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Hello, Adventurers.

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.

These are the updates made to Black Desert on April 1, 2020.

(Patch size: approx. 525.75 MB)

※ Please read below for details.


    • One day only! Just login for a free  (?!)

    - April 1, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance - April 01, 2020 (Wed) at 23:59

    - The event reward will be attentively delivered to your in-game mail by the GMs.

    ※ The item contained within the mail must be received by April 1 (Wed) at 23:59.

    ※ Only Families created before the maintenance on April 1 (Wed) are eligible to participate in this event.

  3. Event 1. Truth or Lie, What Will You Decide?

Event Period

- April 2, 2020 (Thu) at 00:00 - April 8, 2020 (Wed) at 23:59

[Click to read more]


MAJOR UPDATES - Node/Conquest War Revamp

Node wars that take place in each of the territories every day, is a content where guild members unite as one to conquer nodes. However, the meaning of these battles degraded due to multiple factors, resulting in “sticks” that only wait for opportunities, and instances where there wouldn’t be any combat at all. Therefore, we are preparing to revamp the node war rules in order to bring back the fun. In the meantime, we are implementing changes to the existing rules, as we did not want to leave the situation as is while preparing for the revamp.

Through this update, we decreased the number of nodes in Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon, Mediah, and Valencia by approximately 30%, from 154 nodes to 108 nodes.

The prices, types, and performance of Forts and Annexes have been adjusted to suit each tier. Now, they must be purchased according to the type of war you wish to participate in (node or conquest) and its tier.

The durability and performance of Annexes have been adjusted according to its tier. The increased max durability will allow battles to go on for a longer duration. Furthermore, the damage of Hwachas and Flame Towers against humans has been increased greatly, making them more effective while defending.

Finally, the price of Forts and Annexes has been adjusted according to tier. The prices were lowered for tier 1 node wars and increased for tier 2, 3, 4, and conquest wars to suit the amount of tax reward received when conquering a node or territory. Also in lower tiers, the prices of Forts/Command Posts were increased, but decreased for Annexes to make them more affordable.

We will continue to make improvements to Node/Conquest Wars for more intense, fierce battles, and work hard to introduce the new rules as soon as possible.


  • Added following items that can be built in tier 1-4 node wars or conquest wars to the Guild Military Supply Shop.

- You must now purchase tier exclusive items to participate in Node/Conquest Wars.

- Fort/Command Post/Field HQ built by guilds conquering the Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon, Mediah, Valencia territories have been updated accordingly.

- Changed the prices of all annexes (Forts, Command Posts, Flame Towers, Supply Depots) for Node/Conquest War according to tier as follows:


Tier 1

Item Name

Price (Guild Funds)

[Node] Square Fort (Tier 1)

10,000,000 Silver

[Guild] Barricade (Tier 1)

12,500 Silver

[Guild] Recovery Center (Tier 1)

250,000 Silver

[Guild] Cannon Observatory (Tier 1)

500,000 Silver

[Guild] Elephant Nursery (Tier 1)

1,250,000 Silver

[Guild] Flame Tower (Tier 1)

1,250,000 Silver

[Guild] Hwacha (Tier 1)

2,500,000 Silver

[Guild] Indomitable Flag Factory (Tier 1)

625,000 Silver

[Guild] Supply Depot (Tier 1)

3,500,000 Silver

[Guild] Wooden Fence Gate (Tier 1)

625,000 Silver

Tier 2 

Item Name

Price (Guild Funds)

[Node] Square Fort (Tier 2)

30,000,000 Silver

[Guild] Barricade (Tier 2)

17,000 Silver

[Guild] Recovery Center (Tier 2)

375,000 Silver

[Guild] Cannon Observatory (Tier 2)

680,000 Silver

[Guild] Elephant Nursery (Tier 2)

1,700,000 Silver

[Guild] Flame Tower (Tier 2)

1,875,000 Silver

[Guild] Hwacha (Tier 2)

3,750,000 Silver

[Guild] Indomitable Flag Factory (Tier 2)

850,000 Silver

[Guild] Supply Depot (Tier 2)

5,250,000 Silver

[Guild] Wooden Fence Gate (Tier 2)

850,000 Silver

Tier 3 

Item Name

Price (Guild Funds)

