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Maegu Class Guide (General)
Mar 1, 2024, 05:28 (UTC+3)
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Last Edit : Mar 1, 2024, 05:28 (UTC+3)
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Credits: BDFoundry

The Maegu class uses a Foxspirit Charm as her primary weapon and a Binyeo Kinife as her secondary weapon. She is a ranged magic user, specializing in Do arts, and trained at the Jwado school. Her homeland is the Land of the Morning Light, which is an Asian-themed region, inspired by Korean folklore. Maegu is also the older sister and twin of the Woosa class.

At level 56, Maegu unlocks her succession and awakening skills. Succession Maegu can cast a variety of ranged attacks through spells using her fox spirit charm, or scatter the charms around her to deal melee damage. Maegu can also use magic to summon a clone of herself, confusing her enemies, as she swaps positions with her double. While Awakening Maegu is a melee class that uses 2 Foxtail fans. She has fast and agile skills, with a graceful and dance-like style.

Awakening VS Succession

Maegu Succession and Awakening can be unlocked after level 56 after speaking to the Black Spirit and completing the Awakening and Succession quests under the suggestions tab.

  • The Awakening will unlock a completely new skill tree, which will be your primary skills from now on. The skills in the pre-awakening are mostly utility skills, and your main damage dealers will be your Awakening skills.
  • The Succession skill kit enhances your foxspirit skills instead and only has a few awakening skills.

Your awakening weapon still affects your succession damage and vice versa. For example, if you are using the Succession kit, then 30% of your Awakening AP is still applied to the damage of Succession skills, as well as the additional item stats on the awakening weapon, such as Human/Species Damage and Accuracy.


For her awakening, Maegu swaps weapons with her sister Woosa. She uses the Foxtail Fan as her awakening, and Woosu uses the charm as her awakening. Although the twins share the same weapons, their combat styles are very different.


Skill Builds

Since the skill point update in late 2022, you can obtain all skills for approximately 1,000 skill points. Focus on your main skills first, then level the passives. The Weight Training skill should be leveled last since it only gives you weight limit increase.


Protected Skills

It is important to read through your skills to understand which skills have protection and crowd control effects. Read through your skills carefully to get familiar with what each skill does. You can also filter the different effects in the Skill Window (K).

  • Super armor (SA)
    • This means you cannot be crowd controlled while this effect is active (except grab/grapple), but you will still take damage from any attacks
  • Forward guard (FG)
    • This means you will block damage and crowd control effects coming from the front direction of your character. The block can be broken if you take enough damage and you will see a blue shield with a number, indicating the % left of the block.
    • Some classes have an “S block”. This means you will automatically use Forward Guard when moving backward with “S”.
  • Invincible (I-frame)
    • This means that you will not take damage and cannot be crowd controlled from any direction for the duration of the effect


