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Black Desert 2020-04-08 07:00
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Hello, Adventurers.

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.

These are the updates made to Black Desert on April 8, 2020.

(Patch size: approx. 238.55MB)

※ Please read below for details.


Event 1. Toot~ Ellie is Here~!


Event Period

- April 8, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance - April 22, 2020 (Wed) before maintenance

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Event 2. Geese and Golden Eggs!


Event Period

- April 8, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance - April 22, 2020 (Wed) before maintenance 

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Major Update - New Accessory

  • ● Added new item Dawn Earring. Dawn Earrings can be obtained by combining the new item Dawn's Resentment.


- Dawn's Resentment and Dawn Earring both have a low chance of dropping from the Calpheon Shadow Knights in the Abandoned Monastery.

- In your Inventory, place Dawn's Resentment in the center, then Marks of Shadow to its top and bottom, and Shrine Guardian Tokens to its left and right to obtain the Dawn Earring.

Dawn Earring




























  • ● Calpheon Shadow Knights in the Abandoned Monastery have become stronger due to Kzarka's blessing.

- Changed the Recommended AP for certain monsters beneath the Abandoned Monastery to 280.

- Stronger monsters will have the title [Blessed by Kzarka].

- Upon defeating certain monsters, up to 2 players can receive the loot and a low chance to obtain the Dawn Earring.

- These new monsters in the Abandoned Monastery share Knowledge with the existing ones.

  • ● When there are 5 Dawn's Grudges, which appear when defeating monsters in the Abandoned Monastery (Restricted Territory), a server-wide message will appear along with the Specter of Belmorn.

- Approximately 2 to a maximum of 10 minutes are needed for the Dawn's Grudges to become the Specter of Belmorn.

- Dawn's Grudges that have appeared will not despawn regardless of time passed.

- When the Specter of Belmorn appears, Dawn's Grudges will no longer be created.

- Be wary of the death penalty that will be applied if you are killed by the Specter of Belmorn.


New and Improvements


  • Increased the chances to obtain Brilliant Rock Salt Ingot and Brilliant Pearl Shard on Invernen Island and Marka Island.
  • ● You can now remote collect guild mounts by selecting the guild mount pin from the World Map (M).
  • ● Fixed the issue of Karma decreasing upon remote collecting guild mounts through the World Map (M).

● Fixed the issue where Node/Conquest War Barricades could not be installed after setting up an Indomitable Flag.



Just as we did in the past week, we focused on balancing certain characters for today's update as well. Major updates are as follows.


First for the Warrior, we increased Reckless Blow's total damage, as well as adjusted movements during Head Chase. While the damage per hit of Reckless Blow has been reduced, we've increased the total number of hits thereby creating a better impression of inflicting greater damage. Head Chase was used by certain Adventurers (pressing Q during Head Chase) to cancel into combos, so we improved its movement to be a smoother transition to other skills so other adventurers wouldn't have to resort to using such means.


For Ranger, we focused on the capabilities of the Awakening skills. We adjusted the previously rather long cooldown times of certain skills to increase their usage, and changed the Air Smash effect of Flow: Disillusion into a Down Smash effect, adding the possibility to combo into other Down Smash skills such as Flow: Rooting. We are ongoing in our research to improve Awakening skill combos and their capabilities for the Ranger.

For Maehwa, we wanted to rectify the attack range of certain Awakening skills, as well as increase their usage. Particularly for Maehwa Awakening, there are a lot of skills which involve her moving forward to attack, of which we extended the frontal attack range of certain skills, thus improving their ease of use. Also, we changed Petal Bloom during its charging phase to combo into Sleet Steps.

Regarding Wizard, there were a lot of comments about the inconvenience due to the lack of a skill which transitioned from main weapon to awakening weapon stance. Therefore we made the Dark Flame skill transition from main weapon to awakening weapon stance, as well as allowing Water Sphere and Flow: Aqua Bomb to combo into other skills. In addition, we now made Evasion and Teleport useable during skills.

