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Black Desert 2021-01-06 07:00
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Hello, Adventurers. 


Here are the updates made to Black Desert on January 6 2021

(Patch size: approx. 807.67MB)

※ Please read below for details.



Event 1. It Ain’t Over Until It’s Over! 

Event Period 

- January 6, 2021 (Wed) After Maintenance – February 3, 2021 (Wed) Before Maintenance 

[More details] 


Event 2. Welcome! Login Rewards for New and Returning Adventurers! 

Event Period 

- January 6, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance – April 7, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance 

[More details]  


Event 3. Dazzling Melody of the Snow Flower♬ 

Event Period 

- January 6, 2021 (Wed) After Maintenance – January 20, 2021 (Wed) Before Maintenance 

[More details]  


Event 4. The Mysterious Knight is Here for Nova~ 

Event Period 

- January 6, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance – January 20, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance 

[More details]  


Event 5. Nux Hunt For Blackstar Gears! 

Event Period 

- January 6, 2021 (Wed) After Maintenance – January 20, 2021 (Wed) Before Maintenance 

[More details] 



MAJOR UPDATES - Nova's awakening and succession

● The true queen of thorns, Nova's awakening and succession is now live.

- With a Nova that's Lv. 56 or higher, talk to the Black Spirit -> Main to accept [Nova Awakening] Invitation from S, which will start a quest series to awaken Nova. Upon completing the awakening quest, you will immediately be able to accept the quest series [Nova Succession] King of the Dead for succession.

● Added the quest [Valencia] Dawn of a New Age, which will reward Nova with a special Pearl outfit wearable for 7 days.

- Complete Valencia Main Quest Part 1 with your Nova to accept the above quest from the Black Spirit.


● Added quests for Fughar to exchange Tuvala Morning Star of PRI (I) or higher with a Tuvala Sting of equal enhancement level.


Quest NPC 

Quest Name 

Quest Reward 


[Awakening Weapon EXC] Sting the Heart-piercer: PRI I  


- Hand over PRI (I) Tuvala Morning Star  

PRI (I) Tuvala Sting 

[Awakening Weapon EXC] Sting the Heart-piercer: DUO II  


- Hand over DUO (II) Tuvala Morning Star 

DUO (II) Tuvala Sting 

[Awakening Weapon EXC] Sting the Heart-piercer: TRI III  


- Hand over TRI (III) Tuvala Morning Star  

TRI (III) Tuvala Sting 

[Awakening Weapon EXC] Sting the Heart-piercer: TET IV  


- Hand over TET (IV) Tuvala Morning Star  

TET (IV) Tuvala Sting 

[Awakening Weapon EXC] Sting the Heart-piercer: PEN V  


- Hand over PEN (V) Tuvala Morning Star 

PEN (V) Tuvala Sting 

* You can also obtain PRI (I) Tuvala Sting after January 6 (Wed) maintenance with a Nova at Lv. 56 through the awakening quest “[Nova Awakening] Queen of Thorns”

* You can only complete one of the five quests listed above.

* You can only complete the quest once with a season character per Family.

* Please note that all creator names, item branding, socketed crystals, and dyed settings on the Tuvala Morning Star will be deleted when exchanging for PRI (I) - PEN (V) Tuvala Sting.


MAJOR UPDATES -Winter Season Content 

● Added the season server exclusive content ""Ancient Weapon Invasion.""

- There were reports that Ancient Weapons have appeared in Mediah and Valencia regions and are wrecking the place. Hence the Capital Guards of Altinova and Valencia are recruiting adventurers to stop these Ancient Weapons.

- Defeat the monsters of the Mediah and Valencia Monster Zones in a Season Server and the Ancient Weapon Invasion event will start at a certain rate.

- A warning message will appear when the Ancient Weapon Invasion event starts. 5 minutes later, several Ancient Weapons will appear. The more adventurers there are nearby, the more Ancient Weapons will appear.

- Defeat all Ancient Weapons as well as the boss to get the following loot.

- There will be penalty for death while fighting the Ancient Weapons.


