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Hello, Adventurers. 

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert. 

These are the updates made to Black Desert on July 07, 2020. 

(Patch size: approx. 450.39) 

※ Please read below for details.



Event 1. A “Hot Time” for Enhancing!  

Event Period 

- July 7, 2020 (Tue) after maintenance – July 22, 2020 (Wed) before maintenance 

[Click for Details] 


Event 2. Let’s Roll the Dice! 

Event Period 

- July 7, 2020 (Tue) after maintenance – July 22, 2020 (Wed) before maintenance  

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Added 3 new hairstyles for male classes.         




MAJOR UPDATES - Revamped Rich Merchant's Ring

        Revamped the Rich Merchant's Ring. This ring is the most precious treasure known to marketplace directors all across the continent, because it is the legacy of Al Yurad, the most respected figure in all of Valencian trade history.             


We've revamped the Rich Merchant's Ring. 

We hope it becomes a must-have item treasured by adventurers Just like the Archaeologist's Map or Lafi Bedmountain's Upgraded Compass.             

The existing Rich Merchant's Ring (pre-Central Market) had an exceptionally beneficial effect, and was accordingly quite difficult to obtain, so along with revamping its effects we went about adjusting the difficulty befitting to the new iteration as well.             

We preserved the existing method of obtaining the item, but added additional routes to obtain the pieces.             


Also, we made the 5% Market Tax Reduction effect specific only to the Rich Merchant's Ring, found nowhere else ingame. 

The Rich Merchant's Ring may or may not have a major role in the adventurer's experience depending on their playstyle. However, to make sure no one feels left out, we opened up an extra opportunity so that adventurers without the ring can also benefit from its effects through the market benefit coupon.          

- Now the Rich Merchant's Ring will apply an effect that increases market silver collection (tax reduction) instead of increasing marketplace bidding chance.             


- Using the ring will apply the effect permanently onto your Family. You can check the applied effect in the Central Market window. The Rich Merchant's Ring won't disappear after use.             

  • Sightings of the Merchant Prince's Ring Pieces have been reported all over the continent. One adventurer has compiled all of those reports into the following clues.             



- The Fourth Piece will be available with the O'dyllita update.             

  • To motivate adventurers seeking the Rich Merchant's Ring, market directors from all over the continent have joined with the Old Moon Guild to create the Old Moon Trade Pass.             

Bring a Shimmering Piece of the Old Moon to Chloe, the resident prankster of the Old Moon Guild, who will exchange it for the Old Moon Trade Pass.             

You can obtain Shimmering Piece of the Old Moon through various means.             

  • The Old Moon Trade Pass shares the same effect with the Rich Merchant's Ring, but its effect will only last one use.             

- Using the Old Moon Trade Pass will consume it, and you can confirm its effects on the Central Market window. Its effect will be applied when selling an item.             

- The Old Moon Trade Pass effect can be applied to one item, including cases when the same item is sold in a stack. The effect will be applied even if you use the Partial Collect function. However, withdrawing listed items will negate the effect and it will be gone.             

  • Added an icon on the lower left-hand side of the Central Market window to appear when the Rich Merchant's Ring is in effect.             




    • Revamped the Skill (K) window.

We've revamped the skill window with a new UI. We combined each skill's levels together to present each class' skills in a more intuitive structure, and added the Skill Present function you can use to save skill configurations before making any changes. Skill Presets even saves Skill Add-On settings, and completing Succession and Awakening quests will award one preset slot each, while completing Talent and Ascension quests will award two preset slots each. This means there is a maximum of two preset slots available per class. 


This new skill window is quite a big change from the previous version, and we fear you might find it awkward. Please share your feedback with us so we can find ways to make any improvements, if needed."    


- You can view skill demos whenever You wish in the new skill window. Select the skill on the right, which will display the skill demo on the left along with detailed skill descriptions. Of course, You could always hover your mouse over the skill icon to read the text bubble with the skill description.             

- You can toggle on/off skill demos with the button on the lower side of the skill window.             



- Succession and Awakening skills can be accessed from the top right of the skill window once your character has completed their Succession or Awakening quests.             

- Main Weapon skills have been divided into Main skills, Secondary skills and Passive Skills.        



- Click each tab to see the skills in each category.

- Skills are also divided into Main Weapon, Awakening Weapon and skill Enhancement categories.