Witch Succession has the specialty of fast cast times when comboing with skills after using Magical Evasion. Here we felt that we wanted to further emphasize the uniqueness of Magical Evasion as playing the pivotal role in the Witch's survival and combos. Now whenever the Witch uses the Magical Evasion skill, we added the effect of her disappearing momentarily from all players. We wish to further make distinct the individual charm and personality of the Wizard and Witch classes, and are looking into further ideas at the moment.

For Dark Knight we also focused on her Awakening skills. First, we changed Air Strike to have the same effects in both Awakening and Succession. We changed the non-Awakening Air Strike skill's Bound effect to only apply if the first hit did not apply the Bound effect, which used to apply to all good extra hits. In addition we listened to your feedback and supplemented skills that weren't being utilized much, which included Grip of Grudge, Cluster of Despair, Trap of Vedir, among others.

We sought to supplement the somewhat frustrating movements of Striker Succession. We improved Discharge Energy to activate more smoothly for the Crimson Fang - Flow: Bombardment combo by allowing Strikers to freely choose between the two different types of Crimson Fang combos based on the situation. We also changed Prime: Wolf's Fang's attacks to be focused on the targeted enemies during use.

For Ninja, we focused on improvements for hunting convenience and speed. Therefore, we increased the damage of certain skills as well as the ability to combo with them, and changed the Drastic Measure skill to be even more powerful when used during Asura state.

We are carrying out class improvements with our research and testing based on your important feedback. We will do our best for the sake of all adventurers.

  • Reckless Blow - Adjusted the damage and total number of hits.

Reckless Blow



Before charging

1930% x 2

1420% x 4

After charging

1930% x 2

1420% x 8

  • ● Flow: Ankle Break - Changed the Critical Hit nullifying effect to be also applied in PvP.
  • ● Head Chase - Fixed the irregular movements when Q was used during the skill, as well as all other unnatural movements.
  • ● Evasion - Changed so if your weight is over 125%, you can no longer use the skill.
  • Removed all split damage effects in Succession and Main Weapon skills.

  • ● Flow: Disillusion - Changed the skill's Air Smash effect to Down Smash effect.
  • ● Regeneration - Adjusted cooldown from 25 sec to 18 sec.
  • ● Regeneration - Increased accuracy from 5% to 10%.
  • ● Nature's Tremble - Adjusted the skill's cooldowns.

Nature's Tremble



Nature's Tremble I

23 sec

23 sec

Nature's Tremble II

22 sec

21 sec

Nature's Tremble III

21 sec

19 sec

  • ● Vine Knot - Improved skill to combo into Flow: Rooting by pressing LMB during use.
  • ● Removed all split damage effects from Main Weapon skills.
  • ● Added explanations on damage dispersion effect for Tearing Arrow, Blasting Gust, Ultimate: Blasting Gust, and Tearing Shot.

  • ● Flow: Rushing Crow - Improved to combo more smoothly into Violation after skill use.
  • ● Turn-back Slash, Violation - Improved accuracy of skills as follows.

Turn-back Slash



Turn-back Slash I



Turn-back Slash II



Turn-back Slash III






Violation I



Violation II



Violation III



  • ● Changed the buff icon for All AP increase upon absorbing fragments.


  • ● Beast Form - Fixed so using Beastly Wind Slash I~IV during this state will now apply damage to your foes.


  • ● Summon Heilang - Increased summon duration time from 30 min to 60 min.
  • ● Summon Heilang - Adjusted to no longer disappear in shallow waters.


  • ● Removed all split damage effects for Main Weapon, Succession and Awakening skills.
  • Added explanations on split damage to Blizzard, Ultimate: Blizzard, Prime: Blizzard: Storm skill descriptions.
  • Lightning Chain - Changed skill description regarding split damage.
  • ● Prime: Earth Arrow - Changed extra hits' range to be the same as the first hit's range.
  • ● Magic Arrow I, II - Adjusted the skill damage as follows.

