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01/05 Conquest War Report

  • 2019.01.10 12:00
  • / by Black Desert

 Hello Adventurers!


We offer our sincerest gratitude to the players that were with us on the 51st Conquest War.

You can check out the detailed war report down below. The winners of each territory are listed in the following table.



Winner Guild



Tax Plundered

































The participants in Balenos for this week were Possessed (occupying guild), Atlântis, XCORP, HONOR, Horde, Unity and Thunders. With the start of the war, Atlântis gathered their members, headed to Possesseds fort and surrounded it.

At the same time XCORP attacked Thunders. Thunders and XCORP were having a close fight with each other but this fight was intervened by Possessed when some of Possessed members decided to attacked to XCORP. But Possessed members couldn’t continue this fight because their fort was under attack by Atlântis and they retreated soon.

As a result of Possessed’s retreat, XCORP attacked to Thunders again and this time they succeeded at destroying Thunders’ fort and ended the war for them today. So Thunders became the first guild to go down.

After this victory XCORP headed to Unity’s fort. There was no defense around Unity base and XCORP kicked them out from today’s war too.

After Thunders and Unity’s destruction, last week’s winner Possesed was under the spotlight. First attack came from Atlântis. Atlântis had more people than the other guilds and then XCORP, HONOR and Horde joined them against Possessed too. Even though Possessed showed great resistance against these 4 guilds, they couldn’t prevent their demise and lost the region.

Atlântis seemed to have higher number of players and seemed to be the biggest threat in the region. So remaining 3 guilds (Horde, HONOR and XCORP) united and moved towards Atlântis’ base. Like Possessed, Atlântis resisted against these 3 guilds well but in the end their fort was destroyed. XCORP was the one making the last hit and ending their claim for today.

After Atlântis’ fall 3 guilds broke their alliance. XCORP guild who has the higher number of players, headed to Horde. Horde guild didn’t show any resistance and surrendered their fort.

HONOR was the last remainig guild, naturally XCORP set them as their new target and headed towards them. Two guilds met before XCORP reached HONOR base and started to fight. XCORP won this battle and kept going to HONOR’s fort, eventually destroying it. Finally XCORP became the new owner of the Balenos region.


The participants in Serendia for this week were AnchoR (occupiyng guild), Elysium, IronHand and Bushîdo. AnchoR ignited the action by gathering its members and moving to Bushîdo’s base. Two guilds met each other on the way and started fighting.

Bushîdo did well in this fight and drove away AnchoR. AnchoR then changed target and destroyed Elysium fort which has no defense.

In the meantime IronHand tried an attack to AnchoR but AnchoR parried this attack easily.

After this conflict AnchoR gathered all the members in front of their fort and left to the battleground, leaving their fort unguarded. Bushîdo saw this opportunity and destroyed AnchoR’s fort easily.

Last survivors of the fight were Bushîdo and IronHand. Two guilds gathered their forces and fought around Bushîdo base. As the time lapsed, Bushîdo slowly gained the advantage over IronHand and destroyed their defense by enhancing their strength with their guild elephants.

After penetrating their defense and weakening their base, Bushîdo managed to destroy IronHand’s fort and became the new owner of the Serendia region.


This week’s participants on Calpheon region were Vitsaus (occupying guild), Disaster, TheClub and Procyon. By taking 3 guild elephants Disaster gathered all their members and attacked to Calpheon castle.

Vitsaus had the higher ground by having the Calpheon castle and by using their advantage, they drove away Disaster multiple times. But still after these unsuccessful attacks Disaster managed to enter the castle.

In the meantime TheClub guild attacked to Procyon. TheClub was victorious in this fight and they destroyed Procyon command post.

After their long encounter in the castle Disaster tried a new strategy. While they were fighting with Vitsaus inside the castle, they placed cannons outside the castle and started hit Vitsaus’ command post and decrease its health to nearly 50 percent. Also TheClub tried the same strategy with their cannons but Vitsaus members located TheClub’s cannons and destroyed them.

Vitsaus and Disaster kept fight until the end but Vitsaus managed to defend their castle and command post until the end of the war and maintained their rule over the region for the week.


The participants in Mediah for this week were VersusAttack (occupying guild), Shutdown, ZehirZemberek. It was a very short war. With the start of the war VersusAttack moved towards their opponents and destroyed them very quickly and easily. So VersusAttack extended their rule over the region to 16th week.


The participants in Valencia for this week were Unravel (occupying guild), KOTÑ, Neffex, HårdPuII and DivineAnthem.

With the start of the war, HårdPuII and Neffex guilds united together and attacked KOTÑ.

Even though Neffex started the attack with HårdPuII, after a while they retreated to their base and left HårdPuII alone. HårdPuII and KOTÑ had a long fight in later stages, HårdPuII, by getting help from their elephants and cannons, heavily damaged KOTÑ’s defense and command post. In the end KOTÑ couldn’t resist against these attacks and got destroyed. After this victory, HårdPuII went back to their base and started preparing for the rest of the war.

Then HårdPuII easily attacked and destroyed Neffex, Instinct and DivineAnthem respectively and quickly. After these victories HårdPuII headed to Valencia Castle to face Unravel without losing any time. HårdPuII got victorious against the current owner of the region Unravel and became the new owner of Valencia.


Thank you for your support and participation!
See you on the next war report.

-Turkey and MENA Operation Team- 

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