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Updates [Update] 06/08 update details
Black Desert 2021-06-08 07:00
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Hello, Adventurers. 


Here are the updates made to Black Desert on June 8 2021

(Patch size: approx. 758.34MB)

※ Please read below for details.



Event 1. Waves of Special Attendance Rewards!

Event Period   

- June 9, 2021 (Wed) 00:00 – July 14, 2021 (Wed) 23:59

[More details] 


Event 2. BLACK DESERT X BUGATTI: A Collaboration Comparable to None

Event Period   

- June 8, 2021 (Tue) after maintenance – July 7, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance 

[More details] 


Event 3. One Step Closer to Mythical Arduanatt!

Event Period   

- June 8, 2021 (Tue) after maintenance – June 23, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance  

[More details] 


Event 4. Introducing the 2021 Heidel Ball Events!





● Flashing Light - Fixed the issue where the backward movement of the skill would be shorter if it was used after hitting Bloodthirst: Katana Shower.



● Shout to the Sky III - Changed the following buff effect to not stack.

- Recover +150 HP every 2 sec for 10 sec (Applied to self and allies)



● Succession: Arid Assault - Fixed the issue where the Bound effect was applied even when the skill was used while on cooldown.



● Changed the Overcharged state to no longer apply for skills used on cooldown. Consequently, the following skills' descriptions have been changed.

- Awakening: Ancient Kibelius

- Shock Relay

- Lightning Surge

● Bolt - Fixed the skill to now display the beginning animation when used during the Overcharged state.




● Fixed a typo for Contract: [Head Storage Butler] Sebastian.

● Changed the item description of Treasure Map of a Sailor to say "Press RMB to use".

● Changed the item description of Treasure Chest of a Sailor to say "Press RMB to use".

● Changed the item description of Material Box for Some Ship to say "Press RMB to use".




● Fixed the quest descriptions for [Daily] Ravikel's Test and [Daily] For the Serendian Soldiers.




● Added Impeccably Polished Stone and Fine Black Stone Powder to Node/Conquest War, which can be used to repair Fort/Command Post/Field HQ for a greater amount of durability.

- All Fort/Command Post/Field HQ consume 1 item to repair, and requires the same amount time to complete.



Crafting Method 

Impeccably Polished Stone 

Node/Conquest War 

Fort Repair 

Polished Stone x10 

Rough Translucent Crystal x5 

Clear Liquid Reagent x1 




Fine Black Stone Powder 

Conquest War 

Command Post/ 

Field HQ Repair 

Black Stone Powder x10 

Rough Translucent Crystal x5 

Clear Liquid Reagent x1 




● The max durability and DP increased for Node/Conquest War Fort/Command Post/Field HQ and other annexes including Flame Tower/Hwacha are as follows: 


Forts and Annexes 

Fort/Command Post/Field HQ 

For Node War: 

Square Fort (Tier 1) - Max Durability +33%  

Square Fort (Tier 2) - Max Durability +50%  

Strong Square Fort (Tier 3) - Max Durability +60%  

Sturdy Square Fort (Tier 4) - Max Durability +67%  


For Conquest War: 

Square Fort - Max Durability +67%  

Strong Square Fort - Max Durability +39%  

Sturdy Octagonal Fort - Max Durability +25%  

Command Post & Field HQ - Max Durability +17% 

Recovery Center 

For Node War: 

Recovery Center (Tier 1) - Max Durability +36%  

Recovery Center (Tier 2) - Max Durability +33%  

Recovery Center (Tier 3) - Max Durability +22%  


For Node/Conquest War: 

Recovery Center (Tier 4) - Max Durability +14%  

Recovery Center (Tiers 2-4) - DP +167%  

Cannon Observatory 

For Node War: 

Cannon Observatory (Tier 1) - Max Durability +36%  

Cannon Observatory (Tier 2) - Max Durability +33%  

Cannon Observatory (Tier 3) - Max Durability +22%  


For Node/Conquest War: 

