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Notices [Notice] 3 Kinds of Early Packages
Black Desert 2017-09-06 00:00
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Hello, adventurers.

This is The MMORPG Black Desert.


We’ve prepared early packages for you,

the adventurers who are getting ready to explore the unknown world of Black Desert.


[View the Early Packages]


Purchase the package now,

And you can explore the Black Desert World from the start date of CBT period.

Depending on the type of the Package you purchase,

You can get the early access to the game and also a chance to pre-book family and character names.

Cute pets also await to accompany you, as well as various items that are useful for the exploration.

For Legendary Package only, don't forget you can also receive "limited weapon/outfit set!"


Not only that,

Extra pearl box with 180 pearls will be given to all who purchase legendary package by 10th October.

You can buy various items at the pearl shop with these pearls!

So, don’t miss out the benefits for early purchase!


[Benefits for Early Purchase – View the event]


[Shortcut to Package-related FAQ]

* The package can’t be purchased with Acoin.

* The package can be purchased only once per each account.

* Since the price and included items differ by the type of package, please refer to the product descriptions on the purchase page for details.

* If you have any questions related to the package, please refer to the FAQ or contact us through Customer Service.


Thank you.

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