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Black Desert 2020-06-10 08:00
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Hello, Adventurers. 

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert. 

These are the updates made to Black Desert on June 10, 2020. 

(Patch size: approx. 334.6MB) 

※ Please read below for details.




Event 1. The Mysterious Knight Arrives 

Event Period  

- June 10, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance – June 24, 2020 (Wed) before maintenance   

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Event 2. The Summer Season Begins! 

Event Period  

- June 11, 2020 (Thu) at 00:00 – July 22, 2020 (Wed) at 23:59   

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Event 3. Meet the Famous Hunter 

Event Period   

- June 10, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance – June 24, 2020 (Wed) before maintenance 

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Event 4. Get Black Desert for FREE! (feat. Season Characters)

Event Period   

- June 10, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance – July 1, 2020 23:59

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  • The new Summer Season Servers have begun.            

Black Desert's first Season Servers have finally opened. We hope that many new adventurers will be able to join and bear witness to the fruits of our long, hard labor. We shuffled through a variety of ideas during development, and we came to settle on three main points while preparing to launch the Season Servers. 


First, we wanted to aid new adventurers to adjust quickly by rewarding them strictly for their efforts alone. We wanted to avoid any situations where an adventurer would be entrusted with overwhelming power from the get-go. We especially focused on ""gear"", an area most stressful for newcomers to Black Desert. With ""Tuvala"" gear and ""Time-filled Black Stones"" which are only obtainable on the new Season Servers, we made it easier to obtain and enhance boss-level gear. However, similar to how adventurers graduate from the mantle of novice by learning how to enhance gear to TRI-TET-PEN levels, enhancing this new gear won't be that easy, and will require a considerable number of ""stacks"" to boot. This will offer a somewhat milder introduction to Black Desert's unique upgrade system, so new adventurers will be able to laugh and cry as they  gain a sense of accomplishment and adjust to the same content that other seasoned adventurers have been exposed to all this time. We believe this will create a healthy cycle that we will continue to maintain and base future content on. 


Second, we wanted to provide a never-before-enjoyed exciting experience in the opening of a new server in Black Desert. While the Olvia servers were implemented as the original growth experience and have been maintained well thus far, being always open has somewhat lessened the initial feeling of excitement. We believe that the seasonal operation of the Season Servers will be able to fill in that gap. Therefore, there will be certain restrictions such as being unable to equip already-existing gear and mounting dream horses in these servers. We wanted all adventurers to start on equal footing, and deliver the sentiment of ""A new server's open! Let's go-go-go!"" Of course, it is impossible to launch something at 100%, but we hope that when many adventurers come together, they'll be able to experience a more abundant and livelier MMORPG world.              

Third and lastly, when the season comes to a close and characters are transferred over to normal servers, we wanted to make sure adventurers would be continually supported while adjusting. Black Desert is chock-full of content it has accumulated over the years. While this is a huge strength, it can also come off a bit daunting. While most of the content is unrestricted on Season Servers, this is also the reason why we focused on gear rewards, i.e. the combat system, in order to lessen some of the burden. After characters are moved over to existing servers, we plan on providing further ways for the ""1st Season Server Graduates"" to more easily access a variety of in-game content. 


Looking back, it has already been 5 years and 4 months since we first began servicing Black Desert. Black Desert is a game we love with a passion, and we truly wish to continue servicing this game for a long long time, together with all of our adventurers. Particularly, there are certain values we hope to uphold as we continue servicing the game. That is, the preservation of effort and easing the gap. The new season servers were also developed with these values in mind, and we hope that you will be able to experience the fruits of our hard work and will. Being a first for us, there are bound to be shortcomings, but we promise to address them quickly and effectively. We humbly ask for your understanding and hope you enjoy the game. Thank you.        

- Only Season Characters may enter Season Servers. 

- EXP boost will always be applied on Season Servers regardless of character levels. 

  • Season Characters can only equipTuvalagear, which is restricted to Season Characters, as well as gear only obtained through Main Quests or defeating monsters. 

- The following icon will appear on gear that Season Characters may equip. 


  • Defeat monsters to obtainTuvalaOre, which can be exchanged for Season-Character-restricted Tuvala gear, through Blacksmiths in major cities.             