Cannon Observatory (Tier 4) - Max Durability +14%  

Cannon Observatory (Tiers 2-4) - DP +167% 

Elephant Nursery 

For Node War: 

Elephant Nursery (Tier 1) - Max Durability +36%  

Elephant Nursery (Tier 2) - Max Durability +33%  

Elephant Nursery (Tier 3) - Max Durability +22%  


For Node/Conquest War: 

Elephant Nursery (Tier 4) - Max Durability +14%  

Elephant Nursery (Tiers 2-4) - DP +167%  

Supply Depot 

For Node War: 

Supply Depot (Tier 1) - Max Durability +82%  

Supply Depot (Tier 2) - Max Durability +83%  

Supply Depot (Tier 3) - Max Durability +89%  


For Node/Conquest War: 

Supply Depot (Tier 4) - Max Durability +82%  

Supply Depot (Tiers 2-4) - DP +167%  

Indomitable Flag Factory 

For Node War: 

Indomitable Flag Factory (Tier 1) - Max Durability +5%  


For Node/Conquest War: 

Indomitable Flag Factory (Tier 4) - Max Durability +5%  

Indomitable Flag Factory (Tiers 2-4) - DP +100%  

Indomitable Flag 

For Node War: 

Indomitable Flag (Tier 1) - Max Durability +5%  


For Node/Conquest War: 

Indomitable Flag (Tier 4) - Max Durability +5%  

Indomitable Flag (Tiers 2-4) - DP +200% 

Wooden Fence Gate 

For Node/Conquest War: 

Wooden Fence Gate (Tiers 1-4) - Max Durability +20%  

Flame Tower 

For Node War: 

Flame Tower (Tier 1) - Max Durability +19%  

Flame Tower (Tier 2) - Max Durability +34%  

Flame Tower (Tier 3) - Max Durability +43%  

Flame Tower (Tier 4) - Max Durability +49% 

Flame Tower (Tier 1) - DP +100%  

Flame Tower (Tier 2) - DP +200%  


For Conquest War: 

Flame Tower - Max Durability +43%  


For Node/Conquest War: 

Flame Tower (Tiers 3-4) - DP +300% 


For Node War: 

Hwacha (Tier 1) - Max Durability +19%  

Hwacha (Tier 2) - Max Durability +34%  

Hwacha (Tier 3) - Max Durability +43%  

Hwacha (Tier 4) - Max Durability +49% 

Hwacha (Tier 1) - DP +67%  

Hwacha (Tier 2) - DP +150%   


For Conquest War: 

Hwacha - Max Durability +43%  


For Node/Conquest War: 

Hwacha (Tiers 3-4) - DP +234% 

Enhanced Flame Tower 

For Node War: 

Enhanced Flame Tower (Tier 3) - Max Durability +32% 

Enhanced Flame Tower (Tier 3) - DP +234% 


Enhanced Flame Tower (Tier 4) - Max Durability +28% 


For Conquest War: 

Enhanced Flame Tower - Max Durability +17%  


For Node/Conquest War: 

Enhanced Flame Tower (Tier 4) - DP +275% 

Big Hwacha 

For Node War: 

Big Hwacha (Tier 3) - Max Durability +32%  

Big Hwacha (Tier 4) - Max Durability +28% 

Big Hwacha (Tier 3) - DP +178%  


For Conquest War: 

Big Hwacha - Max Durability +17%  


For Node/Conquest War: 

Big Hwacha (Tier 4) - DP +213% 



● Added the mount's tier show in the list for mounts available for Mount Delivery/Transport Mount in the Stable.


● Changed Black Spirit's Adventure to now be usable with a gamepad.

● Changed the cursor's default position to hover over "Repair Equipped" when using the repair function at a campsite for the Gamepad UI mode.

● Added Barter to be set in the Ring Menu for Gamepad UI mode.




