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Install the Black Desert Launcher to start the game.

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Color-coded player names
Feb 12, 2021, 13:31 (UTC+3)
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Last Edit : Feb 12, 2021, 13:31 (UTC+3)
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Think of it as the usual color system to define item rarity or mobs that are too hard for your level.

If a player's name would have a certain color depending on his GS/Level most players wouldn't waste time dueling if they are tight on time or want to save their draughts, it would also heavily change decisions and strategies in other occasions such as focusing the big guy or avoiding him, not to mention the sweet taste of victory when defeating a player that appears in a higher grade color than you, it would also open a room for players to consider leveling up to achieve a certain color and maybe NOT wear ghillie all day (◔_◔)

What do you guys think? would there be any cons to such system?



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