Notices [Notice] [Completed] 5/04 Sequential Server Maintenance Notice
Black Desert 2020-05-04 07:00
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The scheduled maintenance is complete.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during the wait.
We will work continuously to bring you better service in the future.


Greetings Adventurers,  

We will be performing a sequential maintenance on May 4 (Mon) in order to ensure server stability. Please refer below for the exact details and avoid any inconveniences to your gameplay.  


Maintenance Details

  - Schedule and Servers:

Maintenance Schedule

Servers Undergoing Maintenance

09:30 (Approx.) - 

Estimated 60 minutes  

Calpheon-1, 2, Balenos-1, Serendia-1, Media-1, Valencia-1, Olvia-1

10:20(Approx.) ~

Estimated 60 minutes

Balenos-2, Serendia-2, Olvia-2, Arsha, Kan Altari

※ Maintenance times and period are subject to change. 

※ The “Altar of Blood” will be unavailable during the sequential maintenance. 

※ Any in-progress guild missions will be canceled/forfeited once the sequential maintenance begins; canceled/forfeited missions will not be restored/recovered. 


Maintenance Reason

- Server Stability

※ If you join a guild while some of the servers are undergoing maintenance, the guild may not show up properly. 


Maintenance Impact

   - Unable to Access Impacted Servers


※ Notices

   - Once the maintenance begins, you will be disconnected from the server, even if you are in-queue to join the server. 

   - Please make sure to move your character to a safe location before disconnecting from the game or moving to a different server. 

   - If you disconnect from the game while in a combat zone, your character or mount may be attacked by monsters or other Adventurers. 

   - You can normally play the game on servers that are not undergoing maintenance. 

   - If you encounter the message “You are already connected.” when trying to access the server after maintenance, please re-login and try again.  

   - Maintenance times are subject to change; any changes will be provided as an update through this notice. 

Adventurers who are currently logged into the game should refer to the maintenance schedule/impacted servers above and move to a server that is not undergoing maintenance. In addition, we recommend against immediately connecting to a server once it has completed maintenance.   


We will do our best to provide a more stable service, thank you. 

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