Pre-awakening / Succession
Absolute: Foxspirit: Tag
Prime: Foxspirit: Tag
RMB Super Armor during the skill
Absolute: Bared Claws
Prime: Bared Claws
A/D + LMB Forward Guard
Flow: Nether River LMB during certain Skills Forward Guard during the skill
Absolute: Ghost Bomb
Prime: Ghost Bomb
A/D + RMB Invincible while moving
Flow: Hanpuri E during certain skills Super Armor
Absolute: Soul Tear
Prime: Soul Tear
W + Q Super Armor before the attack hits
Invincible while concealed
Absolute: Petalblast S + RMB Super Armor during the skill
Absolute: Petal Play
Prime: Petal Play
SHIFT + LMB Forward Guard before the attack hits
Absolute: Foxflare
Prime: Foxflare
SHIFT + Q Super Armor before the attack hits
Absolute: Spirit Swirl
Prime: Spirit Swirl
SHIFT + F Super Armor during the skill
Absolute: Flower Shroud
Prime: Flower Shroud
W/S + E Forward Guard
Absolute: Bristling Sparks
Prime: Bristling Sparks
SHIFT + RMB Super Armor during the skill
Absolute: Spirited Away
Prime: Spirited Away
S + LMB Forward Guard
Absolute: Lurking Claws
Prime: Lurking Claws
S + F Super Armor during the skill
Absolute: Heavenward Dance
Prime: Heavenward Dance
W + RMB Super Armor during the skill
Prime: Foxspirit: Form
Hotbar only Super Armor during the skill
Prime: Nukduri Dance
SHIFT + C Super Armor during the skill
Spirit Step SHIFT + W/A/S/D Invincible > Super Armor
Chain: Spirit Step SHIFT + W/A/S/D Super Armor
Invincible when character disappears
Absolute: Path of Petals W + F Invincible during first movement
Super Armor during the skill
Foxspirit Conduit Hotbar Only Super Armor
Hazy Path W + RMB Invincible > Super Armor during the skill
Foxflare Charge W + F Invincible > Super Armor during the skill
Emberclaw Torrent SHIFT + RMB Forward Guard during the skill
Flow: Emberclaw Sweep LMB after Emberclaw Slash Forward Guard during the skill
Flow: Foxflare Encore F after Twirling Foxflare Super Armor during the skill
Twirling Rhapsody RMB + A/D Super Armor during the skill
Emberclaw Finale SHIFT + Q Super Armor during the skill
Foxflare Fleche RMB Invincible at the start of the skill
Twirling Retreat S + F Super Armor during the skill
Foxflare Ambush F Super Armor during the skill

PVE Iframe

Evasion, Spirit Step, and Chain: Spirit Step are also “PVE Iframes”, which means these skills have a 1-second invincibility effect against monsters only, even if you spam the skill repeatedly.

Locked Skills

To lock a skill, press the lock icon on the top of each skill icon in the skill window (K).

These are the Succession and Awakening skills I recommend locking to help prevent messing up combos during PVP.

  • iconEvasion

Hotbar Skills

These are the minimum skills I recommend putting on your hotbar.

You may also want to put more skills on your hotbar and cooldown slots to keep track of them. For more information about how to do this, check out our Edit UI and Settings Guide.

Skill Name Reason
Prime: Foxspirit: Form Can only be used from Hotbar
Foxspirit Conduit Can only be used from Hotbar
icon Constriction Charm
(Level 57 Rabam)
Optional: Some players find it easier to use from Hotbar for quick use.
icon Spirit Sparks

iconSoul Charm

(Level 58 Rabam)

Can only be used from Hotbar


Core Skills

Core skills are a way of upgrading 1 skill from your awakening skill kit.

Core skills are usually down to preference but most players choose the Twirling Foxflare skill for PVE due to the added Forward Guard, and Twirling Rhapsoldy is a good PVP options for different situations as it can be used as an additonal CC catch.

  • Core: Emberclaw Torrent: Floating on attack 1 hits
  • Core: Emberclaw Slash: Forward Guard while using the skill.
  • Core: Twirling Foxflare: Forward Guard while using the skill..
  • Core: Emberclaw Crush: Super Armor while using skill.
  • Core: Twirling Rhapsody: Floating on first and last attack hits (nullified during cooldown)
  • Core: Emberclaw Finale: Knockdown on good hits.

Skill Enhancement (Rabam) Skills

Skill Enhancement skills can be obtained in the Skill Window (K) under the “Skill Enhancement” tab at the top. At levels 56, 57, and 58, you will have 2 different options to choose between. These skills have no skill points cost, but you have to have other skills leveled up to be able to take them.


Level 56 – [SHIFT + X]

  • iconHeavenly Return – Requires [Flow: Hanpuri] and [Soulflame III]
  • iconSpirit Parade – Requires [Flow: Hanpuri] and [Soulsnare III]

For the level 56 rabam, the choice is down to preference. Both skills can flow nicely out of Flow: Hanpuri by pressing (F) or (E) afterward.

So you can just hold (E) to use Soulflame > Flow: Hanpuri > Heavenly Return/Spirit Parade, or you can hold (F) to use Soulsnae > Flow: Hanpuri > Heavenly Return/Spirit Parade

Heavenly Return is an unprotected skill with a Stun CC. The skill is quick to cast with a short animation and has good damage.

