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Black Desert 2019-11-27 07:00
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Greetings Adventurers,

The MEET & GREET event, where we spent precious and meaningful time with the Adventurers who visited Korea until November 17 (Sun), has come to an end.

These Adventures toured Pearl Abyss Headquarters in Korea and septated the offline finals of Arena of Arsha Korea Championship.

At the end of this event, we have listened and compiled their impressions and feelings about the event in this GM Note.

Check out the details below!

GM_Lema: Hello, Adventurers! How was the MEET & GREET event?

Stracci & Sarımtırak: We really enjoyed the event, and it was a wonderful trip.


GM_Lema: What were your thoughts and feelings after touring Pearl Abyss Headquarters?

Stracci: My first impression was that the company seemed to care about its employees. Also, there were many positive factors that made every second precious and enjoyable.

Sarımtırak: I was really excited when I first heard that we were going to visit Headquarters and it really met my expectations. I think the Black Desert theme meshed very well in the headquarters, especially the Black Spirit.


GM_Lema: What impressed you the most during the Pearl Abyss headquarters tour?
Stracci: They created this perfectly functioning workshop-image that really left an impression. As soon as you walked through the doors, you could understand that there was a set guideline, which showed their own image. Something that creates trust and respect.

Sarımtırak: The most impressive thing for me was the usage of the Black Spirit as a mascot everywhere and doing it with such functionally. Black Spirit was placed everywhere, for example: warning signs, cup holders, coffee mugs, pictures on cakes in the cafeteria, etc. This showed me the value placed in the Black Spirit and Black Desert by Pearl Abyss; it really impressed me.




GM_Lema: What are your thoughts and feelings about visiting G-STAR 2019?

Stracci: G-Star was a very important cultural interaction to me, because of how unlikely it is for us to come across what we witnessed there. It was really exciting and interesting to see the colorful personalities on its own and the way South Korea’s gaming culture is passed on by its people.

Sarımtırak: It was a great experience, I felt happiness and excitement in every moment. Pearl Abyss took care of us from beginning to end and made me feel special. It was also a pleasure to see and experience the new Pearl Abyss games. The Pearl Abyss shop was really great too and the gifts that they gave us also made me very happy. 


GM_Lema: What impressed you most during the G-STAR 2019 visit?

Stracci: There were many things that impressed me at G-Star 2019. The many events prepared by the game companies to provide information about their products and all the other details considered. But, the most important thing to me was how Pearl Abyss was the best game developer at G-Star and made me proud by introducing 3 new games.

Sarımtırak: The thing that impressed me the most was the fact that I witnessed just how big a company Pearl Abyss was at G-Star 2019, and of course, how that big company hosted us so well.




GM_Lema: What were thoughts and feelings about the Busan city tour?

Stracci: The regions where the past history and modernism are integrated, the temples where people come to worship, the spiritual bridge still existing in Young Island, the traditional foods... and many more countless things, but the most important thing was that humbleness of the Korean people and their reactions when they found out that we are from Turkey. This really left a very good impression in my heart. I’m so glad we have you as our brother/sister country.

Sarımtırak: The bridges, city tour, the temples, the ship tour, traditional foods,  and etc., all these made me really happy and excited. Even now, I still remember every single thing. From our departure in the morning, the trips, meals and the conversations we had were all unforgettable experiences.




GM_Lema: What was the most memorable thing from MEET & GREET : PEARL ABYSS X G-STAR event?

Stracci: The dinner we had with Mr. J  (Executive Producer Jae-Hee Kim), creator of the Black Desert world; getting the answers to all our questions first-hand that we submitted for the TR/MENA region will remain as a memory that I will never forget. 

Sarımtırak: It’s really hard to express as one single thing. The headquarters tour, G-Star, and Busan, all of them were great experiences. It’s all flashing before my eyes when I try to try to remember it.  MEET & GREET : PEARL ABYSS X G-STAR will remain in my mind and heart, including the food, breaks, and everything in-between.



GM_Lema: What is your opinion about the food/transportation/hotel/schedule/personal time provided and the accompanying Pearl Abyss representative?

Stracci: To be honest, I had my doubts before going, such as it might be too formal and/or an unpleasant environment. But my mind changed completely after I met the person-in-charge of the TR/MENA region, who is actually South Korean, yet speaks the Turkish language perfectly. Also, after I met with the rest of the team, and the PA representative never left us unattended while we were there, patiently took all our questions, took notes and forwarded them to the higher-ups at every opportunity. In short, I'd like to say this -- TR/MENA should be relieved there are such excellent people who really care about us both as an individual and as a group. I can’t thank them enough.

Sarımtırak: Everything was much better than I expected. I went through everything very happily. The PA representative who accompanied us took wonderful care of us. I was very happy with the sincerity, helpfulness, and the interest shown in us. It was very valuable to me that they listened to our thoughts about the game at any moment and gave us the information.


GM_Lema: What do you expect from Pearl Abyss in the future?

Stracci: For certain, my greatest wish is that it will not stop growing and developing. Black Desert Online, I hope you pursue a company policy that is constantly up to date, deal with the issues of the players more closely (directly), strive to maintain character balances, protect the game’s population, care for your employees, continue to see us as family and continue to innovate following the institutions of the company.  

Sarımtırak:  Pearl Abyss and Black Desert have been a part of my life for the last 3-4 years now. I have had to adjust my work to Black Desert, and I have made many new and lasting friendships through Black Desert. First of all, I expect Black Desert and many more new games to be developed while adding more to itself. I hope you continue to give value to the players and keep caring for its players. I’m also trying to do anything to help with this and I'll keep working on it. Thanks for everything.



※ The interview above was recreated from details of a satisfaction survey. Thank you to the Adventurers who completed the survey with sincerity.  


Turkey&MENA Operation Team

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