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Nova Class Guide
Jan 30, 2024, 14:18 (UTC+3)
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Last Edit : Jan 30, 2024, 14:19 (UTC+3)
# 1

Credits : BDFoundry(

Awakening VS Succession

Nova Succession and Awakening can be unlocked after level 56 after speaking to the Black Spirit and completing the Awakening and Succession quests under the suggestions tab.

  • The Awakening will unlock a completely new skill tree, which will be your primary skills from now on. The skills in the pre-awakening are mostly utility skills, and your main damage dealers will be your Awakening skills.
  • The Succession skill kit enhances your Morning Star skills instead and only has a few awakening skills.

Most players tend to prefer Awakening and it is the more popular spec out of the two because it is currently much better at PVE grinding.

In PVP in comes down to preference and is difficult to compare the two because they are completely different playstyles.

Succession is much slower and some players feel it is similar to Guardian in that way as well as being more “new player friendly” due to its slower speed. It has good protection and control, making it strong in Arena of Solare PVP.  Awakening is much more fast-paced with far more mobility, and also more of a glass cannon class. She has high burst and the Vacuum skill for group PVP.

Awakening is considered more difficult because there is less room for error and you need to manage your Star’s Breath bar whilst managing cooldowns and rotating your skills well.

Skill Builds

Since the skill point update in late 2022, you can obtain all skills for approximately 1,000 skill points. Focus on your main skills first, then level the passives. The Weight Training skill should be leveled last, since it only gives you weight limit increase.

[Click to Show/Hide] Nova Awakening Build - 1005 Skill Points

[Click to Show/Hide] Nova Succession Build - 1002 Skill Points


Protected Skills

It is important to read through your skills to understand which skills have protection and crowd control effects. Read through your skills carefully to get familiar with what each skill does. You can also filter the different effects in the Skill Window (K).

  • Super armor (SA)
    • This means you cannot be crowd controlled while this effect is active (except grab/grapple), but you will still take damage from any attacks
  • Forward guard (FG)
    • This means you will block damage and crowd control effects coming from the front direction of your character. The block can be broken if you take enough damage and you will see a blue shield with a number, indicating the % left of the block.
    • Some classes have an “S block”. This means you will automatically use Forward Guard when moving backward with “S”.
  • Invincible (I-frame)
    • This means that you will not take damage and cannot be crowd controlled from any direction for the duration of the effect


Pre-awakening / Succession
Storming Star Shift + E Super Armor while using the skill
Punishing Trap W + E Forward Guard for surface hits(s)
Quoratum’s Opening E after certain skills Forward Guard
Quoratum’s Protection Q Forward Guard
Command: Rime Ice S + F Super Armor while using the skill
Quortum’s Ascension
Prime: Quortum’s Ascension
W + F Super Armor
Mauling Star LMB after certain skills Super Armor
Command: Frozen Earth
Prime: Frozen Earth
Quickslot only Super Armor
Command: Fianchetto
Prime: Fianchetto
Shift + LMB Super Armor
Command: Frozen Darkness
Prime: Frozen Darkness
Shift + RMB Super Armor during the skill
Command: Stamma’s Mate
Prime: Stamma’s Mate
Shift + Q Super Armor
Command: Blooming Icy Thorns
Prime: Entangling Icy Thorns
Shift + F Super Armor
Queen’s Gambit E (Magnus Skill) Super Armor
Prime: Star’s Call S + C

Invincible while moving backward

Super Armor

Prime: Swooping Ring W + C Forward Guard
Command: Passed Pawn
Prime: Passed Pawn
SPACE after certain skills Forward Guard
Command: Opening Quickslot only Forward Guard
Icy Fog SHIFT + W/A/S/D

Forward Guard

Invincible during skill (PVE only)