Time-filled Black Stone 

Tuvala Ore 

Refined Magical Black Stone 

Specter's Energy 

Sharp Spirit Stone of Destruction 

Sharp Spirit Stone of Protection 

Tuvala Accessory Box  

Enchanted Scroll (+20) 

Enchanted Scroll (+30) 

Enchanted Scroll (+40) 

Gold Bar 1G 

Gold Bar 10G 

Gold Bar 100G 

Soiled Ogre Ring 

* You may obtain one Tuvala Accessory enhanced up to DUO (II) from the Tuvala Accessory Box. 



● Changed the requirement for completing the following Season Pass objectives. 



Kzarka, the Lord of Corruption   

Use the "Response to Precious Courage" item which is dropped when defeating Kzarka or Nightmarish Kzarka with a season character.  

Karanda, Queen of the Harpies   

Use the "Response to Precious Courage" item which is dropped when defeating Karanda or Stormbringer Karanda with a season character.  

Ancient Kutum, the Stone Chamber's Heart 

Use the "Response to Precious Courage" item which is dropped when defeating Kutum with a season character. 

Nouver, Sandstorm of the Desert 

Use the "Response to Precious Courage" item which is dropped when defeating Nouver or Bloodstorm Nouver with a season character. 

Garmoth, the Crimson Dragon of Drieghan  

Use the "Response to Precious Courage" item which is dropped when defeating Garmoth with a season character. 

- You may obtain the ""Response to Precious Courage"" item from defeating any boss except for Vell. 

- This item can be used within 10 hours and stored in a storage. It cannot be sold to an NPC vendor and its effect after use is Skill EXP +10% for 2 hours. 





● Added the season-exclusive Castle Ruins Red Battlefield.

- Only season characters can enter the season-exclusive battlefield.

- The season-exclusive Castle Ruins Red Battlefield can be accessed by season characters who are Lv. 50 or higher, 200 AP & 250 DP or below.

- You can obtain the following rewards for participating in the season-exclusive Castle Ruins Red Battlefield."

● Added a new quest ""[Season Daily] Join the Red Battlefield!"" for the season-exclusive Castle Ruins Red Battlefield.

- Talk to Daz at the Red Battlefield to accept this quest, and upon completion you can obtain the following rewards.


Quest Name 


[Season Daily] Join the Red Battlefield! 

Base Rewards 

- Contribution Points 100 

- Rift's Fragment 


Choose 1 of the following: 

- Time-filled Black Stone x25 

- Tuvala Ore x10 

- Refined Magical Black Stones x5 

※ You cannot accept both "[Season Daily] Join the Red Battlefield!" and "Victory at Red Battlefield!" at the same time. You must complete one before accepting the other.


● Added the ability to save the setting of hiding your sub-weapon on your PC.


● Core: Delighted Blast - Fixed the issue with the incorrect effect being displayed upon learning the skill.


● Nature Shattering Arrow - Fixed the issue where the skill's 1st hit would sometimes not register damage.


● Kwik-Two, Twirl-Three, Hop-Three - Fixed the issue where the skills' All DP reduction effect would only apply to melee defense.


● Quoratum's Protection - Improved the skill to now recover SP on blocks.

● Mauling Star - Improved the skill to now recover SP on hits.

● Storming Star - Improved to now activate the last hit by pressing LMB while using the skill.

● Storming Star - Changed the skill as follows:

- Changed the skill to now apply the Morning Star damage to all foes within the attack range regardless of the Morning Star's physical location.

- The number of times the Morning Star is spun has been reduced accordingly.

● Storming Star - Changed the skill's critical hit rate increase to no longer apply in PvP.

● Command: Passed Pawn I ~ Absolute - Changed the skills' PvP damage as follows:

- Reduced PvP damage amount by 33%.

- Changed so the critical hit rate increase doesn't apply in PvP.

● Fixed the issue where the Confident social action wasn't being expressed correctly.

● Quoratum's Protection - Fixed the issue where using Quoratum's Opening, Punishing Trap after casting the skill would remove Nova from guard stance.

