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Black Desert 2020-04-22 07:00
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Hello, Adventurers.

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.

These are the updates made to Black Desert on April 22, 2020.

(Patch size: approx. 260.01M)

※ Please read below for details.

Event 1. Play Black Desert for FREE!


Event Period
- April 22, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance - May 20, 2020 (Wed) at 23:59

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Event 2. Hot Time Heats Up! To the Hunting Grounds!


Event Period
- April 22, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance - May 6, 2020 (Wed) at 03:00

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Event 3. Special Challenges for Ramadan


Event Period
- April 23, 2020 (Thu) at 00:00 - May 6, 2020 (Wed) at 23:59


Event 4. Playtime UP? Rewards UP!

Event Period
- April 23, 2020 (Thu) at 00:00 - May 6, 2020 (Wed) at 23:59

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Event 5. Ever Growing Login Rewards


Event Period
- April 23, 2020 (Thu) at 00:00 - May 20, 2020 (Wed) at 23:59

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Event 6. The Gift of Login Rewards!

Event Period
- April 23, 2020 (Thu) at 00:00 - May 27, 2020 (Wed) at 23:59
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Event 7. 40% Off Steam DLC and Bundles!

■  Discount Period
- April 22, 2020 (Wed) at 10:00 - May 6, 2020 (Wed) at 10:00
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MAJOR UPDATES - Ornette's, Odore's Spirit Essences


  • ● Spirit essences and dragon sacraments have been discovered in the regions of Kamasylvia and Drieghan.

- Gather all of the following sacraments to obtain the blessing of Merindora, the eldest spirit of Kamasylvia, then collect more of the hidden relics to craft the never-failing waters of Ornette's and Odore's Spirit Essences.


Sherekhan Necropolis

Sherekhan's Panacea

Blood Wolf Settlement

Ash Half-Moon Kagtunak

Tshira Ruins

Markthanan's Gland



Tooth Fairy Forest

Ron's Tintinnabulum

Navarn Steppe

Valtarra's Clairvoyance

Manshaum Forest

Narc's Crimson Tear

- Valtarra's Clairvoyance can be obtained by Tanning Ferrica, Ferrina, Belladonna Elephant and Baby Belladonna Elephant. Other relics are obtainable simply by defeating and looting monsters in the respective regions.



- Certain items will not disappear even after use.

Ornette's Spirit Essence

Odore's Spirit Essence

- Effect: HP Recovery +275

- Duration: Instant

- Cooldown: 2 sec.

- There is a 45% recovery bonus if it is used when a character is immobile.

- Effect: MP, WP, SP Recovery +325

- Duration: Instant

- Cooldown: 6 sec.


It is one of the pivotal, romanticized concepts in the fantasy game genre for the adventurer to obtain a "rare item" that would especially be the source of admiration and even jealousy from their peers.

Many adventurers rose to the challenge to obtain such items like Lafi Bedmountain's Compass or the Archaeologist's Map. We agree that this process itself not only gives a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment to adventurers but can also serve as one of their larger ingame goals, which led to our decision to further add such items to the game. Yet rare items are considered special due to their rarity, so we were careful in our approach, and felt that since a good portion of adventurers had obtained the aforementioned rare items from above, this was the right time to announce these new rare items.

Such items are referred to as "treasures" within the development team, and the underlying concept for these treasures was the "inexhaustible potion."

Whether it be hunting monsters or even to enjoy any kind of game content, we hope to add further symbolically meaningful and rewarding items that simply don't just offer "silver" rewards, but can serve as long-term, ingame goals as well as simply being fun items to acquire. Of course, we will attempt to curb the difficulty level accordingly as well.

  • ● Added ingredients for Ornette's and Odore's Spirit Essences in the ESC menu → Item Drop Information.
  • ● Added System messages when obtaining the ingredients for Ornette's and Odore's Spirit Essences from spoils.

- Also added System messages for when combining Ornette's or Odore's Spirit Essence.


MAJOR UPDATES - Ebenruth's Nol

  • ● Added the treasure item "Ebenruth's Nol" which can be installed onto the Epheria Carrack.



- Epheria Carracks that have Ebenruth's Nol installed can use BreezySail twice in a row.