[Node] Square Fort (Tier 3)

50,000,000 Silver

[Guild] Barricade (Tier 3)

25,000 Silver

[Guild] Recovery Center (Tier 3)

425,000 Silver

[Guild] Cannon Observatory (Tier 3)

1,000,000 Silver

[Guild] Elephant Nursery (Tier 3)

2,500,000 Silver

[Guild] Flame Tower (Tier 3)

2,125,000 Silver

[Guild] Hwacha (Tier 3)

4,250,000 Silver

[Guild] Indomitable Flag Factory (Tier 3)

1,250,000 Silver

[Guild] Supply Depot (Tier 3)

5,950,000 Silver

[Guild] Wooden Fence Gate (Tier 3)

1,250,000 Silver

Tier 4 

Item Name

Price (Guild Funds)

[Node] Square Fort (Tier 4)

50,000,000 Silver

[Guild] Barricade (Tier 4)

25,000 Silver

[Guild] Recovery Center (Tier 4)

425,000 Silver

[Guild] Cannon Observatory (Tier 4)

1,000,000 Silver

[Guild] Elephant Nursery (Tier 4)

2,500,000 Silver

[Guild] Flame Tower (Tier 4)

2,125,000 Silver

[Guild] Hwacha (Tier 4)

4,250,000 Silver

[Guild] Indomitable Flag Factory (Tier 4)

1,250,000 Silver

[Guild] Supply Depot (Tier 4)

5,950,000 Silver

[Guild] Wooden Fence Gate (Tier 4)

1,250,000 Silver

Conquest War 

Item Name

Price (Guild Funds)

[Guild] Command Post (Conquest War)

50,000,000 Silver

[Guild] Field HQ (Conquest War)

50,000,000 Silver

[Guild] Square Fort (Conquest War)

50,000,000 Silver

[Guild] Strong Square Fort (Conquest War)

50,000,000 Silver

[Guild] Sturdy Octagonal Fort (Conquest War)

50,000,000 Silver

[Guild] Barricade (Conquest War)

25,000 Silver

[Guild] Recovery Center (Conquest War)

500,000 Silver

[Guild] Elephant Nursery (Conquest War)

5,000,000 Silver

[Guild] Flame Tower (Conquest War)

2,500,000 Silver

[Guild] Hwacha (Conquest War)

5,000,000 Silver

[Guild] Indomitable Flag Factory (Conquest War)

2,500,000 Silver

[Guild] Supply Depot (Conquest War)

7,000,000 Silver

[Guild] Wooden Fence Gate (Conquest War)

2,500,000 Silver


  • ● Removed the following annex items as exclusive items have been added to Node/Conquest Wars.

 ※ Guilds in possession of these items will be reimbursed through Guild funds, matching the value the items.


Removed Items 

- [Conquest] Command Post

 - [Conquest] Field HQ

 - [Conquest] Square Fort

 - [Conquest] Strong Square Fort

 - [Conquest] Sturdy Octagonal Fort

 - [Node] Square Fort

 - [Node] Strong Square Fort

 - [Node] Sturdy Square Fort

- [Guild] Barricade

 - [Guild] Recovery Center

 - [Guild] Cannon Observatory

 - [Guild] Elephant Nursery

 - [Guild] Flame Tower

 - [Guild] Hwacha

 - [Guild] Supply Depot

 - [Guild] Wooden Fence Gate

 - [Guild] Indomitable Flag Factory


  • ● Decreased the total number of nodes in the Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon, Mediah, and Valencia territories by approximately 30%.

 - The nodes in all of the territories has been decreased from 154 to 108 nodes. Thus, the amount of tax received for conquering nodes has been increased by around 30%.

 ※ Increased taxes will be applied after the maintenance on April 1 (Wed).

 ※ All forts across the Black Desert world have been removed due to the decrease in nodes. Forts built in to participate in the Node Wars on April 1 (Wed) will be reimbursed accordingly during the maintenance on April 1 (Wed).