● Fixed the issue where you couldn't use a certain Character or Family Name even after it had passed the "Check Name" function.
● Fixed the issue where the "Check Name" function would incorrectly deem restricted Character or Family Names as available.

● Changed the standard for how prices change for weapons of the same group in the Central Market as follows:
※ For weapons that share the same group, if there is a pre-order of a weapon of the same group listed at a higher price, then you cannot sell a weapon of the same group at a price lower than this pre-order price.

Before After
Adjusted to the weapon with the highest deviation between its Market Price and Set Price Adjusted to the Average Price trends of the same weapon type

The rules regarding how prices adjust in the Central Market have been changed. Currently, weapons are considered as a single item (Group) regardless of class. But even after the update on April 21, there was an issue where the market price could change drastically if the prices of certain weapons increased compared to the standard price. As a result, we've changed how prices for the same weapon fluctuate by making the price vary depending on the amount traded so that the price of the same weapon does not change according to specific transactions. Furthermore, for items with a high value (price of 20 billion silver or items listed below) at the current standard (as of June 7), we’ve changed the said items to appear 15 minutes after being listed on the Central Market and for a World message to appear at the same time. (If said item has a pre-order, a separate notification will appear. The wait time for the items may take from 14 to 15 minutes.)


Lastly, we are developing additional authentication steps using features such as OTP for listing or buying items above a certain price on the Central Market. Unfortunately, we were not able to introduce them today, since we required time to implement and test them, but we are doing our best on developing it. Additionally, if we see that this patch falls short, we will look into making exceptions on how price changes for certain items.

● Added a delay of approximately 15 minutes when listing certain items and items with a Set Price of 20 billion Silver or higher on the Central Market before they become available for purchase.




- Once certain items including those with a Set Price of 20 billion Silver or higher are queued to be listed, all Adventurers will be alerted by a notification displayed on the upper middle part of the screen.
- To ensure a safer exchange, orders for certain items (including those with a Set Price of 20 billion Silver or higher) placed by (Waiting) Adventurers at the same price, but not necessarily at Max Price, will be carried out not by a first-come basis but in random order.
- If the item failed to be listed, the item itself will be returned to your Central Market Warehouse.
- You will need to wait approximately 1 minute before you are able to relist an item that failed to register after the 15-minute wait time.
- If an item you placed a pre-order for is placed in the queue, you will see a UI displayed on the bottom right-hand part of your screen displaying the relevant item name and listed time.
- Once the queued time is over, the item's transaction will be carried out just as before.
- You can only list 1 item with the same name and enhancement level at a time.
- The aforementioned rules will also apply to the following items even if their Set Price is not at 20 billion Silver or higher:

PEN (V) Enhanced Gear
Giath's Helmet
Red Nose's Armor
Bheg's Gloves
Dim Tree Spirit's Armor
Griffon's Helmet
Leebur's Gloves
Urugon's Shoes
Muskan's Shoes

Blackstar Helmet
Blackstar Armor
Blackstar Gloves
Blackstar Shoes
Ogre Ring
Tungrad Necklace
Laytenn's Power Stone
Awakened River Necklace
Tungrad Earring
Narc Ear Accessory
Dawn Earring
Ring of Crescent Guardian
Eye of the Ruins Ring
Tungrad Ring
Ominous Ring
Centaurus Belt
Basilisk's Belt
Valtarra Eclipsed Belt
Tungrad Belt
Orkinrad's Belt
Manos Golden Coral Belt
Manos Hoe
Manos Lumbering Axe
Manos Fluid Collector
Manos Tanning Knife
Manos Butcher Knife
Manos Pickaxe
Manos Trainer's Clothes
Manos Hunter's Clothes
Manos Sailor's Clothes
Manos Cook's Clothes
Manos Alchemist's Clothes
Manos Fisher's Clothes
Manos Necklace
Manos Earring
Manos Ring
Manos Belt
Manos Gatherer's Clothes
Manos Craftsman's Clothes
Blackstar Battle Axe
Blackstar Shamshir
Blackstar Longsword
Blackstar Longbow
Blackstar Amulet
Blackstar Axe
Blackstar Shortsword
Blackstar Blade
Blackstar Staff
Blackstar Kriegsmesser
Blackstar Gauntlet
Blackstar Crescent Pendulum
Blackstar Crossbow
Blackstar Florang
Blackstar Morning Star
Blackstar Kyve
Blackstar Great Sword
Blackstar Scythe
Blackstar Iron Buster
Blackstar Kamasylven Sword
Blackstar Celestial Bo Staff
Blackstar Lancia
Blackstar Crescent Blade
Blackstar Kerispear
Blackstar Sura Katana
Blackstar Sah Chakram
Blackstar Aad Sphera
Blackstar Godr Sphera
Blackstar Vediant
Blackstar Gardbrace
Blackstar Cestus
Blackstar Greatbow
Blackstar Crimson Glaives
Blackstar Jordun
Blackstar Dual Glaives
Blackstar Sting
Blackstar Kibelius


