Notices [Notice] Chat Group Reset Announcement
Black Desert 2020-07-17 00:00
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Greetings Adventurers! 

During the maintenance on July 22 (Wed), we will be resetting the number of Total Likes for Chat Groups. 

After this reset, Adventurers who have a bronze, silver, or gold Black Spirit icon for their diligent and dedicated activity will receive a 90-day period Title as a token of our appreciation for their efforts. 



Gold Medal

Silver Medal

Bronze Medal

Lunar Halo Inn

Protector of Newbies

Luminary of Newbies

Herald of Newbies

Dancing Marlin Tavern

Oh Captain, My Captain

Reliable First Mate

Hardworking Steerer

Battle Arena

Fist of Legend

Born to Fight

Backstreet Fighter

Hystria Ruins

Relentless Slayer

Perceptive Hunter

Clever Tracker

Florin Neighborhood Meeting

Touch of Midas


Diligent Life Skiller

 Garnier Troupe


 Genius Composer


 Hall of Adventurers


Role Model



Once more, thank you Adventurers for your diligent activity and efforts in our Chat Groups. Following the reset on the July 22 (Wed) maintenance, the number of Total Likes will be retained until the next reset in approximately 3 months. More details regarding the exact schedule will be provided through our update notes.  


Thank you. 

Comments 2
So once again we are the mercy of the troll kids to receive such titles as rewards. How good is that ?! lol
2020-07-18 16:15 1
@Necrosmash I guess yes .d
2020-07-19 14:01 0
The post was deleted.