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[GM NOTE] Central Market on your Mobile Web Browser

  • 2019.04.10 09:51
  • / by Black Desert

Greetings Adventurers,


Today’s GM Note has some really fabulous news for everyone.

The mobile web Central Market, that was previewed in our previous Dev Note, is now available for you to use!


※ Please be aware that Adventurers cannot use their Facebook logins to access the mobile web Central Market.


Without further ado, let’s learn about the mobile web browser Central Market.  



How to use the mobile Central Market!

The first step to using the Central Market on the go is to visit the official Black Desert Central Market page on your mobile.

(When you’re on PC, please login to the game to access the Central Market)



There is no mobile app, but instead you simply login to your Black Desert account from this link to access the mobile web Central Market.  

It’s that easy!

▲ Tap Overview on the main page bar to access the mobile Central Market menu.

* It is currently not possible for Steam users to access The Mobile Central Market

But, there are a couple of caveats before using the mobile Central Market.


※ You must be logged in and be on a mobile browser to access the mobile web Central Market. Adventurers who use their Facebook accounts to login must link their account to our official web page to access the mobile web Central Market.
※ You must have set up an OTP (One-time password) to access the mobile web Central Market:
※ The mobile browser Central Market can only use items and silver registered in the in-game Central Market Warehouse.
※ For Android OS version 4.4 or lower(Android ™ 4.4 Kitkat), we recommend using other browsers besides the Samsung web browser.


Main Menu

On the Central Market’s main window, you will first see the price-changing items page just like the in-game Central Market. Click on the menu button indicated below to navigate to the Central Market’s main menu.



Sales Menu

Now then, let’s take a look at the sales menu too!



If you go to the mobile Central Market’s main window, then you can see the 6 icons as shown above.

These icons should be familiar as they have a similar function to the Central Market on PC.
These icons functions are as below:

1. Notifications : Menu where you can view your Purchase/Sale record

2. Search : Use to search for the items you want

3. Listed Items : View your items listed for sale

4. Pre-Order : View your pre-ordered items

5. Central Market : Go to the main window (Price-changing items) of the Central Market

6. My Items : Menu to view the items stored in your Central Market Warehouse


From the main page you can see the amount of silver stored in your warehouse, search items through the search icon, sell items in your warehouse from the My Items menu, and lastly buy items using the pre-order menu.

However, please note that it is not possible to move items/silver from the Central Market Warehouse to your character’s inventory using the mobile web Central Market.


Other Menus

Search: Tap the search icon to see the search window, then type what you want to search for.



After searching for an item, you can buy it by tapping the item and confirming the purchase from the confirmation window.



Notifications: You can view a record of items sold/bought from Notifications.




My Items: You can view the items stored in your Central Market Warehouse. Items listed for sale and pre-ordered items can also be viewed here.




This is what you will see when you successfully buy an item from the Pre-Order menu,



Isn’t it neat that you can access the Central Market from your mobile?

As you’ve seen you so far, the mobile Central Market is just like the Central Market in the game. It’s really easy to use since it’s such a familiar set-up.

The advantage of the mobile Central Market is that it’s accessible from anywhere.

Is there anything you want to buy or sell!?

Then why don’t you go try the mobile Central Market?


Until the next GM Note!

Thank you.


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