Removed Nodes 


- Foot of Terrmian Mountain

 - Terrmian Cliff

 - Casta Farm

 - Balenos River Mouth

 - Imp Cave

 - Ancient Stone Chamber

 - Goblin Cave


- Northern Heidel Quarry

 - Central Guard Camp

 - Eastern Gateway

 - Southwestern Gateway

 - Orc Camp

 - Glish Swamp


- Delphe Outpost

 - Epheria Valley

 - Oze's House

 - Keplan Hill

 - Beacon Entrance Post

 - Hexe Stone Wall

 - Crioville

 - Tobare's Cabin

 - Lake Kaia

 - Northern Wheat Plantation

 - Trina Beacon Towers


- Stonetail Wasteland

 - Ahto Farm

 - Stonebeak Shore

 - Kasula Farm

 - Alumn Rock Valley

 - Ancient Ruins Excavation Site

 - Mediah Northern Highlands


- Pujiya Canyon

 - Waragon Nest

 - Capotia

 - Veteran's Canyon

 - Deserted City of Runn

 - Valencia Western Highlands

 - Crescent Mountains

 - Pilgrim's Sanctum: Sincerity

 - Pilgrim's Sanctum: Humility

 - Pilgrim's Sanctum: Abstinence

 - Pilgrim's Sanctum: Obedience

 - Gavinya Great Crater

 - Gavinya Coastal Cliff

 - Gavinya Volcano Zone

 - Erdal Farm


  • ● Tiers and max participants for certain nodes have been changed as follows:


Node War Region


Max Participants

Glish Ruins

Tier 4 → Tier 2

30 players

Mask Owl's Forest

Tier 4 → Tier 2

45 players

Epheria Sentry Post

Tier 4 → Tier 2

60 players

Taphtar Plain

Tier 4 → Tier 2

45 players

Bree Tree Ruins

Tier 1 → Tier 2

60 players

Abandoned Land

Tier 1 → Tier 2

45 players

Rhua Tree Stub

Tier 1 → Tier 2

30 players


  • ● Increased the max durability for Command Posts, Forts, and other Annexes for Node/Conquest War as follows:


Fort, Command Post, Field HQ, Flame Tower, Hwacha, Barricade, Wooden Fence Gate 

Tier 1


Tier 2

Increased by 33%

Tier 3

Increased by 66%

Tier 4

Increased by 100%

Conquest War

Increased by 150%

Recovery Center, Cannon Observatory, Elephant Nursery, Supply Depot, Indomitable Flag Factory 

Tier 1


Tier 2

Increased by 33%

Tier 3

Increased by 66%

Tier 4

Increased by 100%

Conquest War

Increased by 100%


  • ● Increased the Max Durability of Annexes for Conquest Wars by 10% as follows:


- [Guild] Siege Defense Tower (Conquest War)

- [Guild] Wooden Fence (Conquest War)

- [Guild] Medium Siege Tower Factory (Conquest War)

- [Guild] Large Siege Tower Factory (Conquest War)

- [Guild] Ballista Workshop (Conquest War)


  • ● Increased the damage of Hwacha and Flame Tower against humans by 50%, used in Tier 4 Node Wars and Conquest Wars.
  • ● Changed the names of certain Node/Conquest War Annexes as follows.




- [Guild] Siege Defense Tower

- [Guild] Wooden Fence

- [Guild] Medium Siege Tower

- [Guild] Large Siege Tower

- [Guild] Medium Siege Tower Factory

- [Guild] Large Siege Tower Factory

- [Guild] Ballista Arrow

- [Guild] Ballista Workshop

- Ballista Assembly Kit

- [Guild] Siege Defense Tower (Conquest War)

 - [Guild] Wooden Fence (Conquest War)

 - [Guild] Medium Siege Tower (Conquest War)

 - [Guild] Large Siege Tower (Conquest War)

 - [Guild] Medium Siege Tower Factory (Conquest War)

 - [Guild] Large Siege Tower Factory (Conquest War)

 - [Guild] Ballista Arrow (Conquest War)

 - [Guild] Ballista Workshop (Conquest War)

 - Ballista Assembly Kit (Conquest War)


  • ● Changed the name and max durability of the "Barricade", which can be crafted from the Siege Weapon Workshop, and the "Iron Barricade", which can be upgraded using the Barricade, as follows:





Sturdy Barricade

Max Durability increased by 60% 



Iron Barricade

Sturdy Iron Barricade

Max Durability increased by 100% 


- The "Sturdy Barricade" crafted from the Siege Weapon Workshop can be used in all Node Wars and Conquest Wars regardless of tier.