- You can obtain Ebenruth's Nol by combining Ebenruth and Symbol-Engraved Nol in your Inventory (I).

- You can obtain Symbol-Engraved Nol from a Treasure Chest of a Sailor.

- You obtain Ebenruth from Processing with Oquilla's Flower x1,000 and Oquilla's Tear.

- You can purchase Oquilla's Tear from the Crow Coin shop, and you can obtain Oquilla's Flowers by chance when Bartering and from a Treasure Chest of a Sailor.

  • ● Added the Moss-Covered Map to be obtainable by low chance from defeating Saltwater Crocodiles.

- You can remove the moss from the Moss-Covered Map with Ravinia's Moss Remover, which can be purchasable from Crow Coin shops.

- You can obtain the Symbol-Engraved Nol, an ingredient to make Ebenruth's Nol, as well as other valuable items from the Treasure Chest of a Sailor.

● Added 4 new types of items only available at the Crow Coin shop.

- Ravinia's Moss Remover

- Oquilla's Flower

- Oquilla's Tear

- Ebenruth's Nol

  • ● Added Oquilla's Flower to the Bartering trade list.
  • ● Added Oquilla's Flower to be obtainable from Explore islands.
  • ● Added Oquilla's Flower to be obtainable from Exchange Lv. 3-5 sea trade goods.

When sailors first discovered the "Symbol-Engraved Nol," they regarded it as mere rocks broken from ancient ruins.

Yet one adventurer who was navigating the seas with a map discovered within the belly of a saltwater crocodile was heard to have finally have identified the truth behind this strange and mysterious fragment.

Rumor has it that this adventurer's boat was swept away by winds so strong it seemed the ship was sliding over the waters as if on ice as it disappeared into the horizon.

● If there's a change in Bartering items due to factors such as server maintenance, the Bartering Information window will reset.

If a change occurs in items related to Bartering (for example, Hakoven Island adjusting the amount of Sea Coins for Bartering, etc.), the Bartering Information in the Bartering window of the World Map (M) will be reset.
However, not everything will be reset, as Bartering Information for items that adventurers have Bartered for even once before such changes are made will be maintained.

● Added Bave Ricksa's Quest Voucher to be exchanged through Special Barter.


  • ● Added the skill "FocusFire" to ships.


The current method of firing cannons is basically the longer you press the farther it shoots, yet it is rather difficult to accurately hit objects that are far away. To aim a bit more accurately and easily, we prepared the FocusFire system.

Together with a capable crew, adventurers will be able to fire their cannons and hit targets floating on unruly waves with utmost precision.

- Converting to FocusFire mode will completely change the field of vision, thus allowing for more accurate bombardment.

- You can fire faster and farther in FocusFire mode without having to necessarily hold down the LMB or RMB.

- You can use FocusFire while using other skills on your ship, except for during the Ram skill.

- You can change to the Left or Right portside with Q or E, respectively, while in FocusFire mode.

- The "Ram" skill's hotkey has been changed from "Q" to "F" accordingly.

FocusFire mode (Left)

FocusFire mode (Right)

Press Q to change to "FocusFire Mode (Left)"

Press Q once more to switch to "Basic Fire Mode"

Press Spacebar to switch to "Basic Fire Mode"

Press E to switch to "FocusFire Mode (Right)"

Use LMB to only fire the left portside cannons

"Press E to change to "FocusFire Mode (Right)"

Press E once more to switch to "Basic Fire Mode"

Press Spacebar to switch to "Basic Fire Mode"

Press Q to switch to "FocusFire Mode (Left)"

Use LMB to only fire the right portside cannons"

* The follow ships can use the FocusFire skill.

- Epheria Carrack

- Epheria Caravel

- Epheria Galleass

- Improved Epheria Sailboat

- Improved Epheria Frigate

  • ● Improved the cannon reloading cooldown to apply separately for the left and right portside cannons.

- Thus, even if you've fired either the left or right portside cannons first and they're on cooldown, you can still fire the guns on the other portside.

  • ● Improved BasicFire mode to allow for both left and right portside cannons to fire simultaneously when pressing both LMB and RMB at the same time.

