Notices [Notice] Stay Home and Be Safe
Black Desert 2020-04-10 10:30
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We hope that you are all staying inside, and remaining safe and healthy during these difficult and challenging times. We truly understand the enormous changes to the daily lives of you, your family and the community that you live in, as we ourselves are experiencing similar situations.

We hope that Black Desert has provided you with a much needed outlet and escape, and connecting with other Adventurers around the world who are experiencing similar toils helps inject some joy and entertainment into the difficult situation.

To help make your stay together in the world of Black Desert a little more comfortable, we’re going to be sending a small gift to help decorate your homes and make them a cozy and comfy place for you to relax in.


Check your in-game mail to receive the Kamasylvia Furniture Set. The mail will automatically expire after 30 days, so make sure you receive these items before then.


We really hope that all our Adventurers are respecting the rules and guidance of their respective authorities, and that we are all doing our part in making sure that these trying times can come to a close as soon as possible so that we can all resume our normal, daily activities.

And lastly, thank you for the support you have shown for Black Desert, and we send nothing but the best of wishes to you and your family.


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