Magic Arrow



Magic Arrow I

759% x 1

352% x 1

Magic Arrow II

790% x 1

612% x 1

  • ● Prime: Earthquake: Evade - Fixed the issue of character collision being applied when using quick cast.
  • ● Prime: Earthquake: Evade - Added explanation on character collision in the skill description.


  • Succession: Magical Evasion - Increased moved distance upon first use, and changed character movement effects as well.

    - However, this does not apply when on cooldown.

    • Detonative Flow - Added skill description regarding split damage.


  • ● Dark Flame - Improved skill to transition to Awakening Weapon from Main Weapon stance upon use.
  • ● Chilling Wave - Increased casting speed.
  • ● Chilling Wave - Improved to allow usage of Evasion and Teleport during skill.
  • ● Water Sphere, Flow: Aqua Bomb - Improved skills to combo faster into following skills.
  • Water Sphere, Flow: Aqua Bomb, Black Spirit: Water Sphere - Added explanations on split damage.

  • ● Petal Drill, Petal Bloom - Changed the skills' attack area to the front.
  • ● Flow: December - Changed skill's attack range to be the same as Petal Drill's attack range.
  • ● General Apricot - Improved to instantly activate Petal Bloom at fully charged state when used during skill state.
  • ● Petal Bloom - Improved charging stance to be maintained for a certain duration.
  • ● Petal Bloom - Improved to allow use of Sleet Steps when charging is completed.

- Sleet Steps will be instantly used in the charging complete state.

  • ● Chase - Improved to activate Petal Drill more smoothly in the Awakening state.
  • ●Petal Drill - Changed the PvE damage as follows.

 Petal Drill



Petal Drill I

467% x 4

611% x 4

Petal Drill II

628% x 4

815% x 4

Petal Drill III

844% x 4

1106% x 4

  • ● Frost Pillars - Changed the PvE damage as follows.

Frost Pillars



Frost Pillars I

1003% x 4

1204% x 4

Frost Pillars II

1138% x 4

1366% x 4

Frost Pillars III

1272%x 4

1526% x 4

  • ● Petal Bloom - Fixed the issue of Front Guard effect not applying during charging skill after certain other skills.

  • ● Sura ChaoSpree - Increased PvE damage as follows.

Sura ChaoSpree



Sura ChaoSpree

Hit damage 628% x 15

Hit damage 754% x 12

Final hit damage 879% x 3

  • ● Sura ChaoSpree - Improved skill to allow combos into Ghost Step, Ninja Step, Murderous Intent, Serpent Ascension, Flow: Execution.
  • ● Serpent Ascension - Improved to allow use of Flow: Execution during skill use.
  • ● Vacuum Slash - Increased the PvE damage as follows.

Vacuum Slash



Hit damage

571% x 6

685% x 6

Slash hit damage

684% x 4

889% x 4

  • ● Asura - Improved skill to allow Drastic Measure to activate instantly without charging.

- Drastic Measure will inflict the completely charged damage amount as well as the super armor effect.

  • ● Sudden Decapitation - Increased 2nd, 3rd hits' activation speeds when using skill in normal stance.
  • ● Drastic Measure - Adjusted the application of the bound effect when skill is used without charging.
  • ● Ninja Step - Improved to allow usage of Murderous Intent even when holding down W after skill use.


  • ● Improved the following skills to combo into Mass Destruction and Silent Step before each skills' Discharge Energy hits.

- Succession: Ankle Hook

- Succession: Martial Deva

- Succession: Flow: Savage Fang

- Succession: Combo: Final Blow

- Succession: Flow: Bombardment

- Prime: Roaring Tiger

  • ● Prime: Wolf's Hunger - Improved to combo into Mass Destruction, Silent Step before Discharge Energy hits when using skill after consuming Martial Spirit Shards.
  • ● Prime: Wolf's Fang - Changed skill to focus on targeted opponents.

- Due to the change in attack, the attack range has been reduced, and the knockback hit removed.

- Changed cooldown from 8 sec to 13 sec.

