GM Notes [GM Note] Interview with Level 66 Adventurer
Black Desert 2020-07-29 07:00
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We heard the news that an Adventurer has reached level 66 on the Black Desert TR&MENA server.


shall we take a look at their interview together?





GM_Iliyan: Hello, it’s been almost 7 months since our last interview. How you been since then? 

A little tired. As I said in the previous interview, I was planning to be 66 level if the GMs gave some extra chances for me to do so. Thankfully Mr. J heard us and gave us extra 530% scrolls, so my level 66 adventure started anew. 

GM_Iliyan: What is the different in Black Desert to draw your attention from other games? 


TOGOBYTE: Graphics, the PVP system, life skills and not having an in-game trade system were enough for me to play Black Desert.

GM_Iliyan: What experiences did you have while getting to level 66? Could you share specially your leveling ways, fields that you grind on, items etc. with us? 


TOGOBYTE: I can say level 66 was the hardest one. I had to spend much more time compared to 64 and 65. Also, since I’ve been somewhat known, there were some players/guilds that tried to prevent me from reaching my goal, but I did not give up. I remembered a movie line that says “You pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud too. That's part of the deal”, and this line motivated me to keep going on. Of course, I cannot forget about Vøid guild. It has always been more than a guild for me, so that’s why I call them family; they all helped me a lot. Thank you for your efforts, Vøid members. <3

GM_Iliyan: Do you choose to level as party or alone usually? 


TOGOBYTE: I usually chose to level with a party since it’s faster that way. But of course, I did not sit still when I do not have a party, and I leveled solo when I had the chance to.

GM_Almori: Have you played on the Season server? If you have, what are your thoughts? 

TOGOBYTE: Unfortunately, I haven't had time to play in the season server while trying to get level 66.

GM_IliyanWe understand you’ve changed your character to the Ninja class after level 65. Is there any specific reason for that? And what did this change bring to you? 


TOGOBYTE: As I said earlier, there were some players that were trying to prevent me from leveling, so dealing with that as a wizard was pretty difficult. I think Ninja is perfect for this kinda situations. Hiding from the enemies and getting behind them without being noticed are the most primary reasons for me changing to the Ninja class. There are too many positives about Ninja, and the negatives can be mainly ignored.

GM_IliyanCan we say that after you got a decent situation regarding your items, you wanted to try a character that have a better chance in PVP? 


TOGOBYTE: Absolutely! Ninja is the best class for me since I have a forgiving personality. I don’t like to get revenge but paying someone back is kinda traditional :)

GM_IliyanHave you decided on your next goal? 


TOGOBYTE: I’m planning to focus on the game contents that I’ve missed while I was leveling up.

GM_Almori: You've said you wanted to focus on other game content besides leveling. What content do you want to focus on?  

TOGOBYTE: I can say all content but leveling, i.e. Alchemy, Trading etc.

GM_Almori: As a player who has enjoyed Black Desert for some time, do you have any words for new Adventurers just starting out Black Desert? (For example, how did you enjoy playing for a long time? Any recommended hunting grounds, gear, or other content?) 

TOGOBYTE: I'd like to tell them about the path I followed instead; I balanced my attention between PVE-PVP just of just playing hardcore PVE. Because I thought that if I only do PVE I might lack PVP ability and I'd lose my control skills on my class. Because of that I am active in both PVE and PVP.

GM_IliyanAre there any feedback or suggestions that you want to tell us for Black Desert?  


TOGOBYTE: Desync and ping issues need to be fixed. Players shouldn’t have to use VPNs or similar software to minimize this problem. I also think that game servers could be moved to a closer location to provide a better gaming experience.

GM_Iliyan: Thank you for your time. We’re glad that are able to meet and talk with you again. 


TOGOBYTE: You’re welcome, I’m glad too.

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