- Tuvala Ore can be looted from monsters in Valencia, Kamasylvia, and Drieghan.

You will need a special black stone, the Time-Filled Black Stone to enhanceTuvalagear.


 - Time-filled Black Stones can be obtained in all regions of the time-filled continent. 

  • Fughar is here to support all Summer Season Server adventurers. 


-  Fughar will give out daily quests. 

" - By completing Season-only Daily Quests, you will be able to obtain items such as Time-filled Black Stones or Refined magical Black Stones which will aid you in enhancing your Season-Character-only gear. 

  • You can exchange Time-filled Black Stones for a variety of enhancement items with Fughar.



  • Added Summer Season Challenges that grant special rewards to Season Characters in Season Servers for completing specific goals.            

- You can check the left-hand side of the minimap for Black Desert's Summer Season Challenges.             

- Each time you complete a challenge, you will receive a reward that will aid in your Season Character's growth.             

- Purchasing the "Black Spirit Pass" from the Pearl Shop (F3) will grant additional special rewards.             

- You can check the Black Spirit Pass UI for more details on Season Server characteristics and benefits.             

  • Completing the Challenge (Y) of reaching Lv. 60 and 61 on a Season Character will reward you with a PEN (V)TuvalaRing x1 and PEN (V) Tuvala Earring x1.              
  • Complete Main Quests inBalenos,Serendia, Calpheon, and Mediah and each time  Fughar will award you with a Secret Book of the Misty Breeze.             

- Use the Secret Book of The Misty Breeze to greatly increase your Skill EXP.             

  • You can use all mounts, pets, and fairies from normal servers in the Season Servers.            

- However, Season Characters may not mount dream horses.             

  • Season Characters may useGirgoViano's Oasis shops.             

- However, you may not equip Oasis gear.             

  • Season Characters may not obtain the quest "[Exchange] Better Weapon."            
  • Added Season Server Only weekly hunting quests.            

- 13 new weekly hunting quests have been added, of which you can pick 1 per week to complete.             

- You can check for the quest "[Season] Even Stronger Tuvala Gear" in the New Quest and Recurring tabs of the Quests (O) window.             


Quest NPC 

Quest Objective 

Quest Reward 

[Weekly] Hordes of Bandits 

Rafa, Node Manager of Gahaz Bandit's Lair 

Wipe out the Gahaz Bandits 

Choose 1 of 
- Time-filled Black Stone x600 
- Tuvala Ore x90 
- Refined Magical Black Stone x40 

[Weekly] Rule of Roud Sulfur Works 

Ustouvan, Node Manager of Roud Sulfur Works 

Subdue the Roud Sulfur Works lava monsters 

[Weekly] Impenitent Sinners 

Botadin, Node Manager of Pila Ku Jail 

Cleanse the Pila Ku Dungeon 

[Weekly] Homesick Desert Naga 

Desert Naga Search Captain, Node Manager of Titium Valley 

Defeat the Desert Fogans 

[Weekly] Dangerous Argos 

Maia, Node Manager of Crescent Shrine 

Take care of the Crescent Shrine 

[Weekly] Help that Never Arrives 

Saira, Node Manager of Desert Naga Temple 

Defeat the Desert Naga 

[Weekly] New Mushroom Dish 

Weenie, the spirit of Weenie Caban 

Hunt for mushrooms in Polly's Forest 

[Weekly] Rule of Power 

Khalid, Node Manager of Loopy Tree Forest 

Topple the Fadus warriors 

[Weekly] A Soldier Who Cannot Go Home 

Enro, Node Manager of Navarn Steppe 

Take care of the Navarn Steppe 

[Weekly] For the Forest 

Navir, Node Manager of Acher Western Camp 

Topple the Forest Ronaros 

[Weekly] Frenzy of Manshaums 

Viverza, Node Manager of Manshaum Forest 

Break the faith of the Manshaum 

[Weekly] Full-scale Cleaning of Tshira Ruins 

Leon, Dragon Researcher of Tshira Ruins 

Clean up Tshira Ruins 

[Weekly] Blood Wolf Extermination 

Myra, Node Manager of Night Crow Post 

Wipe out the Kagtums 

- Only Season Characters may complete the above quests once per Family.             

  • Added Season Server Only Main Quests to Valencia,Kamasylviaand Drieghan.             