- However, if in FocusFire Mode, you can only fire the cannons of the portside you are currently in.

  • ● Improved to allow adventurers to leave the ship even if the cannons' reload cooldown is up.




  • ● Added 4 new types of sailors.

- These new sailors have the Bombardment Range (Energy), Bombardment Accuracy (Focus), and Bombardment Angle (Vision) stats.



- New sailors are waiting to set sail from Velia's Lunar Halo Inn and Iliya Island.

  • ● After this week's maintenance, the number of Total Likes of all Chat Groups will be reset, and the following 90-day Titles will be awarded to adventurers with Gold, Silver and Bronze Black Spirit icons.



Gold Medal

Silver Medal

Bronze Medal

Lunar Halo Inn

Protector of the Noobs

Luminary of the Noobs

Herald of the Noobs

Dancing Marlin Tavern

Oh Captain, My Captain

Reliable First Mate

Hardworking Steerer

Battle Arena

Fist of Legend

Born to Fight

Backstreet Fighter

Hystria Ruins

Relentless Slayer

Perceptive Hunter

Clever Tracker

Florin Neighborhood Meeting

Touch of Midas


Diligent Life Skiller

Garnier Troupe


Genius Composer


- The next reset for Total Likes of Chat Groups will be approx. 3 months later on July 22 (Wed.).

※ The Garnier Troupe chat group Titles will be obtainable in the next relevant content update.


  • ● Added a knockback hit effect that only applies to monsters when adventurers level up their character.
  • ● Adjusted the issue of ships sunk by adventurers engaged in Node Wars being recorded in their journal.



  • ● Vine Knot - Fixed issue of skill not comboing into Flow: Rooting when used after certain skills.


  • ● Flow: Rushing Crow - Fixed graphical glitch of the landing animation displaying when using skill to change to the Scythe at low heights.
  • ● Night Crow - Fixed graphical glitch of the landing animation displaying when using skill mid-air in the Scythe state.
  • ● Flow: Requiem - Adjusted the issue of being able to activate Cartian's Guardian if RMB was pressed fast enough after using skill.



  • ● Flow: Split Shot - Fixed the issue of the skill sometimes not being able to hit all 10 targets.



  • ● Prime: Purificatione - Adjusted skill to activate by pressing W + C during Shield Chase, Prime: Shield Chase.


  • ● Petal Bloom - Changed the skill as follows.

- Changed the Forward Guard effect to Super Armor effect while Charging (from the beginning of the casting animation until the end of the attack).

- Removed the Knockdown effect on good hits.

- Changed the skill to no longer recover Stamina during use.

- Removed immediately being activated in General Apricot state, yet changed so in General Apricot state using the skill will apply the damage amount of having been charged.

  • ● Petal Drill, Flow: December, Petal Bloom - Adjusted attack range of these skills and changed it so they also hit all enemies on the sides of the adventurer.



  • ● Ghost Step - Fixed to no longer activate Ghost Greeting if the S key was already pressed while using the skill.



  • ● Sudden Decapitation - Deleted the input S + RMB that allowed for transitioning into the skill from Main Weapon state.



  • ● Increased AP +1 for all classes' Blackstar Main Weapons in enhancement levels +0~TET (IV).
  • ● Increased the amount of Caphras Stones extracted from items with Caphras Stone EXP from 85% to 95%.
  • ● Adjusted the extraction costs to extract Caphras Stones from 1,000 Silver per stone to 100,000 Silver per stone.
  • ● Reduced the amount of Caphras Stones needed for Caphras Enhancement levels 1 to 4 by 20%.

- Due to the amount of Caphras Stones being reduced for Caphras Enhancement levels 1 to 4, adventurers who've already carried out Caphras Enhancements will see their levels increase based on the number of stones reduced.

- However, the total number of necessary Caphras Stones for up to enhancement level 10 is the same as live.


Example) Dim Tree Spirit's Armor PEN (V)


































- For Dim Tree Spirit's Armor, the total number of Caphras Stones required for Caphras Enhancement level 10 is 8,260 stones, which is the same as the amount required in live.

- To see the required number of Caphras Stones per equipment, please check [Caphras Enhancement].

