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02/02 Conquest War Report

  • 2019.02.07 00:00
  • / by Black Desert

Hello Adventurers!

We offer our sincerest gratitude to the players that were with us on the 55th Conquest War

You can check out the detailed war report down below. The winners of each territory are listed in the following table.



Winner Guild



Taxes Plundered































The participants in Balenos for this week were XCORP (occupying guild), DejaVu, Neffex, ShutDown and Valhalla. XCORP members gathered around their fort at the beginning of the war and marched to Valhalla fort. Two guilds fought around Valhalla fort and Valhalla was forced to retreat inside their walls.

In the same moment, Neffex attacked ShutDown, they destroyed the fort fences first, then they continued to pressure their enemy and succeeded in destroying their fort. So Neffex got the first victory of the night.

XCORP members took their guild elephants with them and destroyed Valhalla’s fort fences this time. They minorly damaged Valhalla’s fort and retreated for some recovery. Seeing this, Valhalla members left their fort and attacked XCORP members. XCORP members fully retreated after this surprise attack.

After XCORP members finished their recoveries, they marched to Valhalla’s base again. XCORP surpassed Valhalla members and started to damage their fort again. Valhalla tried to respond to these attack with their guild cannons and tried to soften the assault. Then they left their fort for another attack. Both guilds couldn’t gain the upper hand and XCORP again retreated after damaging Valhalla’s fort a little more.

While this conflict went on, Neffex made an attempt to destroy DejaVu and it was successful. After this easy win Neffex moved towards Valhalla fort but then they returned to their base.

XCORP and Valhalla’s struggle continued and in the end XCORP finally managed to defeat their opponents. Last fight of the night in Balenos happend between the two remaining guilds; XCORP and Neffex. Neffex defeated XCORP and took the region from their hands so Neffex became the new owner of the region.



There were no battles in Serendia this week. Bushîdo was the only one there. We hope to see more participants in Serendia next week!



Possessed (the occupying guild) and HårdPuII duked it out this week in Calpheon. At the start of the war, HårdPuII members gathered together and attacked Possessed in Calpheon castle.

HårdPuII charged the castle, managed to penetrate through Possessed’s defense and entered the castle even though Possessed members efforts.

After entering the castle, HårdPuII continued their assault and advanced to Possessed’s command post. After this last clash around the post, HårdPuII manage to destroy it and became the new owner of Calpheon region.



Elysium (the occupying guild) and NORTH duked it out this week in Mediah. War started with NORTH’s pressure on Elysium in front of the Mediah castle. NORTH guild members positioned themselves on the bridge in front of the castle, fought their way to castle door and managed to enter the castle. Even though Elysium had casualties, they made a good defense with resurrection of their dead players and succeeded at kicking NORTH players out of the castle.

NORTH guild took their elephants with them and again they managed to enter the castle. Elysium also brought their elephants and the 2 guilds started to fight intensely again with each other. Elysium shut the castle doors down and divided NORTH guild into two. They killed all NORTH members inside the castle and parried this attempt too.

But NORTH guild recovered fast and started to attack Elysium both from inside and outside of the castle. They destroyed the castle door and let all their players enter. Elysium members had to retreat to their command post.

After this long and intensive contest NORTH surpassed their enemy and by destroying their command post, they became the new owner of the region.



The participants in Valencia for this week were Vitsaus (occupying guild), Rookies, TheClub, Procyon, ZehirZemberek, MangoSquad and VersusAttack.

With the beginning of the war Rookies and MangoSquad guilds attacked to TheClub and ZehirZemberek guilds seperately. Both Rookies and MangoSquad didn’t face any resistance and defeated their opponents. TheClub and ZehirZemberek guilds became the first guilds to left the war.

After these fights, VersusAttack guild gathered its members and moved to Valencia castle to face Vitsaus. Then two guilds started to wait each other.

After a little time has passed, first move came from Vitsaus and they opened the castle door. Then VersusAttack made their first attempt but couldn’t get past the door. Vitsaus member drove away VersusAttack members.

After this first attack, VersusAttack members retreated to make recoveries and in this time opening, Vitsaus attacked to MangoSquad base with a small group of players. But VersusAttack returned quickly to Valencia castle and disrupted this attack. Vitsaus had to return to Valencia castle without being able to destroy MangoSquad’s command post.


VersusAttack tried to build pressure on the castle with cannons, while his players were attacking from castle door. While these two guilds were fighting with each other, Rookies guild attacked and destroyed Procyon, again without facing any resistance.

The tension between VersusAttack and Vitsaus was rising. VersusAttack’s continuous attacks caused them to destroy the castle’s first door and entered the castle. Even though Vitsaus made everything they can, they had to retreat to inner castle and make a new defense line.

VersusAttack continued to advance forward and settled inside the Valencia castle. These two teams were in a very close and competitive fight throughout the night. They kept pushing each other forth and back. Vitsaus was still defending their base against every attack.

After a while VersusAttack managed to reach Vitsaus’ command post. But Vitsaus defended their command post and drove VersusAttack members away.

In the end of this close fight, Vitsaus kept defending their command post and prevented VersusAttack destroying them in the required time. So Vitsaus maintained their reign over Valencia region.


Thank you for your support and participation!
See you on the next war report.

-Turkey and MENA Operation Team-

LOOOL what happens to mangussquad aw pls gm dont forget those ppl they will feel sad :p 02/08 11:26
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