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"Fwuzzy Alpaca" has returned !
Mar 17, 2022, 18:45 (UTC+3)
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Last Edit : Mar 17, 2022, 18:47 (UTC+3)
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After March 16, 2022 (Wed), the cute "Fwuzzy Alpaca" has returned as a mount available only to Shais, let's gooooooooo !!!

Head over to Quests menu ( O ) > Suggested >  scroll down to [ADV Support] Fwuzzy Alpaca. Once you done the questline mentioned, you get the "Registration: Fwuzzy Alpaca" item as shown below 



-  Requires a Lv. 50 or higher Shai character. Available once per family. 

- Upon completing the "Befwend Fuzzy Alpaca" quest, you will be able to accept the following quest after midnight. You will need to accept and complete quests for an additional 5 days.

- Fwuzzy Alpacas can be leveled up to Lv. 15.
- Your alpaca can use the following skills (up to 7) depending on its level.
※ The Fwuzzy Alpaca will already have learned the "Ptooey" skill at Lv. 1. 



● Added Alpacas to the descriptions of the Mount Skill Change Coupons, Mount Brand Spell Stones, and Reset Mount Growth items.


Well, that's all about this guide, if you ever have any question or want to chat just hit me up on my discord : Dustan#0325

Enjoy your time !



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