- Only Season Characters may complete the above quests once per Family.             

- The Black Spirit will hand out these quests once each region's Main Quests are completed.        





[Season] Rabam's Gift 

Complete [Lv.55 Valencia] Eastern Sands Kingdom Story 

Refined Magical Black Stone x30 

[Season] Sahazad's Gift 

Complete [Lv.56 Valencia II] Treasure of Valencia 

[Season] Brolina's Gift 

Complete [Lv.58 Kamasylvia] The Light of Kamasylve 

[Season] Durgeff's Gift 

Complete [Lv.58 Drieghan I] A Crimson Shadow 

Tuvala Ore x30 

[Season] Hughol's Gift 

Complete [Lv.58 Drieghan II] Spread of Terror 


  • Added recipes forTuvalagear and accessories.             

- Heat Tuvala Accessory x1 to obtain Tuvala Ore x5.             

- Heat Tuvala gear x1 to obtain Tuvala Ore x1.             

※ For more details on the new Summer Season Servers, refer to the GM Notes [Season Servers!? What's a Season Server?] and [Season Servers, A to Z]!             




|  CONTENTS              


  • Added the following items that can be exchanged upon Material Barter Refresh.            


Acc. Barter Count 



100 times 

[Level 3] Trade Good x1 

Fiery Black Stone x3 (Exchange 3 times) 

300 times 

[Level 4] Trade Item x1 

Frosted Black Stone x3 (Exchange 3 times) 

3,500 times 

[Level 5] Trade Item x1 

Solar Black Stone x1 (Exchange 1 time) 

3,500 times 

Gold Bar 100G x1 

Solar Black Stone x1 (Exchange 1 time) 

3,500 times 

[Level 5] Trade Item x1 

Lunar Black Stone x1 (Exchange 1 time) 

3,500 times 

Gold Bar 100G x2 

Lunar Black Stone x1 (Exchange 1 time) 

5,000 times 

Starlight Powder x115 

Sunset Black Stone x1 (Exchange 1 time) 


  • Fixed the issue of Brilliant Rock Salt Ingot and Brilliant Pearl Shard being exchangeable for greater quantities with certain trade goods.            
  • Added the following gold items that can be discovered through Material Bartering to be exchangeable for a low chance.

- Golden Galley Figurine 

- Golden Turtle Shell 

- Obsidian Crystal Bracelet 

- Elaborate Pearl Necklace 

- Gilded Coral             

  • Increased the durability and DP of theBalernos/SerendiaTribute Wagons that set off for delivery 2 hours before the Conquest War. 

- Durability +1,000% 

- DP +100%            

  • Improved Agris Fever to turn off immediately when deactivating the buff.            
  • increased the AP & DP of boss monsters in theBalernos,Serendia, Calpheon and Mediah main quests.              


l Guradian 

  • [Guardian] Juggernaut I, II, III - Fixed the issue of irregular movements when using the skill after having consumed all Stamina while in Awakening state.             



  • Changed the message window to always appear when exchanging Dark Spirit's Greed.            
  • Added the prerequisite quest description to the item description of Laila's Petal.            
  • Increased the maximum price for the following items in the Central Market. 

- Red Battlefield Crystal: Harphia 

- Red Battlefield Crystal: Cobelinus 

- Red Battlefield Crystal: Viper 

- Red Battlefield Crystal: Hystria 

- Red Battlefield Crystal: Carmae 

- Red Battlefield Crystal: Addis"             

  • Unified Loggia Accessories' maximum price on the Central Market with the current Loggia Earring prices per enhancement level.            
  • UnifiedGeranoaAccessories' maximum price on the Central Market with the current Geranoa Ring prices per enhancement level.             
  • Added to the following item's descriptions explaining thatdebuffresistance effects specifically towards monsters are applied separately from normal resistance effects.  

- Elixir of Resistance 

- Elixir of Sharp Resistance 

- [Party] Elixir of Resistance 

- [Party] Elixir of Sharp Resistance"             

  • Added details to J's Special Scroll item description that the expiration date applies immediately upon receiving the item.
  • MONSTER   

  • Added additional monsters to rarely frequented areas of Star's End.            



- Added additional monsters and Unstable Star Debris to areas of Star's End with fewer monsters. 

