Notices [Notice] Black Desert Supporters Selection Announcement
Black Desert 2019-09-18 10:20
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Hello Adventurers!


Thank you to everyone that gave their positive support and interest for the “Recruiting Black Desert Supporters!” program that was held from September 9 to September 15, 2019.  


We were truly touched by the sincere goals of each Adventurer. And thanks to receiving much more support than anticipated, we were able to select the Supporters with a more meaningful mindset. 


Now, let us introduce our Adventurers to the Black Desert Supporters who will show the way!


■ What do Supporters do?

Helping other Adventures through a variety of ways in-game and on the website by being a Guide.

Ex) Create guides for classes and life skills, help out new/returning Adventurers in-game, draw a Black Desert comic, etc. 


■ What are the Supporter Activity benefits?

- Black Desert in-game Title “Black Desert Supporter” (Permanent)  

- Starter’s Package x5

- [Event] Value Pack (30 Days)

- “SUPPORTER” tag on the official website 

▶ Go to the “Recruiting Black Desert Supporters!” Page


■ What are the additional benefits for the top Supporters?

- Up to 10 Top Monthly Supporters: 1,000 Pearls

- Up to 10 Top Supporters (1st Selection): “Black Desert Supporter” coloured Title (Permanent) 

- Selection priority for the 2nd Black Desert Supporter!


Selected Black Desert Supporters (Total 100 Adventurers)

Adonis Aìle Alarielle Amokachi Archangelus
AtakanBays AuirExecutor Baby BananaFuhrer BestOfValkyrie
BilgeTonyukuk BLACKBEARDD Bloodmane Bogusbelen Boozzy
Castellan Chilems Cilekx ClasKlan Creax
Daimyou DemmyOcean Demonata Denali Destekci
Diffident Dirilis Discord EEşittirMC2 Effective
Eleca Engonge Ezra Fubel GameFace
GoldenRoyal Grindstone Hamsund HFAngel HONO
HuntersOfDesert İkoNGU JazzBlues Jerf Jones
Joral Justice4 KaradeniiZ LordsPoseidon Majesticas
Markswoman MiYoung Musio MUSKA Netrix
NightDeatHs Nindou Nishikiyama Novâ NYPD
Origin OtuzundaGameR OverIord Oxynòs PandorasBox
PETRA Photics Popsicles PudingBAE Raikhor
Ravenclaw Redgiller REGULAR ReSpyte Rivenness
RooTer RxCloxy Ryuuji Sadece Satsujin
SidereaLz StormQueenPammie StormRagé Szary TheHundredBeasts
TheTrollsters Thoreng Tilted Tosun Tuonela
UçanTilki Uluhan Unetical Velialılar VioIet
Wizmoore Woon XeaveN YamanSama Zopâ
Junkiess Kâhin Sevimlii    

* Users disqualified due to insufficient activity and/or Operational Policy violations.


Congratulations to the Adventurers selected as Black Desert Supporters. We look forward to your positive activity. (ง •̀_•́)ง

Thank you. 


※ Program Notices

- The [Event] Value Pack (30 Days) and Starter’s Package x5 rewards, which are the Supporter activity benefit rewards, will be sent out on the following dates.

1st Wave: September 25 (Wed) during maintenance

2nd Wave: October 16 (Wed) during maintenance

3rd Wave: November 20 (Wed) during maintenance

- The Supporter Activity benefit reward - [Event] Value Pack (30 Days) will be sent to your in-game mailbox (B).

- The Supporter Activity benefit reward - in-game Title “SUPPORTER” will be found in My Information (P) -> Title list.

- The Supporter Activity benefit reward - Starter’s Package will be sent to your Black Desert account email as a coupon code.

- The monthly top supporter selections will be announced in a notice the week after the 2nd and 3rd activity benefit rewards are sent out. The additional 1000 Pearl benefit will be sent to the in-game mailbox during the following regular maintenance.

- The top supporter selection results for the 1st period will be announced in a notice after all the supporter activities of the 1st period are finished, and the additional benefit colored Supporter in-game Title will be sent during the following regular maintenance.

- During the Supporter Activity period, you may have Supporter Activity Benefits withdrawn and/or be disqualified from receiving rewards if your activity is insufficient or violates the Operational Policy.

- You may be restricted if you inappropriately use the item(s) received from the program.

- Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change or cancel the program depending on circumstances.

- Content not listed on this page follows the [Black Desert Event Rules].

- If you have any questions about this program, please send a ticket through [Support > Submit a Ticket].

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