● Changed so that adventurers traversing through the desert will no longer be susceptible to heat stroke or hypothermia, as well as their Sailors who are exploring islands or navigating through the seas won't have to worry about their health deteriorating.


Today's update has changed conditions for adventurers who will no longer be able to get heat stroke nor hypothermia while traveling through the desert, as well as their sailors' health will no longer worsen while they are out exploring on their ship.
This update will not be discontinued after one week, but persist for the time being until further notice.
We hope everyone will remain safe and sickness-free, just as adventurers shall soon be in Black Desert. Thank you.


- This update will persist until future notice.

※ However, keep in mind that your sailors' health will deteriorate if there is no food onboard, remote collection is used on the ship or the ship has been sunk.


  • Added shipwreck record in My Info (P) → Journal.



  • Increased underwater swimming speed when pressing the Q key to swim underwater while swimming forward.
  • Targets will be de-mounted when hit with Black Spirit's Rage 10%, 25%, and 50% skills.






- Black Spirit: Pulverize

 - Black Spirit: Merciless

 - Black Spirit: Slashing the Dead


- Black Spirit: Water Sphere

 - Black Spirit: Cataclysm

 - Black Spirit: Hellfire


- Black Spirit: Turn-back Slash

 - Black Spirit: Violation

 - Black Spirit: Grim Reaper's Judgment


- Black Spirit: Sah Spree of Sonan

 - Black Spirit: Lunar Dash

 - Black Spirit: Chain Crash: Sah Chakram


- Black Spirit: Elven Rage

 - Black Spirit: Waltz of Wind

 - Black Spirit: Regeneration


- Black Spirit: Bloodthirst: Katana

 - Black Spirit: Sura ChaoSpree

 - Black Spirit: Sudden Decapitation


- Black Spirit: Devastation

 - Black Spirit: Titan Blow

 - Black Spirit: Flow: Slugfest

Dark Knight

- Black Spirit: Grip of Grudge

 - Black Spirit: Spirit Hunt

 - Black Spirit: Shattering Darkness


- Black Spirit: Moonlight Strike

 - Black Spirit: Garuda

 - Black Spirit: Echo Pierce


- Black Spirit: Ferocious Assault

 - Black Spirit: Ultimate Crush

 - Black Spirit: Skull Crusher


- Black Spirit: Flow: Dash Slash

 - Black Spirit: Fiery Angel

 - Black Spirit: Below the Belt


- Black Spirit: Hurricane Sweep

 - Black Spirit: Spiral Torpedo

 - Black Spirit: Sea Burial


- Black Spirit: Sticky Snowflake

 - Black Spirit: Flow: Cloud Stab

 - Black Spirit: Moonrise


- Black Spirit: Eradication

 - Black Spirit: Bleeding Hearts

 - Black Spirit: Flow: Mangler


- Black Spirit: Verdict: Lancia Iustitiae

 - Black Spirit : Terra Sancta

 - Black Spirit : Promptness


- Black Spirit: Full Bloom

 - Black Spirit: Ultimate: Zephyr Leap

 - Black Spirit: Righteous Smite


- Black Spirit: Detonative Flow

 - Black Spirit: Equilibrium Break

 - Black Spirit: Thunder Storm



  • Decreased the blood splatter effect in the following skills.

 - Ultimate: Maehwa’s Will, Chaos: Crimson Gust, Blooming Stride, Blooming Step

  • Stigma - Improved so that Flow: Cloud Stab can be comboed after it.
  • Flow: Cloud Stab - Improved so that Flow: Moonlight Dash can be comboed after it.
  • Petal Drill - Improved so that Moonrise can be comboed after the 2nd hit.

The following skills will now activate Discharge Energy.

- Prime: Somersault

- Prime: Crimson Fang

- Prime: Adamantine

- Prime: Hidden Claw

* The following All Evasion and DP increase effects will be applied when activating Discharge Energy on the above skills:

- All Evasion Rate +9% for 5 sec.

- DP +8 for 5 sec.

* Thus, Prime: Wolf's Fang can be used instantly with the above skills.