● Fixed the issue where using the following skills would prevent moving with the mouse:

- Quoratum's Opening, Punishing Trap"

● Emergency Escape - Changed the skill to remove all summoned guards upon use.

● Quoratum's Protection - Changed the guards to no longer immediately be summoned once the skill is cancelled.

● Icy Prison - Changed the skill to now allow for guards to swiftly attack the target's front when skill is used with guards summoned.

● Black Spirit: Icy Prison - Fixed the issue where using the skill with guards summoned would apply Bound to other adventurers.

● Bitter Reign - Fixed the issue where using the skill while mounted would cause the 2nd hit to only register 3 hits.

● Bitter Reign - FIxed the issue where using the skill while mounted would activate the Cold, Dark Star skill effect on the 1st chain hit.




● Fixed the item description of Wishful Pouch of Fortune to describe the contents more clearly.

● Changed the item description for Inventory Weight Coupon (300LT).

● Fixed the Premium Outfit Box to now be openable by all classes with Awakening released.

● Added 2 costume blueprints for Nova:

- Design: Delphe Knight Armor - Nova"", ""Design: Shroud Knight Armor - Nova

- These blueprints can be acquired after completing specific quests via exchange/purchase from Granbill and Monta Ahto, respectively.

● Improved the Rift's Echo item to now be movable to storage.

*Rift's Echo remains an item only usable by ""Season Characters"" in the ""Season Server""."




● Fixed Saigord to appear more naturally when summoned during the Main Quest ""[O'dyllita] Saigord, the Shadow of Nightmares.

● Improved the rewards of awakened boss summon scrolls obtainable from Black Spirit recurring quests.

- Added the chance to obtain Remnants of the Rift from the reward bundle for defeating awakened bosses by using the awakened boss summon scroll."



● Changed auto mount skills to revert to auto-run if your saddle's durability reaches 0 while having checked auto-sprint while mounted.



● Changed the interior of the Scarlet Sand Chamber where the world boss Kutum appears.




● Fixed the issue where enhancing your main weapon to +1 or higher would prevent you from completing the quest ""[Enhancement] Even Further and Beyond"".

● Fixed incorrect details and dialog for the quest ""[Enhancement] Even Further and Beyond"".

- You can now complete the quest by just equipping (and not talking to the BLack Spirit) gear of enhancement level +1 or higher.

● Added the quest "[Enhancement] Even Further and Beyond" for Nova.



| UI

● Changed UI design for residence information that appears when approaching purchasable residences.

● Improved UI display of land information when hovering the cursor over them on the World Map.

● Added sound effects to Nightmarish Kzarka appearance messages.

● Fixed the issue so that Event tag no longer disappears when clicking on Black Spirit's Adventure button on ESC menu.

● Added Skill Pre-set naming functions.

- Press RMB on the Skill Pre-set Settings button to begin configuration.

- Press the Erase button on the Name Settings window to revert it back to default settings.

● Increased the size of Pearl's Blessings button on Pearl Shop.

● Changed the color of the UI description to brown for Pearl's Blessings.

● Changed the icon design and alignment in the Find NPC window.

● Added the icon for the Valencia storage keeper in the Find NPC window.



● Changed functions for Combat Assisstance settings.

- Added a slight action delay when using skills in PvP (when the target is an adventurer) reduce combo speed.

- Reinforced mechanism so that directional changes do not occur when using instant grapple skills during PvP.



| Web

● Bedava zar elde edilirken 2 tane zarın birlikte elde edilmesi sorunu düzeltildi.




    Changes and Fixes

● Changed the description and icon when interacting with haystack, chicken, and feed in garden.

- Icon and description for Pruning, Killing Pests, View Crop Information have been changed to Feed Management, Exterminating Pests, View Stock Information."

● Fixed the issue where applications from Beauty Album would not apply to Customization window for [Lahn].

● Fixed the issue where character motions would not function properly in the Customization window for [Lahn].

● Fixed the issue where text would align abnormally in the pop window when disbanding Guild Alliance.

● Fixed the issue where [Shai] Drieghanese Winter Clothes could not be dyed while equipping it.



We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert, thank you.


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