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Black Desert 2020-04-29 07:00
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It’s not that we’re in love with calories…
We just can’t help, but be loved by calories…  


So, how about we work hard to prepare some nutritious ingredients? 


Event 1. Nutritious and Full of Calories!?


Event Period

- April 29, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance - May 13, 2020 (Wed) before maintenance 


Event Details

① Fish during the event period to obtain the event items. 

Event Name

[Event] Fresh Fish

- [Event] Fresh Fish can be sold to NPCs in each village/city for 50,000 silver. 


② After getting the [Event] Fresh Fish, find the NPC Crio in Velia and exchange for the item below.   




Exchange NPC

Required Item

Exchangeable Item


NPC Crio

[Event] Fresh Fish

[Event] Nutritious Feed


③ Process the exchanged [Event] Nutritious Feed to obtain special items.

Necessary Ingredients

Processing Method

Obtainable Items

[Event] Nutritious Feed x1 + Special Haystack x1

Processing (L)


[Event] Nutritious Haystack

[Event] Nutritious Feed x1 + Special Chicken Feed x1

[Event] Nutritious Chicken Feed

④ Install a fence and enter Placement Mode (R) to place the “[Event] Nutritious Haystack” and the “[Event] Nutritious Chicken Feed”. 

⑤ After some time has passed, you can obtain the items below through Harvesting (R).

Item Name


[Event] Nutritious Haystack

+330% Harvesting Efficiency Compared to Special Haystack

[Event] Nutritious Chicken Feed

+550% Harvesting Efficiency Compared to Special Chicken Feed

Event 2. Stress-relieving Scarecrows!

Event Period

- April 29, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance - May 13, 2020 (Wed) before maintenance

Event Details

 Enjoy increased Training EXP from Scarecrows during the event period.
- Begin training with the Scarecrows near the [Skill Instructor] of each village/city! 

Increased Scarecrow Training EXP

Combat EXP +50%

Skill EXP +50%

[Event 2. Stress-relieving Scarecrows!]

- If you disconnect or the game undergoes maintenance while the Book of Training buff is active, the buff time will not be additionally extended for any time lost. 

- The Book of Training - Skill will not stack with the effects of Skill EXP+/Extra Skill EXP items.

- The Book of Training - Combat can be used with Combat EXP+/Extra Combat EXP items to make training more effective.  



- Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change or cancel the event depending on circumstances. If changes are made, they can be found on this event page.

- There may be restrictions on trading/selling event items, and they may have usage expiration dates and different binding settings. These items cannot be transferred or restored due to this reason.

- Please refer to the in-game item description for details on whether the item is bound.

- Items that were sent or used as intended cannot be recovered.

- Participating in the event using inappropriate methods will result in a cancellation/retrieval of your reward and restriction from the game.

- If you have any questions about this event, please send a ticket through [Support > Submit a Ticket].

- Content not listed on this page follows the [Black Desert Event Rules].

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