Quoratum’s Guard
Prime: Distorted Guard
Quickslot only Super Armor
En Garde E Super Armor while using the skill
Super Armor for 10 sec after using the skill
Combust Life Shift + E Super Armor while using the skill
Slicing Ring Q Forward Guard while using the skill
Swooping Ring W + RMB Super Armor while using the skill
Royal Fencing: Remise S + LMB Super Armor while using the skill
Royal Fencing: Fleche W + F Super Armor while using the skill
Frozen Ring Shift + Q Super Armor while using the skill
Break Orbit Shift + W/A/S/D Invincibility -> Super Armor while using the skill
Twisted Orbit LMB during Break Orbit Super Armor while moving
Royal Fencing: Riposte S + Q Forward Guard during Swinging Attack
Star’s Call Shift + LMB Forward Guard

PVE Iframe

 Evasion,  Icy Fog,  Break Orbit, and  Accel: Break Orbit are also “PVE Iframes”, which means these skills have a 1-second invincibility effect against monsters only, even if you spam the skill repeatedly.

Locked Skills

To lock a skill, press the lock icon on the top of each skill icon in the skill window (K).

These are the skills I recommend locking:
Evasion, Icy Fog (Awakening only)

To lock a skill, press the lock icon on the bottom right of each skill icon in the skill window (K).

Most players tend to lock Icy Fog for awakening to make the awakening dash flow better and then will use the Quoratum’s Closing skill to switch to pre-awakening instead since it has a frontal guard.


Hotbar Skills

These are the minimum skills I recommend putting on your hotbar

Quaratum’s Guard,  Command: Frozen Earth,  Command: Opening, Winter Testudo, Quaratum’s Binding, Quaratum’s Earth, Queen’s Gambit, Frozen Ring, Brutal Ring

You may also want to put more skills on your hotbar and cooldown slots to keep track of them. For more information about how to do this, check out our Edit UI and Settings Guide.


Core Skills

Core skills are a way of upgrading 1 skill from your awakening skill kit.

Core skills are usually down to preference but most players choose Starfall for the Super Armor in PVE, or Frozen Ring for PVP.

  • Core: Swooping Ring: Stiffness on good hits.
  • Core: Royal Fencing: Remise: Bound on good 1st hit.
  • Core: Comet: Forward Guard while using skill.
  • Core: Royal Fencing: Fleche: Stiffness on good 1st hit.
  • Core: Frozen Ring: Stiffness on good hits.
  • Core: Starfall: Super Armor while using skill.

Skill Enhancement (Rabam) Skills

Skill Enhancement skills can be obtained in the Skill Window (K) under the “Skill Enhancement” tab at the top. At levels 56, 57, and 58, you will have 2 different options to choose between. These skills have no skill points cost, but you have to have other skills leveled up to be able to take them.


Level 56 – [SHIFT + X]

  • Quoratum’s Closing – Requires [Icy Thorns IV] and [Quoratum’s Ascension IV]
    • (Preferred Choice)
  • Frozen Chain – Requires [Icy Thorns IV] and [Chain Strike IV]

I would recommend Quoratum’s Closing because the skill is useful for switching into pre-awakening and will debuff the target with Movement Speed, Attack Speed, and Casting Speed -30% for 10 seconds. It has a forward guard whilst moving and stiffness on good hits. The only downside is that the skill cannot be canceled and that you are not protected the entire time, which is quite a large window for you to be CC’d so you need to learn to use it effectively. Frozen Chain on the other hand has a small super armor on the first hit and can inflict a float on a good 2nd hit.


Level 57 – [SHIFT + Z]

  • Bitter Star– Requires [Bitter Reign V] and [Vengeful Star V]
    • (Preferred Choice)
  • Binding Star – Requires [Bitter Reign V] and [Quoratum’s Binding III]

I would recommend Bitter Star. Neither of the skills have any protection on them and are quite underwhelming, but Binding Star has a long cooldown of 30 seconds which makes Bitter Star the preferred choice.


Level 58 – [Quickslot Only]

  • Enter the Darkness – Requires [Command: Frozen Darkness V] and [Command: Frozen Earth V]
  • Quoratum’s Earth – Requires [Command: Frozen Darkness V] and [Mauling Star IV]

Quoratum’s Earth can be useful as a filler skill in PVE or closer in PVP if you are succession nova. While Enter the Darkness is useful as an extra protected skill with a small amount of HP regen. I would personally recommend Quoratum’s Earth since it is a useful quick swap and has good damage with a Downsmash in PVP. However, both choices are viable and completely down to preference.

