GM Notes [GM Note] Introduction to Black Desert official website
Black Desert 2017-09-06 00:00
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Hello, adventurers.

This is The MMORPG Black Desert.


We will guide you through the various functions of Black Desert official website.

▶ News

This is the space where you can find various news, notices, updates, and events in relation to Black Desert.

  • Notice : find latest news on Black Desert here.
  • Updates : find updates on the game here
  • Events : find the list of events in progress and prize winners here.
  • GM Note : find the Game Master's report here.


▶ Overview

This is the space where you can find the Guide and Help for Black Desert gameplay

  • Features :  find the introductory features of the Black Desert game here.
  • Classes : find the instructions on each class here.
  • Storyline : find the concept and history of  the Black Desert world here.
  • Wiki : find the helpful contents for the gameplay here. (it will open later)
  • Class Guide : enjoy the mini game to find the class best fits my style.

▶ Shop

This is a shop where you can charge Acoin, register a coupon or buy a package that you can use in the Black Desert game

  • Packages : purchase the package here with which you can access the Black Desert game.
  • Top Up : charge Acoin here with which you can buy Pearl inside the game.
  • Redeem Coupon : register the 12 digit numbers of the coupon here that you received.


▶ Community

This is the space where you can freely communicate with other adventurers.

  • Tip & Techniques : find the tips and know-hows from other adventurers here in relation to the Black Desert game.
  • Screenshop / Clips : upload screenshots and videos related to the Black Desert here.
  • Web Forum : freely discuss any matters related to the Black Desert here.


▶ Download

You can download anything that the Black Desert provides here.

  • Videos : check various official videos of the Black Desert.
  • Wallpaper : download Black Desert wallpaper here.


▶ Support

Please visit Support if you have any difficulties or questions in relation to the gameplay.

  • FAQ : We have arranged  frequently asked questions and answers, so please refer to FAQ for fast solution.
  • Customer Support : please contact us through Customer Support if you have any questions.
  • System : find any notices here in relation to the system.


We, the Black Desert Operation Team, will always do our best to provide you with the best service.

Thank you for your support and interest.



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