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Black Desert 2020-06-17 08:00
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Hello, Adventurers. 

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert. 

These are the updates made to Black Desert on June 17, 2020. 

(Patch size: approx. 438.6 MB) 

※ Please read below for details. 




|  CONTENTS              


  • Added Class-themed chat groups.             




  • Fierce Strike - Fixed the issue of being able to continue using the skill with feral attacks even after the Beast Form buff expires.             



  • Shield Chase - Improved to smoothly combo with Righteous Charge after using the skill.             
  • [Awakening]Fixed the issue of Main Weapon skills not activating along with the weapon not showing after using Death Line Chase backwards, then Shield Chase backwards to change into Main Weapon state.      



  • Black Spirit: BlackBlood Circle - Fixed the issue of the skill activating even when locked.             
  • Black Spirit:Infernal Nemesis - Fixed the issue of the skill not activating while using God Incinerator and/or Awakening: Juggernaut.                    




  • Added Cheer animation to be displayed upon obtaining Mass of Pure Magic.             
  • Added details to J's Special Scroll regarding the party-recommended hunting grounds where its on-use effect applies.             
  • Changed the descriptions regarding the debuffs applied after using the following mushroom items to match the correct debuff. 

- Hump Mushroom 

- Bluffer Mushroom 

- High-Quality Hump Mushroom 

- High-Quality Bluffer Mushroom 

- Special Hump Mushroom 

- Special Bluffer Mushroom         




Stun Resistance +5% 
Stun/Stiffness Resistance +5% 

Stun/Stiffness/Freezing Resistance +5% 


  • Lowered the height of the frontal Sealing Stone and reduced its hit box of World Boss Vell.  

- Now adventurers can attack Vell from a closer distance. However, be wary that attempting to steer one's ship to the interior of the Sealing Stone may end up destroying one's ship.            

  • Strengthened Shultz Guard Captain Kunga's Shultz Guards under his command. The monsters' AP & DP have increased greatly, as well as the quality of loot that can drop. 

- Changed the Shultz Guard hunting ground to recommend 240 AP. 

- Shultz Guard Captain Kunga has a chance to appear while defeating monsters.. 

- You can obtain only 1 type of armor fragment as a junk item.             

  • Changed the number of Agris Fever points consumed upon defeating Shultz Guard garrison monsters from 1 point to 3 points.              
  • Reduced the amount of time it takes for the monsters in the following regions to reappear. 

- Quest Barracks in Cron Castle 

- Al Rhundi soldiers and object-type monsters in Castle Ruins 

- Harpy and Harpy Warriors in Delphe Knights Castle 

● Increased the number of quest-required Barracks in Cron Castle.



  • Fixed the issue of ships not taking damage even when inside Guild Boss Khan's territory in Oquilla's Eye.                        


| NPC, BACKGROUND, SOUND             

  • Added Erlo the Guild Wharf Manager in Oquilla's Eye.             
  • Reduced the area of Tooth Fairy Cabin's safe zone and expanded the area of Tooth Fairy Forest in Kamasylvia.             



  • Added Dream Horse success rate display based on Awakening Rate increase figures when Courser Training.            




  • Improved the UI for Arena of Arsha.             



Fixed the issue of when selecting the tab via Enhancement → Extraction → Devour/Blacksmith's Secret Book, closing the window then reopening it would cause the tab to remain selected.             

  • Changed the Enhancement window to allow usage "Fairy's Blessing".            
  • Fixed the issue of the unused "Refresh" button to appear on the upper right-hand side when maximizing the Photo Gallery window.            
  • Improved the Required, Resulting Item icons in the Exchange List window to display the item's enhancement information and levels.             
  • Now able to check Black Desert+ BDO Wiki by clicking the Black Desert+ icon on the upper portion of the Central Market and Guild (G) windows.
  • Fixed the lacking durability notification to display a big ship when there's not enough durability for a big ship's equipment.            
  • Fixed the border of the current character's picture in the End Game window to display correctly.            


  • Fixed the issue pay to storage displaying 0 when attempting to Collect Wage from Guild Missions immediately after logging in.            


| SYSTEM             

  • Improved irregular slowdowns in performance when hunting in certain hunting grounds.            


Changes and Fixes


  • Fixed graphical issues when equipping the followingoutfits.

- [Shai] Shudad Black 

- [Tamer] Calpheon Noble Dress         

  • Fixed typos in the following.

- Khan reward items 

- "[Daily] Young Shepherd" quest summary info             

  • Fixed the wrong buff effect being displayed after absorbing the Black Spirit's rage with Rage Absorption (Common) skills.            
  • Fixed graphical issues with structures in the following regions.

- Rhua Tree Stub 

- Mirumok             

  • Fixed the issue of characters getting buried underground in certain areas ofAltinovaArena.             
  • Fixed theminimapfrom displaying incorrectly when in certain regions of Cron Castle.             
  • Fixed the issue of characters engaging in swimming animations in certain areas ofSycraiaUpper Zone.             
  • Fixed the issue where a character's swimwear wouldn't display properly after pressing the Show Underwear button on the top portion of the screen while wearing swimwear in one's residence.                       
  • Fixed the issue of sound settings not applying to the Lv. 1 intro cinematic and other select UI.            



We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert,             

Thank you.             

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