Skill Add-ons

Below are some examples of PVE skill add-ons you can take.

If you would like example skill add-ons for other scenarios, please refer to the Class Discord and its resources.

I recommend experimenting with your add-ons and figuring out what is best for you because it really depends on your personal preference and how you play your class. If you’re simply not sure what to take then you can blindly follow the examples below and they will still be effective.

You can also check our Skill Add-on guide for a complete list of Skill Add-ons.

Awakening PVE Add-ons

Swooping Ring I

Extra AP Against Monsters +20 for 7 sec
All DP +15 for 7 sec

Comet I

Back Attack Damage +3% for 5 sec
Crit Hit Damage +3% for 5 sec

Frozen Ring I

Attack/Casting Speed +7% for 7 sec
All DP -15 for 10 sec for target

Royal Fencing: Remise I

Critical Hit Rate +20% for 7 sec
All DP -15 for 10 sec for target

Starfall I

Extra AP Against Monsters +30 for 7 sec
Critical Hit Rate +30% for 7 sec

Brutal Ring

Critical Hit Rate +20% for 7 sec
Attack/Casting Speed +7% for 7 sec
Succession PVE Add-ons: (Credit: Velika)

Storming Star I

Extra AP Against Monsters +30 for 7 sec
Attack/Casting Speed +10% for 7 sec

Command: Stamma’s Mate I

Movement Speed +7% for 7 sec
100 Bleeding Damage per 3 sec for 15 sec

Command: Frozen Earth I

Critical Hit Rate +30% for 7 sec
Critical Hit Damage +5% for 5 sec

Command: Blooming Icy Thorns I

Extra AP Against Monsters +20 for 7 sec
Attack/Casting Speed +7% for 7 sec

Command: Fianchetto

Extra AP Against Monsters +20 for 7 sec
All DP -15 for 10 sec for target

Command: Frozen Darkness I

All Accuracy Rate +4% for 7 sec
All Evasion Rate -4% for 10 sec for target

Example Skill Combos


[SHIFT] + [W] > [LMB] > [F] > [S] + [Q] > [W] + [F] > [SHIFT] + [W] > [LMB] > [W] + [RMB] > [SHIFT] + [W] > [LMB] > [F]

This is an example of a mobility combo you can use for simple movement.


[W] + [E] > [W] + [C] > [F] > [S] + [LMB] > [Shift] + [RMB] > [S] + [Q] > [Q] > [W] + [F] > [F] > [S] + [LMB]

This is an example awakening PVP combo starting with your grab in the pre-awakening stance.



[Shift] + [W/A/S/D] > [F] > [S] + [LMB] > [S] + [Q] > [Q] > [Shift] + [RMB] > [RMB] > [Shift] + [Q]

This is an example PVP combo using a stun instead.


[S] + [LMB] > [S] + [F] > [F] > [S] + [Q] > [W] + [F] > [SHIFT] + [RMB] > [SHIFT] + [LMB] > [Q] > [LMB] > [SHIFT] + [Q] > [W] + [F]

This is an example awakening PVE combo for higher end grind spots


[W] + [Q] > [S] + [LMB]  > [S] + [F] > [F] > [S] + [Q] > [W] + [F] > [SHIFT] + [RMB] > [SHIFT] + [LMB] > [W] + [Q] > [Q] > [LMB] > [SHIFT] + [Q] > [W] + [F]

This is the Accel version of the PVE combo listed above.


[W] + [C] > [W] + [F] > (Hold Shift) + [W] > [SPACE] + [LMB] > [W] + [E] > [SPACE] + [LMB] > (Hold E) > (Hold W) + [E] > [Shift] + [W]

This is an example of a mobility combo you can use.


