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Succession Sorceress needs some attention.
Sep 3, 2023, 15:20 (UTC+3)
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Last Edit : Sep 3, 2023, 15:21 (UTC+3)
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I've been playing the Succession Sorceress ever since the succession was introduced to the game, and I can't help but feel that the class keeps getting pushed behind every single time a class is reworked/released.


Starting with mobility, almost every class in the game has enough skills to engage/disengage or to simply get to the next pack faster. When it comes to Succession Sorceress, I always find myself checking in my weapons so I can run faster with shift, always the last to arrive to the next Atoraxxion room, enemy fort when unable to use the horse, etc.

 whereas some classes are even able to arrive to the battlefield before they are rendered to the opposing players.

We've reached a point where every single class has the luxury to get away or get closer 'freely' against a Succession Sorceress, able to surely and safely run away from/chase catch us, and always the last to arrive using mobility skills.


Second I'd like to point out that it's very stressful to the Succession Sorceress to recover in almost every scenario, no S Block/ no Q block and very little access to skills as most of them are not even remotely useful, for instance, while the enemy is recovering with literally anything, we're obliged to cast something and throw it away to keep us protected incase they switch to a ranged attack, hence even if the enemy is holding Q block to recover.

We literally have to stay still to recover or waste important skills while waiting for the enemy to come at us again (since we're unable to chase anyway).

The lack of skills and mobility is very annoying especially in PvP, Most our damage comes from combining multiple skills (way more than most classes) that we end up wasting to watch the enemy recover.


Signs of Agony is clearly outdated, there is no scenario to use this skill, no use in pve and certainly none in pvp.

Mark of the Shadow Pulling mobs was a thing before, but if used nowadays in any hunting ground, we'll surely waste money per hour, and the debuff and hp recovery on this skill are basically meaningless.

Bloody Contract the concept for trading Mana for Hp is cool, but 30 mana for 35 hp at the cost of standing still unprotected for a while? 

Shard Explosion is a great way to waste shards without dealing any damage at all while unprotected and being animation locked. it could have been useful if it had different flows or protection.

Sinister Omen Again, the concept is cool, summoning an area that debuffs the enemy is interesting, however the skill has an unprotected animation lock and is so slow and out of date to the point where it never reaches the enemy.


I believe that the mobility and the outdated skills need to be addressed, and most of our skills already exist in the awakening's kit, we need an up to date prime version of the skills above.

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Miss Info


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