Youtube) Septy (Twitch / Youtube)

※ Click on the Family name to view the Creator’s channel. 

▶ Black Desert Content Creator?

- An Adventurer who shares Black Desert with others and helps others by doing activities like creating Black Desert focused video content or livestreams news about the latest patch notes/events.

▶ Go to the Black Desert Content Creator Recruitment Notice


Once again, thank you everyone who applied to be a Creator, we’ll be looking forward to seeing everyone’s diverse and creative content! 


Thank you

Comments 2
The post was deleted.
@Nagatobi coz its not Mena server anymore its TR server only and the best part we region looked to it even tho everyone even Gm's speek Turkish man i play this game for a month and yet to see guilds or ppl speek English or Arabic to play with, i dont feel
safe QQ
2020-04-11 07:25
The post was deleted.
@Nagatobi MENA = middle east+North Africa so you see gm or streamer for this region coz so far i dont and just for fun go and chat in Arabic in server and see the Racism for your self. im done with this server
2020-04-22 06:53