[W] + [E] > [Shift] + [S] > [Shift] + [RMB] > [RMB] > [Shift] + [F] > [S] + [F]

This is an example of an easy PVP combo to help you get started


[Shift] + [W] > [Shift] + [LMB] > [Shift] + [A/D] > [Shift] + [F] > [Shift] + [A/S/D] (if blocking) > [Shift] + [RMB] > [LMB] > [S] + [RMB]

This is an example of a PVP combo


[S] + [F] > [S] + [RMB] > [SHIFT] + [RMB] > [SHIFT] + [LMB] > [SHIFT] + [F] > [SHIFT] + [Q] > [SHIFT] + [C] > [SHIFT] + [A/D] > [SHIFT] + [Z] > [W] + [F]

This is a beginner PVE combo for harder grinding spots



Below is an example starter Crystal build for PVE. Some of the crystals are expensive. You can obtain the Rebellious Crystal by completing the main story questline. For more example crystal builds, including an end-game PVE crystal build, and PVP Crystal builds, check our Crystal Preset Guide.

  • iconAh’krad Crystal x2
  • iconRebellious Spirit Crystal x2
  • iconRed Battlefield Crystal: Adamantine x2
  • iconAncient Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame – Power x2
  • iconDark Red Fang Crystal – Valor x2
  • iconCorrupted Magic Crystal x2
  • Max HP +350
  • All AP +34
  • All Accuracy +6
  • Extra Damage to Monsters +20
  • Hidden Damage Reduction -4
  • Knockdown/Bound Resistance +50%
  • Stun/Stiffness/Freezing Resistance +10%
  • Critical Hit Level +4
  • Critical Hit Damage +22%
  • Skill EXP +10%

This is an example PVP Build for Novas using Damage Reduction Armors and going full Human Damage (glass cannon). For more example crystal builds, check our Crystal Preset Guide or the Class Discord.

    • iconGlorious Crystal of Gallantry – Olucas x2
    • iconRed Spirit Crystal x2
    • iconCrystal of Elkarr x2
    • iconCorrupted Magic Crystal x2
    • iconJIN: Magic Crystal – Viper x2
    • iconRed Battlefield Crystal: Viper x2
    • iconRed Battlefield Crystal: Carmae x2
    • iconAncient Spirit’s Crystal – Swiftness x1
  • All accuracy +70
  • Ignore All Resistance +20%
  • Max HP +200
  • All AP +14
  • Extra Damage to Humans +56
  • All Damage Reduction -4
  • Critical Hit Damage +22%
  • Attack, Casting Speed +2%
  • Attack Speed +6
  • Casting Speed +4
  • Critical Hit +2
  • Movement Speed +2

Artifacts and Lightstones

There are a few different viable choices for both Artifacts and Lightstone combos. Nova is the “Melee Damage” type so you want to go for Melee Accuracy and Melee Damage for offensive artifacts.

For PVE Lighstones there are a few different options to min-max. For certain spots, you may want to use Species damage combos (eg. The Wild: Demihumans, The Wild: Kamaslyvia, The Wild: Humans). Species damage combos perform better if you are reaching the monster AP caps at a certain zone.

A more generic PVE combo is listed below that is recommended for your class and will work at any spot.

You can also find more information about Artifacts and Lightstones, and how to obtain them, in our guide. We also have a list of Best in slot Artifacts and Lightstones.


Artifacts for PVE:

iconMarsh’s Artifact – Extra AP Against Monsters

  • (Extra Damage to Monsters +6)

iconLesha’s Artifact – Monster Damage Reduction

  • (Monster Damage Reduction +9)

Artifacts for PVP:

iconMarsh’s Artifact – Melee AP

  • (Melee AP +4)

iconMarsh’s Artifact – Melee Accuracy

  • (Melee Accuracy +8)
PVE Lightstone Combo
Fire: Predation
Fire: Predation
Fire: Blade
 Fire: Blade
Total Combo Effects:
Monster AP +16
Critical Hit Chance +14%
PVP Lightstone Combo
[Target Openings]
Fire: Rage
Fire: Marked
Wind: Lungs
 Fire: Strike
Total Combo Effects:
All AP +10
All Accuracy +16
Maximum Stamina +100
Critical Damage +6%
24 28
Lv 62


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