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Purchased Items check system from Pearl shop
May 3, 2024, 08:59 (UTC+3)
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Last Edit : May 3, 2024, 08:59 (UTC+3)
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Hello everyone ^^

There are no system that shows you from Pearl shop if you have the item (like outfits) purchased in your inventory which risk us to buy the same outfit or costume again by mistake specially if you have many characters.

Many times I have to search manually for the outfits; making spelling mistake, the outfit/costume (like underwear) is worn on my character or in Patrigios bag it will not show it in the search, which makes me think I don't have the outfit.

Most of my support inqueries is due to these type of mistakes and BDO support only gives 1 week to inform them and 1 item refund per month.

I complained many times about this but they did not do anything about it. 

There should be a system in Pearl shop which shows you the purchased outfits and confirm if you want to buy the item/outfit again to prevent these type of mistakes.

Thank you.


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