  • ● Fixed so you now earn Alchemy EXP when crafting Tenacious Origin of Life.
  • ● Fixed the issue of being able to irregularly obtain Advice of Valks in special situations from using the item [Event] Advice of Destiny.
  • ● Changed item boxes and bundles to no longer open if the adventurer’s normal and/or Pearl inventories are full.



  • ● Fixed the issue of the location of Blood Wolf Settlement monsters being irregular in Drieghan.
  • ● World bosses' spawn time has been adjusted.

- Karanda

Sunday 01:00 (GMT+3) -> Sunday 01:15 (GMT+3)

- Quint/Muraka

Saturday 19:00(GMT+3) -> Saturday 20:00(GMT+3)

  • ● We are currently investigating the issue of the Sunday World Boss alerts 15 minutes and 30 minutes before Karanda appears not activating correctly.



  • ● Changed the ship skill Bull's-Eye to no longer be lockable.



  • ● Added a quest to re-obtain lost Dim Magical Sub-weapon and Dim Magical Armor.

- The following quests can be re-acquired 24 hours after completion, and can be found under "Other" quests.


Quest Name

Quest NPC

Quest Condition

[Repeat] Bacho Ladericcio's Magical Armor

Bacho Ladericcio at Abandoned Monastery

- Calpheon Main Quest "Looking for Adventurers" complete

- "Magical Armor Exchange I" incomplete

- Dim Magical Armor unequipped and/or unobtained

[Repeat] Becker and the Magical Sub-weapon

Becker at Hexe Sanctuary

- Calpheon Main Quest "A Disaster Foretold" complete

- "Magical Sub-weapon Exchange I" incomplete

- Dim Magical Sub-weapon unequipped and/or unobtained

- Added details on how to re-obtain the Dim Magical Sub-weapon and Dim Magical Armor to the quest summaries of the "Magical Sub-weapon Exchange I" and "Magical Armor Exchange I" quests.

  • ● Adventurers are now able to obtain the following Social Actions through the revamped Kamasylvia Main Quests.

-Acquire Dreams Come True social action if [Kamasylvia] Heart of Kamasylve is complete

-Acquire Hold Broom social action if [Kamasylvia] The Final Report is complete

  • ●Added to the post-Awakening Black Spirit quest "[Event] Gift of Skill Reset" the requirement to be level 57 or higher.

Originally this quest allowed for adventurers who achieved Awakening to freely reset their skill points by being awarded with Armstrong's Skill Guide. However, with the introduction of Succession and a whole wider range of skills to experiment with and choose from, we had adjusted the level limit to reset skills freely from level 55 to 56. Therefore, to allow adventurers to freely carry out further skill resets after level 57, we decided to change the required level for this quest.

  • ● Added that you can acquire Yellow Flower from all over Kamasylvia in the Kamasylvia Main Quest "Polly's Forest without Polly" quest description and dialogue.
  • ● Added Improved Hoe as a quest reward for "Looney, a Spirit of Polly's Forest."
  • ● Improved the Serendia Main Quest "[Crossroad] About Goblins" so that the required knowledge about Goblin Fence can be learned from inside the Goblin Cave along with the other required knowledge, as well as adding dialogue for the Black Spirit to inform the adventurer about this change.
  • ● Improved the quest dialogue for Serendia Main Quest "[Crossroad] The Untold Truth About Giath."
  • ● Improved the prerequisites for "Unsealed Magical Material" quests in the Quests (O) window → Recurring.
  • ●Added modifiers in front of the quest titles for Kamasylvia and Star's End Main Quests to inform the adventurer on the relevant regions for each quest.
  • ● Improved the Black Spirit to naturally guide the adventurer to the next quest if it is the quest giver in the Valencia Main Quests.
  • ●Added wording to the Serendia Main Quest "An Eye for an Eye, a Tooth for a Tooth!" quest summary and dialogue to inform the adventurer on utilizing the World Map.
  • ● Changed the relevant quests and recurring quests to no longer be obtainable due to the quests to exchange Seals and Tokens of Promise for Sealed Magic Power accessories also being no longer obtainable.
  • ● Added details on how to summon bosses in the quest summary and dialogue for Calpheon Main Quest "[Boss] The Mastermind of the Catfishmen."
  • ● Changed Shakatu to no longer respond to adventurers' greetings.
  • ● Added in-game navigation to highlight the return route after finding lost villagers during "Escape from Waragon Cave."
  • ● Adjusted Navigate to show the route to enter the Chamber of Rituals during the Calpheon Main Quest "The Ritual."
  • ● Changed the quest dialogue for "Man-Hunting Trolls."
  • ● Changed the following two Titles to be obtainable by defeating a certain number of Mad Scientist's Assistants that appear during the Serendia Main Quest "[Crossroad] Each of Their Reasons."

