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In game chat translation
Jan 3, 2024, 22:22 (UTC+3)
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Last Edit : Jan 3, 2024, 22:23 (UTC+3)
# 1

Implementing an in-game chat translation feature could significantly enhance the gaming experience. Many conflicts arise due to players misunderstanding each other, and introducing a translation option could greatly improve the social dynamics within the game. Currently, translating messages requires substantial effort, especially during intense gameplay moments or when the game is in full-screen mode, making it challenging to engage with others effectively.

To address this, players could be given the ability to choose their preferred translation language. A user-friendly approach would involve allowing players to hover their mouse over a message and manually click to translate it. This way, the translation process remains under the player's control, preventing automatic translations from cluttering the chat interface with potentially inaccurate interpretations. Such a feature would not only streamline communication but also contribute to a more inclusive and cooperative gaming environment.


Example : In game Chat Translation

Last Edit : Jan 3, 2024, 22:31 (UTC+3)
# 2

Yes i would love to have an in game Chat Translation , since it is the only thing bothering me on this game.

Last Edit : Jan 4, 2024, 11:14 (UTC+3)
# 3

It would be very nice feature. Not only MENA, all other servers have different players from different countries. 

Last Edit : Jan 4, 2024, 20:35 (UTC+3)
# 4

it would be great to have this feature 



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