  •  After using skills that can activate Discharge Energy, press S + LMB + RMB to use Prime: Wolf's Fang.
  • Land Buster - Damage will no longer decrease even when Infernal Destruction is on cooldown.
  • Skull Crusher - Can now be comboed while using Flow: Crosswind.
  • Spiral Cannon - Improved on the issue where character's movement slowed down when hitting an enemy.
  • Rampaging Predator - Improved to combo Flow: Bite Off faster after it.
  • Enabled faster comboes after the following skills:

- Endless Explosion

- Fallout

- Silent Step in Awakening stance

- Flow: Crosswind during using Spiral Cannon

  • Ultimate Crush - Improved 2nd and 3rd hits to combo faster.
  • Rampaging Predator - Improved by allowing it to be used in main weapon stance.


  • Foretold Encounter - Increased All Accuracy Rate as follows:

- All Accuracy Rate +24% for 10 sec. →All Accuracy Rate +12% for 10 sec."

  • Flow: Black Blood Eruption - Fixed an issue where the damage wasn't being applied when used after Black Blood's Descent with Prime: Black Blood Circle learned.
  • Scornful Slash - Fixed an issue where the 2nd hit wasn't triggered when used after Cleansing Flame.


  • Locked items within Morco's Gear Bag and Clorince's Travel Bag will no longer unlock when restarting the game.
  • Added information on how to obtain and how to use for ship crafting and upgrade materials.
  • Changed the icon of [Event] Tachros' Spirit Stone buff.
  • Realigned the text for Sweet Honey Wine, saying that it'll take you to the Fairy window.


  • Changed the characteristics of Saltwater Crocodile, Black Rust, and Nineshark of the Sea Monster Habitat.

- Reduced the monsters' HP by 40%.

- Changed from a 2-person co-op to a 3-person co-op hunting ground.


  • Added to BreezySail's description that players may go off the auto-navigation course when continuously using BreezySail.
  • Fixed so that if a Guild Alliance is disbanded while a player is riding the elephant mount, they will be reconnected to the game.


  • Improved the Valencia Main Quests to flow more smoothly by moving the following Black Spirit Suggested Quests to Black Spirit Main Quests.

- Sahazad""s Worth

- Barhan""s Authority

- Manmehan""s Passion

- Saya""s Interest

  • Improved Balenos - Calpheon Main Quests by adding more quests rewarding the Footsteps of Wind buff, thereby greatly reducing movement time between quests.
  • Changed [Knowledge] Giath""s Secret to be obtainable upon completing the quest ""Abandoned Fate"

- If you have already completed the above quest but do not have the knowledge, talk to Grusha to obtain the [Knowledge] Giath""s Secret.

  • Fixed the issue of the quest ""Embarking on an Adventure"" displaying empty spaces in the quest rewards list."
  • Fixed the following to display the correct amount of Mudskipper needed to cook Smoked Fish Steak.

- [Knowledge] Smoked Fish Steak

Fixed issue where pre-renewal Mediah Main Quests were displayed in the Quest window (O) for players who have not progressed through the pre-renewal quests.

  • Greatly reduced the respawn time for the Cron Castle Barracks that need to be burned down for the quest "The Lost Records of Cron".
  • Fixed the issue of the quest "[Repeat] That Which the Goblin Hides" being obtainable even without the player meeting the necessary requirements.

| UI

  • Improved the following UIs.

- Quests

- Quest Summary

  • Added buttons for ""Grab ship's wheel"", ""Move to ship's wheel"", and ""Call ship"" for big ships.

- Buttons for ""Grab ship's wheel"", ""Move to ship's wheel"", and ""Call ship"" will appear when you click on the ship icon on the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

- You can use the "Call ship" hotkey in the same manner as before.

"Many adventurers utilized the "Grab ship's wheel", "Move to ship's wheel", and "Call ship"functions which were all usable by left clicking the ship icon.

However, since all three of these functions were accessible through just one icon, there was some inconvenience especially when adventurers needed to confirm their distance from their respective ships before using "Move to ship's wheel" or "Call ship".

To solve such inconvenienes, we decided to add separate buttons for each of the three functions, and also changed the required distance for "Move to ship's wheel" and "Call ship" functions to be easier to use than before.

  • Improved the Level Up Info window's function.

- You can press ESC to temporarily hide the window.

- The window will reopen if you mouse over the arrow icon of the hidden window.