Spirit Parade has a Super Armor protection, and can be useful for trading damage in PVP. The damage is decent and the skill also has a push CC that only works on monsters.


Level 57 – [SHIFT + Z]

  • iconPetal Snare – Requires [Petal Play III] and [Petalblast III]
    • (Preferred Choice)
  • iconConstricting Charm – Requires [Petal Play III] and [Spirit Swirl IV]

For the level 57 rabams, Petal Snare is the more popular choice at the moment.

Petal Snare has Forward Guard protection and moves you backwards slightly so is great an an extra form of protection that is useful in group PVP. The skill has a long animation, but it can be canceled using your (SHIFT + W/A/S/D) dash.

In comparison, Constricting Charm is a faster skill with Super Armor protection. It can also flow nicely into the Level 58 rabam: Spirit Sparks by holding (LMB) at the end.


Level 58 – [Quickslot Only]

  • iconSpirit Sparks – Requires [Spirit Swirl IV] and [Bristling Sparks IV]
  • iconSoul Charm Requires [Spirit Swirl IV] and [Spirited Away IV]
    • (Preferred Choice)

For the 3rd Rabam skill, Soul Charm is the recommended choice. It has Super Armor and recovers a flat number of HP. The skill has no damage or CC so you can use it before engaging in PVP or after you disenage for a fast heal.

Spirit Sparks has Forward Guard protection and flows nicely after the level 57 rabam: Constirctiong Charm by holding (LMB). The skill has good damage and also has decent HP recovery on hits but you are forced to use both skills to really make the rabam useful.

Skill Cancels

Some skills can be “canceled” by comboing them with another skill. Canceling a skill can shorten the skill casting animation, making some skills almost instant and shortening the unprotected gaps. Below is a list of Skill cancels for you to learn.

Succession Skill Cancels

 Spirit Step (SHIFT + W/A/S/D) can be canceled into using almost any other skill, to skip the first Super Armor, shortening the skill, but giving you Invincibility straight away.

  • Eg. You can use Charm Mastery (LMB) > Spirit Step (SHIFT + W/A/S/D)
  • or Lurking Claws (S + F) > Spirit Step (SHIFT + W/A/S/D)
  • or Foxflare (SHIFT + Q) > Spirit Step (SHIFT + W/A/S/D)
  • etc.


 Spirit Swirl (SHIFT + F) can be canceled into by using almost any skill first to remove the starting animation:

  • Eg. You can use Soul Tear (W + Q) > Spirit Swirl (SHIFT + F)
  • or Heavenward Dance (W + RMB) > Spirit Swirl (SHIFT + F)
  • or Foxflare (SHIFT + Q) > Spirit Swirl (SHIFT + F)
  • etc.


Petal Play (SHIFT + LMB) can be canceled into by using certain skills first:

  • Eg. You can use Spirited Away (S + LMB) > Petal Play (SHIFT + LMB)
  • or Bared Claws (A/D + LMB) > Petal Play (SHIFT + LMB)


 Foxpirit: Tag (RMB) can be canceled into by using certain skills first:

  • Eg. Use Spirit Step (SHIFT + W/A/S/D) > Foxspirit: Tag (RMB)
  • or Bared Claws (A/D + LMB) > Foxspirit: Tag (RMB)
  • or Flower Shroud (W/S + E) > Foxspirit: Tag (RMB)


Bristling Sparks (SHIFT + RMB) can be canceled into by using almost any skill first to remove the starting animation:

  • Eg. Use Spirit Step (SHIFT + W/A/S/D) > Bristling Sparks (SHIFT + RMB)
  • or  Ghost Bomb (A/D + RMB) > Bristling Sparks (SHIFT + RMB)
  • or Floud Shroud (W/S + E) > Bristling Sparks (SHIFT + RMB)
  • or Lurking Claws (S + F) > Bristling Sparks (SHIFT + RMB)
  • etc.