  • ● Flash Step - Improved to activate Crimson Fang with Shift + RMB after skill use.
  • ● Prime: Knee Hammer - Improved to allow smoother activation of Prime: Wolf's Hunger after skill use.
  • ● Reduced forward moving distance of following skills when used during Prime: Roaring Tiger.

- Prime: Fist Fury

- Succession: Flow: Bombardment

- Prime: Rampaging Predator

- Succession: Combo: Final Blow

- Succession: Martial Deva

  • ● Flow: Deathstrike, Succession : Flow: Bombardment - Removed issue of player slowing down upon skills hitting foes.
  • ● Succession : Flow: Bombardment - Improved skill's Discharge Energy to activate more smoothly.
  • ● Rampaging Predator - Fixed the issue of not being able to combo other Awakening skills after using skill to transition from main weapon to Awakening weapon stance.
  • ● Flash Step - Improved to activate Roaring Tiger with LMB + RMB after skill use.

  • ● Air Strike I, II, III, Absolute: Air Strike - Changed the skills' Bound effect to only occur when the 1st hit does not apply the Floating effect.
  • ● Trap of Vedir - Changed the combo movements to occur much faster after the beginning and end points of the skill.
  • ● Grip of Grudge - Changed the skill's max hit range to be greater than before, along with the skill's activation speed to be much faster as well.
  • ● Cluster of Despair - Changed the skill to combo much faster after the following skills.

- Twilight Dash

- Spirit Hunt I, II, III

- Smoky Haze I, II, III

- Trap of Vedir

  • ● Prime: Air Strike - Changed the skill description portion regarding the Bound effect for extra hits as follows.

- Not applied when hitting airborne target → Not applied when hitting floating target

  • ● Chain: Dusk - Fixed graphical glitches when comboing the skill in the air.


  • ● Glide - Improved the skill to no longer prematurely discontinue its super armor effect after being comboed into another skill.


● Changed the following items' icon images being sold in Rebinia's shop.

- Box of Caphras Stones

- Box of Memory Fragments

- Box of Cron Stones

- Manos Accessories Box

  • Fixed an issue where Elsh Longsword's displayed AP did not match its actual AP.
  • ● Changed the maximum purchasable amount for the following items in the Central Market.

Max Purchases = 1,000

Max Purchases = 500

Max Purchases = 20

- Vinegar

- Essence of Liquor

- Grilled Bird Meat

- Flax Thread

- Fruit of Crimson Flame

- Fruit of Abundance

- Fruit of the Sun

- Fruit of Enchantment

- Fruit of Magic Power

- Fruit of Perfection

- Fruit of Destruction

- Deep Sea Fruit

- Garmoth's Scale

  • ● Fixed issue of the "[Event] Tachros' Spirit Stone" item not activating automatically even after checking the option.


  • ● The Dark Rifts have begun to expand once more, their presence growing ever stronger.

- Powerful entities encroached in the darkness spill out into Black Desert through the Dark Rifts.

* As the rifts expand, the following Dark Rift monsters will emerge at Very Hard difficulties.

- Dastard Bheg

- Ancient Puturum

- Ahib Griffon

- Saunil Siege Captain

- Steel Nux

- Kavali

* Upon defeating the new Dark Rift bosses of Saunil Siege Captain, Steel Nux and Kavali, you can receive an additional "Ancient Spirit Dust" instead of the "Box of the Silent Dead".

* Dark Rifts of Normal and Hard difficulties will reopen at 30% faster speeds.


● Added the "Cabin" skill for the Epheria Carrack.

- When the ship is anchored, and you are holding the ship's wheel, press Shift + E to open and close the cabin door.

- The cabin door will automatically close if you attempt to sail or move to the ship's wheel while the cabin door is still open.

- The Cabin skill can be viewed from the Mount Information window.

※ With the addition of the "Cabin" skill to the Epheria Carrack, adventurers who own an Epheria Carrack will notice that it has automatically learned the "Cabin" skill.

  • ● Changed the notification that appears when exchanging horses.



● Unified the size of the Enter Item Quantity windows.