TET (IV), PEN (V) Enhanced Accessories
Deboreka Necklace Ethereal Earring
Revived Lunar Necklace Turo's Belt
Black Distortion Earring -


All Enhancement Levels
Fallen God's Armor




● Fixed the Pearl Shop to display the main item of a pack if it contains selectable items.




● Fixed the issue where you couldn't click to select your server when using the Central Market on Internet Explorer.




● Changed the following term in English:

- Vanquisher of Darkness to Hunter of Darkness.




Changes and Fixes

● Changed Ibedor's Scroll to now proceed independently from other scrolls when multiple parties activate the scroll at the same time.

● Fixed the issue where the topography of Padix Island appeared awkward on the World Map (M).

● Fixed the issue where part of the background in the following region appeared awkward:

- Tariff

● Fixed the issue where ships would get stuck in certain parts of Ginburrey Island.

● Fixed the description text for coupons in the Pearl Shop to no longer bleed out of the UI.

● Improved the optimization of Black Spirit's Adventure.

● Fixed the issue where the quest reward icon would either not appear or display the incorrect icon while proceeding with the "[Elvia Co-op] Kzarka: Barrier of Infestation III" quest.

● Improved the Ranking UI to refresh guild names better.

● Fixed the issue where a daily pearl shop deal would sometimes appear without the discount on days it is not supposed to appear.

● Added the ability to now scroll with your gamepad while using the mount's View Inventory function in Gamepad UI mode.

● Fixed the issue where detailed information of certain items wouldn't be displayed while using the mount's View Inventory function in Gamepad UI mode.

● Fixed the mouse-only close button to no longer display while using the mount's View Inventory function in Gamepad UI mode.

● Fixed the issue where certain inputs would cause both the View Inventory and Change Skill windows to appear at the same time while using the mount's View Inventory function in Gamepad UI mode.

● Fixed the issue where the detailed information wouldn't refresh while scrolling through the mount's View Inventory window in Gamepad UI mode.

● Fixed the issue where hovering your mouse over abbreviated text of a Pearl Shop coupon's details on where it can be used wouldn't display the detailed information.

● Fixed the message displayed when attempting to call a guild elephant from outside the possible range while with a Celestial Horse Calling Horn in your inventory to read less awkward.

● Fixed the issue where attempting to move an item to the Central Market warehouse after deactivating Item Copy would display an abnormal message and prevent the item from being moved.

● Fixed the scroll of the Inventory UI of mounts that are checked-in.

● Changed the key guide for the Show/Hide Mount Inventory in the Load Cargo window to not be displayed while moving items.

● Fixed the issue where an unselected mount's View Inventory window would appear in the Stable UI.

● Fixed issue where the key guide for Forest Path Wagon would appear when it is in a different town/city in Gamepad UI mode.

● Fixed issue where the key guide for Forest Path Wagon could be opened when it is in a different town/city in Gamepad UI mode.



We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert,  

Thank you.


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