- Press LMB on a specific skill icon to learn the skill. Hold Shift + LMB on a skill icon to learn the maximum level of that skill available to you.

- Characters Lv. 56 and lower can freely reset all of their skill points via Reset All Skills. Right-click the skill icon to reset each individual skill, and holding down Shift while left-clicking the icon will reset the skill to its lowest level.



- Use the Toggle Black Spirit's Rage button to toggle Black Spirit's Rage skills.             

- Use the Cooldown Settings button to set how your skills' cooldowns will be displayed.        


  • Added the Skill Preset function.             

- Skill Presets save all currently learned skills and skill Add-ons which You can bring back when You need.             

- You can save Skill Preset anytime, but to load Skill Preset you will either need a Secret Book of Old Moon and be in a Safe Zone, or go find a skill instructor.             



※ Using a Secret Book of Old Moon to load previously saved Skill Presets will lock you to a 1 hour cooldown, while talking to a skill instructor only has a 10 minute cooldown.             

- You can obtain one skill Preset Coupon For each time you complete your class Awakening and Succession quests.           



※ You will get two Skill Preset Expansion Coupons when you complete a series of Talent or Ascension quests.             

- Characters that have already completed their respective Awakening, Succession, Talent, or Ascension quests series can talk to the Black Spirit to obtain the coupons via the [Skill Preset Coupon] quests.             

- When loading a Skill Preset, your character will act out differently according to their class.             

- You can reset your skills without the Secret Book of Old Moon or Armstrong's Skill Guide via the notification window which pops up regarding skill reset upon saving or loading Skill Presets.

- You cannot use the Skill Preset function if you do not reset your skills, so make sure to reset your skills in the notification window.


[Click here for more information]             





  • Added the new adventure log 'Pavino Greko's Book of Miscellaneous Matters.'             


- To start this new adventure log, first use a character that is at least Lv. 56, accept the quest "Adventure Log: Reading Season" from the Black Spirit. Then accept the quests "Adventure Log: Pyresh's Formula" and "Adventure Log: Seeking Darkness" from Pavino Greko of Port Epheria and donate a certain amount of Gold Bars to him.             

- This adventure log consists of books recommended for adventurers by Pavino Greko, the (in)famous novelist/storage keeper of Epheria. It is unique compared to existing adventure logs because each volume has a specific theme.             



|  CONTENTS              

  • You can now change the Black Spirit's appearance.             

- Adventurers who are Lv. 56 and higher, and have completed the Valencia Main Quest "Edana's Descendant" can summon the Black Spirit and change its look.             

- You can obtain a variety Of different appearances For the Black Spirit from completing Main quests and adventure logs.             

- You need to resummon the Black Spirit after selecting and applying a new appearance For the change to occur.             

● Added an alert for 15 minutes before the Thousand Years War begins, and extended its time by 10 minutes.

● You can no longer use the Greet function in Papuraora and Crinea.


  • Fixed the issue of debuffs sometimes not applying to foes after being hit with a debuff-inducing skill.             
  • Fixed the issue of enemies sometimes not displaying debuff effects in their movements after being hit with a debuff-inducing skill.             
  • Fixed the issue of opponents under debuff effects to appear in irregular locations.             



  • Black Spirit: Absolute: Ground Smash - Increased the skill's PvP damage by approximately 68%.             
  • Black Spirit: Absolute: Ground Smash - Changed the skill description relating to the skill damage and number of hits as follows.             

- However, the total amount Of damage applied in PvE remains the same as before.             



1 Hit Damage 1452% x 4     

1 Hit Damage 1452% x 4     

2 Hit Damage 2414% x 5     

2 Hit Damage 1207% x 10     

Black Spirit: Prime: Ground Smash I~IV - Reduced the skill's PvP damage by approximately 17%.             


Black Spirit: Prime: Descending Current I~III - Increased the skill's PvP damage by approximately 32%.             

Absolute: Charging Wind - Fixed the issue where the skill's PvE only knockdown effect was applied in PvP after charging the skill 4–5 times.         



  • Black Spirit: Absolute: Fearsome Tyrant - Increased the skill's PvP damage by approximately 35%.             
  • Reduced the following skills' PvP damage by approximately 34%.             