  • ● Fixed the issue of being unable to recharge Alchemy Stones when there were Crow Coins in the Inventory (I) window.
  • ● Removed details on how to unbind hotkeys in the lower part of the Quick Hotkey Settings window.
  • ● Fixed the issue with the Quick Hotkey Settings window closing prematurely when selecting the Reset All button.
  • ● Improved the BDO Wiki button to appear normally even when in Sticker UI.
  • ● Changed the Take Out Pet icon to appear on the upper left-hand portion of the screen even when entering the Altar of Blood.
  • ● Changed the Yes/No confirmation buttons that appear in the following situations so that they can only be selected using the mouse.

- Fire Worker

- Release Fairy

  • ● Added explanations on how to take High-resolution screenshots in 4K, 8K in Settings → Display → Screenshot.
  • ● Changed so the button that appeared in the bottom right-hand corner when your mount's equipment's durability was below 10 no longer appears.
  • ● Changed so you can now only receive items and not silver when selecting Get All in Black Spirit's Safe.
  • ● Long family names on the Guild Member Status list will now be displayed in popups when the text size is set to large.
  • ● Fixed the issue where the Mount tooltip did not disappear in Stables and Wharfs.
  • ● Fixed the issue where the item in the last slot of the Inventory did not appear in the list while using Emergency Supply.
  • ● Fixed the issue where you could not use the Quest window in Sticker UI mode.
  • ● Fixed the issue where the background of the Quest widget and Quest window became invisible when using it with the mouse.
  • ● Fixed the issue where you could use the scroll in the Farming guide while installing gardens even if the text is short.
  • ● Fixed the issue where the completion target of certain quests in the quest window did not fit inside the UI.
  • ● Fixed the issue where reward icons in the quest window were displayed abnormally.
  • ● Fixed the location of the Max LT button on the number pad.
  • ● Fixed the issue where the guild information window was being displayed behind the Guild Member Recruit UI.
  • ● Fixed the issue where the storage window opened through the Maid/Butler or Container partially covered the inventory.
  • ● Fixed the issue where the text "Unpaid Tax" in the Guild House UI did not fit in the button.
  • ● Fixed the issue where the mouse wheel could not be used in certain parts of the list in the Quest window.
  • ● Fixed the issue where certain quest names overlapped the icon in the Quest window.
  • ● Unnecessary UI will no longer appear in the Sealed Golden Treasure Chest window.
  • ● The scroll on the mount skill information window displayed when connected to a wagon will now appear properly.



  • ● Optimized the following notification UIs displayed on the top right side of the screen.

– When better equipment is obtained

– When inventory weight limit is 90% or higher

– When equipment durability below 10

  • ● Improved the looting process when defeating monsters.

  • Recently, we have been optimizing the system and contents in order to provide a better gaming environment for our adventurers. Most of the updates will not affect gameplay, however, there may be updates such as the Auto-Arrange change implemented last week, which resulted in some confusion. From now forth, we will make sure to inform our adventurers in advance and prevent such incidents from happening again. We will do our best to optimize the game and provide a better experience. Thank you.


  • ● Added more information to pet registration items.

- Basic Skills

- Talents

- Special Skills


Changes and Fixes

  • ● Fixed the issue where abnormal actions were performed when reloading while shooting [Event] Bobble Bobble Matchlock and [Event] Frosted Matchlock.
  • ● [Guardian] Fixed the issue where your character could not be controlled by pressing C without a main weapon equipped.
  • ● Fixed graphical glitches in certain situations when wearing the following outfits.

- [Dark Knight] Rosa Cassius

- [Mystic] Khamsin

- [Shai] Marigold Sunset

- When equipping [Mystic] Rakshande Cestus and [Mystic] Khamsin Clothes together

  • ● The description in the Alchemy Stone window will now disappear when an Alchemy Stone is set and then removed.
  • ● Fixed the issue where item descriptions disappeared when materials were removed from the Alchemy Stone window.
  • ● Fixed the issue where keys that could not be set as Quick Hotkey could be pressed.

We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert,

Thank you.

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