- Beat Mad Scientist's Assistant

- Sandbag

(However, previous kills do not count towards the new Title requirements.)

  • ● Added 1 Black Spirit's Support Bundle per Family to be awarded by the Black Spirit upon completing the Mediah Main Quests.

- The quest to obtain this bundle is given by the Black Spirit upon completing Mediah Main Quest "Apocalyptic Prophecy."


| UI

  • ● Changed the Sticker UI function button's icon.
  • ● Fixed the issue of the Alchemy ingredients slot sometimes appearing in the Alchemy Stone growth window.
  • ● Changed RMB → NPC Location on junk and other items that can be exchanged for other materials to no longer navigate to General Goods Vendors but to the Exchange NPCs themselves.
  • ● Fixed the Guild (G) window's Alliance member list, the Node War/Conquest War Status and the Stable's Mount list tabs to no longer reset their previously scrolled positions.
  • ● Fixed the issue of kills being displayed irregularly in chat during a Guild War with an Allied Guild.
  • ● Fixed the issue of being unable to search the Adventurer's Board in the Settings window.
  • ● Fixed the issue where one could not click the widget icon in the upper left-hand portion of the screen when it overlapped with the skill cooldown timer UI.
  • ● Fixed the issue of the entire contents of a chat window sometimes disappearing when receiving the chat message of a Guild member in another chat group..
  • ● Fixed the issue of not added skills appearing in the Toggle Black Spirit's Rage window.
  • ● Fixed the issue of changes in the Upscale and Low-power Option not applying correctly in Display Quality settings.
  • ● Fixed the issue of changes in the System Tray Sound not applying correctly in Sound Settings.
  • ● Fixed the issue of the wrong item being processed during Continuous Processing if the location of the item being processed was moved.



  • ● Improved Voice Chat to pick up less white noise and echo.
  • ●Improved the Guild window to better display the status of the speaking character.


  • ● With the start of Ramadan, Conquest War and Tribute Wagon time has been changed as follows:

[Existing Schedule]

- Conquest War Period: Saturday at 20:00 - 24:00 (GMT+3)

- Fort/Command Post Installation Deadline: Saturday at 19:00 (GMT+3)

- Tax Wagon Departure Time: Saturday at 18:00 (GMT+3)

[Changed Schedule]

- Conquest War Period: Saturday at 21:00 - next day at 01:00 (GMT+3)

- Fort/Command Post Installation Deadline: Saturday at 20:00(GMT+3)

- Tax Wagon Departure Time: Saturday at 19:00 (GMT+3)


Changes and Fixes


  • ● Fixed graphical glitches in certain areas of the Tooth Fairy Forest on the minimap.
  • ● Fixed the issue of being able to produce more than the limited number of byproducts under certain circumstances.

Changed certain backgrounds of battlefields where the Red Battlefield is taking place.

  • ● Fixed issues with using navigation in certain areas of Caduil Forest.
  • ● Fixed the issue of the distributed Guild Bonus sometimes not appearing in the logs for former Apprentice Guild Members who recently become Guild Members.
  • ● Fixed the issue of Agris Fever points not recovering in certain situations.
  • ●Fixed typos in the following.

- [Musa] Twister skill description

- [Cooking Lv28] Health Food for Workers

  • ● [Shai] Fixed graphical glitches of white blotches that appeared on the Shai's face in Remastered Mode.
  • ● [Striker] Added the notice to [Striker] Darkbane Gloves that the gloves will not be visible once the Gauntlet and Gardbrace are equipped.
  • ● Fixed the item description of the Young Crimson Dragon to list the correct Special.

We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert,

Thank you.

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