- Black Spirit: Raging Thunder I~VI, Black Spirit: Absolute: Raging Thunder             

  • Black Spirit: Prime: Raging Thunder I~III - Reduced the skill's PvP damage by approximately 13%.  


  • Black Spirit: Allround Spinner I~IV - Reduced the skill's PvP damage by approximately 21%.             



  • Prime: Aqua Jail Explosion - Improved the skill's graphical effects.             
  • Reduced the following skill's PvP damage by approximately 32%.             

- Black Spirit: Meteor Shower I~III, Black Spirit: Absolute: Meteor Shower             

  • Black Spirit: Prime: Lightning I~III - Increased the skill's PvP damage by approximately 26%.             
  • Black Spirit: Prime: Meteor Shower: Areal - Increased the skill's PvP damage by approximately 36%. 


  • Black Spirit: Prime: Judgment of Light I~III - Reduced the skill's PvP damage by approximately 11%.             
  • Black Spirit: Prime: Shining Dash - Increased the skill's PvP damage by approximately 42%.             
  • Black Spirit: Prime: Judgment of Light I~III - Fixed the issue of the skill's levels I, II damage being equal to its level III damage amount.             



  • Black Spirit: Absolute: Rising Storm - Increased the skill's PvP damage by approximately 40%.             



  • Black Spirit: Absolute: Red Moon - Increased the skill's PvP damage by approximately 39%.             
  • Black Spirit: Prime: Red Moon I~III - Increased the skill's 1, 3, and last hit PvP damage by approximately 31%.             


|  NINJA              

  • Prime: Red Rain - Improved the skill's graphical effects.             


|  KUNOICHI              

  • Black Spirit: Absolute: Shadow Clone - Increased the skill's PvP damage by approximately 43%.             


|  STRIKER              

  • Black Spirit: Absolute: Rage Hammer - Increased the skill's PvE and PvP damage by approximately 42%.             


|  MYSTIC              

  • Black Spirit: Prime: Roaring Tiger - Increased the skill's PvP damage by approximately 35%. 

|  GUARDIAN             

  • Black Spirit: Prime: Black Blood Circle I~IV - Reduced the skill's PvP damage by approximately 21%.             



  • Changed the maximum price for which you can register the following types of items on the Central Market.             






Serendian Smith Garb 



Terrmian Casual Wear 



Ahon Kirus's Armor 



Serendian Formal Suit 



Orwen's Travel Wear 



Jarette's Armor 



Delphe Knight Armor 



Shroud Knight Armor 



Black Leopard Armor 



Garnier Troupe Garb 





Reduced green grade Shai main and sub-weapons drop rates by 50% and increased Dragon Scale Fossil drop rates by 25% for certain monsters at Tshira Ruins, Blood Wolf Settlement, and Sherekhan Necropolis.             


| MOUNT             

  • Increased the amount of distance traveled when using BreezySail while equipping Ebenruth's Nol by approximately 50%.             
  • Fixed the issue where FocusFire mode was sometimes unavailable after using BreezySail or AbruptTurn on an Epheria Carrack.             



  • Added Weekly quests only for Season Servers. 

- A total of 8 weekly quests have been added, which you can pick and choose 1 to complete each week. 

- You can find these quests In the Quest (O) window under "[Season] Stronger Tuvala Gear" in the New Quest and Recurring tabs. 


Quest Giver 



[Weekly] Training with the Shultz Guard 


Train the Shultz Guard 

"Choose 1 of  

  Time-filled Black Stone x600  

Tuvala Ore x90  

Refined Magical Black Stone x40" 

[Weekly] Revenge against the Basilisk 


Seek revenge on the Basilisks 

[Weekly] Sleep-disrupting Centaurus 


Defeat the Centauruses 

[Weekly] Accepted by the Bashim 


Challenge the Bashim 

[Weekly] Purify the Sherekhan Necropolis 


Purify the Sherekhan Necropolis 

[Weekly] Breeding Protties 


Defeat the Protties 

[Weekly] Preparing to Leave 


Further destroy the damaged ancient weapons 

[Weekly] Bounty on the Cadries 

Anne Laker 

Defeat the Cadries 


  • Made the spacing between the words that make up the quest titles of adventure logs more consistent.             


  • Added the quest "[Special III] Confronting Ancient Puturum (1/W)."             