Bristling Sparks (SHIFT + RMB) and many other long animation skills can also be canceled early:

  • Eg. You can use Bristling Sparks (SHIFT + RMB) > Bared Claws (A/D + LMB)
  • or Bristling Sparks (SHIFT + RMB) > Spirit Step (SHIFT + W/A/S/D)
  • or Spirit Swirl (SHIFT + F) > Bared Claws (A/D + LMB)
  • etc.

Clone Mechanic (Succession)

Succession Maegu has a unique mechanic, allowing her to create an exact clone of herself and swap places with it to confuse her enemies in combat.

The clone is an exact copy of your character, even down to the outfit (including dye settings). It appears as a white dot on the mini-map like a normal player, and also has your character name, family name, guild name, title, and rankings. The clone will also have a HP bar with the same HP as when you cast the skill.

Maegu can use Prime: Foxspriit: Deceiver [Q] to swap places with her clone. The swap is unprotected but almost instant and the clone will shortly disappear after the swap. You cannot use the [Q] swap if you are CC’d.

Clones do not take damage and cannot be CC’d. You can also walk through them without collision but they do have a red cross-hair when you aim at them.

Maegu can create a clone using the following skills:

  • Soul Tear (W + Q)
  • Bared Claws (A/D + LMB)
  • Flower Shroud (W + E)


Advanced Use:

Teleporting to your clone can also displace any skills that have a casting animation, moving the skill with you when you swap locations.

  • Eg. Use Bared Claw (A/D + LMB) to summon a clone, then Spirit Swirl (SHIFT + F) and then press (Q) during the Spirit Swirl skill animation to teleport to the clone whilst still casting Spirit Swirl.

Spiritforged Mechanic (Awakening)

Awakening Maegu has a unique mechanic, allowing her to empower certain skills when in the Spiritforged state.

Certain skills can be used to put you into the Spiritforged state, and other skills such as pre-awakening skills and Spirit Step will take you out of the stance. Using Twirling Rhapsody twice in a row will also take you out of Spiritforged state.

Whilst in the Spiritforged state, some skills can be used to empower the skills, and will also give you a Critical Hit Damage buff.

Each time you use an empowered skill without coming out of Spiritforged state, it will “level up” the Critical Hit Damage buff, starting at a +2.5% buff, then +5%, and finally +10%.

Eg. you can use the Hazy Path (W + RMB) skill to enter Spiritforge state, then Foxflare Stroke (S + RMB) to empower the skill, increasing it’s AOE size and activation speed, as well as giving you the +2.5% Critical Hit Damage buff. You then use Twirling Foxflare (SHIFT + F) to empower the skill and increase the Critical HIt Damage buff to +5%.


However, if you used a pre-awakening skill after Foxflare Stroke, then you would no longer be in Spiritforged state. So if you switched back to awakening and used the Twirling Foxflare, then it would not be the Spiritforged version. Therefore it is important to rotate your skills in a certain way so you are always empowering your awakening skills and maintaining the Critical Hit Damage buff.

Skills that put you into Spiritforged State:

  • Hazy Path (W + RMB)
  • Foxflare Charge (W + F)
  • Emberclaw Torrent (SHIFT + RMB)
  • Emberclaw Slash (SHIFT + LMB)
  • Flow: Emberclaw Slash (LMB after Emberclaw Slash)
  • Emberclaw Finale (SHIFT + Q)
  • icon Emberclaw Crush (E)
Skill that can be empowered by Spiritforged State
Twirling Foxflare SHIFT + F Increase activation speed
Increase attack area
Flow: Foxflare Encore F after Twirling Foxflare Added last attack 2
Increase activation speed
Increase attack area
Twirling Rhapsody RMB + A/D Added attack 2
Increae attack area
Foxflare Stroke RMB +  S Increase activation speed
Increase attack area
Foxflare Cleave Q Added attack 2
Increase attack area
Foxflare Fleche RMB Added attack 1
Twirling Retreat S + F Increase attack area
Fan Kick S + LMB Air attack damage +10% for 5 sec when using the skill
Increase attack area
Foxflare Ambush F Added attack 2
Increase activation speed
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