- Changed the previous location of several Unstable Star Debris to not coincide with the newly added monsters. 

- Added additional quest-related structures near the Ancient Stone Statue in Star's End.             

  • Fixed the issue of certain "Lateh'sTomb" in "SherekhanNecropolis" to change its location irregularly at night.             


| NPC, BACKGROUND, SOUND             

  • Fixed the issue of being unable to pass through Rafa in theGahazBandit's Lair.       


| QUEST & KNOWLEDGE          

  • Changed Inspection and Eavesdropping for certain Main Quests inBalernos,Serendia, Calpheon and Mediah to be easier to complete for novice adventurers.             
  • Fixed the issue of "The Flute Boy" knowledge title being incorrectly displayed as "Witch at the Farm."            
  • Added color to the font emphasizing re-obtainable items in the "Collecting Traces" quest description.            

"● Added quests to obtain Hard and Sharp Black Crystal Shards with Hunter's Seals. 

- Renown hunter Jimmy Brooks of Behr village has put in long journey on hold to seek some rest and recuperation in the city. 

- Located near Girgo Viano in each major city, Jimmy Brooks will hand out 1 of the following quests each day. 

- The following quests will be obtainable for 2 weeks.  

* [Daily Repeat] The Point Hunter's Instinct I ~ III 

* [Daily Repeat] The Sturdy Hunter's Tenacity I ~ III 

- Hand over a set amount of Hunter's Seals to complete each quest, and you will be awarded a certain number of Hard or Sharp Black Crystal Shards in return."             


| UI             


  • Changed the pet, fairy and maid icons on the upper left-hand side of the screen to always be displayed.

- Selecting one of the icons without in possession of a pet, fairy or maid will open up a new window with the respective Adventurer's Guide page. 

- Pet, fairy and maid icons will also be greyed out if none are in possession.                   



  • Changed the Sprouting button to always be displayed in the Fairy window.

- Clicking the button when Sprouting is unavailable will display a message informing that it will be available upon reaching max level after Rebirth.             

  • Added the message informing Sprouting will be available upon reaching max level in the Fairy description window.             
  • Fixed the chat group window's title portion's right side to be draggable to move the window.            
  • Removed the haze effect in the background of Find NPC.            
  • Added a description regarding Energy consumption after attempting to Request Chat Ban.            
  • Fixed the Quests (O) window to refresh the quest list after abandoning a quest.            
  • Added to Black Spirit's Rage description regarding its refreshing period.            
  • Fixed the issue of the Remaining Bid Count text overlapping with certain housing feature text in the Guild house bid list of the Guild Auction House window.            
  • Fixed the text bleeding out of the UI when entering the Title tab in the My Info window after minimizing the window the smallest size possible.      


| SYSTEM             


  • ChangedRulupee1, Rulupee 2 servers into Season Servers. 

l ETC     

  • Increased the maximum price of Pearl Items registerable on the Central Market by 50%.            


Changes and Fixes


  • Fixed graphical issues when wearing the following outfits.

- [Warrior] Bern 

- [Dark Knight] Shudad Black             

  • [Shai] Fixedgraphicalissues with the hair color when equipping certain items.              
  • Fixed the issue for the quest marker to display the proper location for the "Escape fromWaragonCave" quest.             
  • Fixed the line breaks in the dialogue when accepting the "[Boss] The Stomp Heard Round the World" quest.            
  • Fixed the issue of boulders floating in the air in certain locations.             
  • Fixed the issue of characters getting stuck in the ground when attempting to crouch in certain locations.            
  • Fixed the issue of characters getting stuck and unable to leave certain parts ofAltinova.             
  • Fixed graphical issues of certain branches in theRhuaTree region.              
  • Fixed the issue of characters falling through certain parts ofPujiyaCanyon.              
  • Fixed issues with bleeding text in the confirm button when creating a new Season Character.            
  • Fixed the issue of the contents of Life Info being hidden after adjusting the My Info (P) window size.            
  • Fixed the issue of the Repeat Gathering button not activating properly when attempting to gather a resource where Repeat Gathering is possible.            
  • Improved navigation routes betweenGránaand Weenie Cabin.             
  • Improved navigation routes when traveling in certain parts of Port Ratt.            



We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert,             

Thank you.    

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