- Accept the quest from the Black Spirit after completing part one of the Valencia main quests and gaining the knowledge "Reanimated Ancient Puturum."             

- the quest can be completed simply by talking to the Black Spirit, and You will get Ancient Puturum Summon Scroll X1 as the reward.             

- Added the knowledge Reanimated Ancient Puturum to the quest reward of [Special III] Divine Power (1/W). Once you have the knowledge, you can no longer accept [Special III] Divine Power (1/W), but can accept [Special III] Confronting Ancient Puturum(1/W) instead.             

  • Changed one of the objectives of the quest "Frenzy-infested Jail" as follows.             




Take down Sordid Deportee x100     

Take down Sordid Deportee x20     

  • You can now talk to Freharau at Port Epheria after completing the Calpheon main quest "Looking for Adventurers" to get the knowledge "Monarch of Darkness, Belmorn."             
  • Changed the following fishing quests as follows.             




Quest Name: The Notch Jaw     

Quest Name: [Fishing] Juicy Soho Bitterling     

Quest Objective: Catch Notch Jaw     

Quest Objective: Catch Soho Bitterling     

Quest Name: Muddy and Slippery     

Quest Name: [Fishing] Catch the Catfish     

Quest Objective: Catch Mudfish     

Quest Objective: Catch Catfish     



  • Moved the "All" button to the bottom of the Mail (B) window.             
  • Fixed the issue where the number of items in stock at a Trade Manager's did not immediately update after putting them in the cart to purchase.             
  • Added commas as digit group separators for the market price of trade items in the Quotation Board window.             
  • Changed the design of the durability gauge of Blood Relics.             
  • Moved the name of Blood Relics to the bottom of their circular gauges.             
  • Added icons representing the different ways to increase enhancement chance to the Enhancement window.             
  • The following will no longer appear at the top of the Challenge (Y) tab.             

- [Combat Reward] Faster and Stronger I–VI             

  • Changed the color of the explanatory text at the bottom of the Skill Cooldown Slot window to brown.             
  • Changed the icon for Enhancement Chance in the Basic tab of the My Information window to that of a Black Stone.             
  • Changed the text that appears when you try to register a mount without naming it first.             
  • Changed the text of the button that appears when using the Realization of Energy function via Alchemist Alustin to specify which Energy Potion will be created.             

Added a banner that opens up the Black Spirit's Safe when opening up a Season Character's inventory window.             

Changed mentions of "Summer Season" to just "Season" in-game.             


Made separate buttons for assigning or removing a suboperator for the Arena of Arsha.             

Added a banner to the Equipment window of season characters that leads to Black Spirit Pass.             

- This banner is only visible for Season Characters.             

- Click this banner to open the window to the Black Spirit pass.             

Fixed the issue where certain effects appeared unnatural in the Skill (K) window.             


| SYSTEM             

  • Fixed the issue where there was static in the first moments of speaking on the Voice Chat      


Changes and Fixes


  • [Dark Knight] Fixed the graphical issue with the ornamental knot disappearing when using the skill Shadow Strike or Wrath of Vedir.             
  • Fixed the issue where certain Grándiha and Papua Crinea daily quests did not appear as available.             
  • Made the icons for the multiple-choice buttons that appear during the quest "The One Whose Voice Once Filled Grándiha" consistent.             
  • Fixed the awkward camera angle that occurred when talking to the villa guard at Kunid's Villa.             
  • Fixed the issue where the quest Hunt and Cook did not direct you to a good location for completing its objective.             
  • Fixed the issue where certain structures looked unnatural in the following places.             

- Caduil Forest Path             

- Kunid's Shelter             

- Rhua Tree Stub             

  • Fixed the issue where stopping your fishing boat caused the camera to shake and for the boat to stop unnaturally.             
  • Fixed the issue where sometimes an error message appeared when trying to login to the client with a Google account, and it was impossible to login.             

Fixed the issue of being unable to connect with a Trial character in certain situations.             

  • Fixed the issue where the color palette for hair and eye color in the Beauty window appeared white in a 32-bit setting.             
  • [Valkyrie] Black Spirit: Prime: Judgment of Light I, II, III - Fixed the skill description to display the correct amount of hits.             
  • Fixed the graphical glitch with the following outfit.             

- [Guardian] Marine Romance             


We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert, 

Thank you.


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