- A message will now appear if your current number of skill points aren't enough to learn new skills in the Learnable Skill window.

- You can confirm the skills you've learned by pressing the Learn button in the Level Up Info window as well.

  • Added a confirmation message when pressing the Preset button during UI edit mode.
  • New accounts will now have the Skill Guide window open on the right portion of the screen upon logging in.
  • Fixed the issue where the new item effect was not being displayed after obtaining enhanced gear.
  • Updated the title of the Lakiaro Minigame Window.
  • Fixed the remaining time to display correctly before progressing onto the next stage during the Lakiaro minigame.
  • Fixed the issue where the Guild Information window's "Saying of the Day" flickered irregularly.
  • Changed so the previous window will also stay opened after closing and reopening the Skills window.
  • Changed the name of the button for unpaid guild taxes to "Unpaid Tax" in the Guild window.
  • Fixed the issue of the "Retrieve All" button appearing to be activated upon entering the Decorate menu when visiting another player's Residence.
  • Fixed the issue of the delete confirmation message appearing even when retrieving possible items from the Residence.
  • Removed special characters appearing in the tooltips when mousing over the Fitness portion of the My Stats window.
  • Changed the Guild Conquest War Status window to only update information when opened.
  • Changed the location of the Change Guild Emblem and View Guild Information buttons in the Guild Information window.
  • Changed the number of guild members displayed in Guild Member Status to 17 members.
  • Adjusted the spacing in the War Hero list."
  • Fixed the issue with the "Deposit" button being displayed in Korean in the Unpaid Tax window.
  • Changed the description displayed on the screen upon death explaining the death penalty effect.
  • Added the "Decline Guild Join Request" option on the top portion of the window for players to be removed from the Recruit Guild Member list..
  • Changed the Guild Member Status to be filtered by Participate and Contract in the Guild (G) window.
  • Fixed the frame rate issues that occurred when scrolling in or changing tabs from the inventory UI.
  • Changed the Guild Missions list to be scrollable by mouse in the Guild Missions window.
  • Centered the spacing between tabs in the Garden and Installation list UI.

● Improved frame rates in the following situations.

- Upon obtaining items, knowledge, and learning skills"

  • Removed mount level and experience bars from Mount Information in the Guild Stable and Guild Wharf Manager windows.
  • Fixed the issue of Guild Recruitment List displaying the Decline button in Korean.


  • Increased consumed stamina from 15 to 20 for using Request Chat Ban for the first time.

- Changed the amount of consumed stamina to increase depending on the total number of times Request Chat Ban has been used.

  • Fixed the issue of incorrect background music playing before entering the game.
  • Fixed the issue of saved Looped Auto-Paths being deleted upon logging in.

【Changes and Fixes】

  • [Berserker] Beastly Wind Slash - Fixed effects to better align with the skill's hits when used after Prime: Beast Form.
  • [Maehwa] Prime: Decapitation - Fixed the issue of movement occasional slowing down after using skill.
  • [Shai] Fixed the Florin's gathered leaves' effect to appear correctly when transitioning from Main Weapon to Talent state.
  • Fixed graphical glitches in certain situations when wearing the following outfits.

- [Archer] Crayodel Soldier Outfit

- [Dark Knight] Queen Heart Underwear with Puff Mini Armor

  • Fixed typos in the following.

- [Ninja] Black Spirit: Sura ChaoSpree skill description

- [Kunoichi] Black Spirit: Sah Chakram skill description

- Tears of the Wind item description

- Mount Brand Spell Stone item description

- Certain Pearl Outfits

- Rulupee's Ratty Flag item description

  • Fixed graphical glitches of certain buildings in the following regions.

- Calpheon

- Tuir Valley

  • Fixed graphical glitches with the minimap when in the following regions.

- Fogan Swamps

- Tooth Fairy Forest

  • Fixed so correct level of brightness will be applied when setting the photo filter to NonContrast in the Settings.
  • Fixed the issue of characters wanting to take a swim outside of bodies of water in certain parts of Grána.
  • Fixed the issue of irregular navigation while on Succession quests in Keplan.
  • Fixed so you cannot call a guild elephant mount from a previous guild after leaving the guild.
  • Adjusted so you cannot move item boxes in your inventory when opening them.

We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert,

Thank you.

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