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Lahn General Guide
May 4, 2024, 00:53 (UTC+3)
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Last Edit : May 4, 2024, 00:53 (UTC+3)
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Lahn General Guide

Combat Video

Awakening Video

Awakened or Succession?

Awakening and Succession are both viable choices to play on Lahn for PvP and PvE content, but both have their pros and cons. The choice largely comes down to personal preference and we encourage you to try each spec for yourself to see which one suits your playstyle. We've highlighted some of the major differences below to help you decide.


Awakened Lahn is a 1v1 queen with a ranged grab, fast attack animations and strong burst damage. She also has good burst movement with Bloody Stride, allowing her to move towards targets quickly. Awakening has good protected skills for 1v1 scenarios, but is a bit lacking in 1vX situations due to how easily she will be blown up. Awakening has good engagement tools but lacks the skills needed to disengage effectively due to the long cooldowns on her mobility skills. That being said, Awakened Lahn can still do well in 1vX, you can do well in your own role, picking off stragglers and such. Her performance in PvE is strong, her skills have ridiculous amounts of HP sustain, and most importantly of all she can do just as well as Succession can, although it requires more effort than Succession to play well.


Succession is a weaker duelist but makes up for it more in the 1vX side. Succession loses the grab, but gains bigger AOEs, more  protection and the ability to quickly disengage with the long distance mobility of Spring Breeze. Succession is very good at getting into groups, dropping skills and getting out, easily disrupting groups, repairs of forts and other things. Her PvE is stronger than Awakening at high end spots and is a lot easier to play because of her AOEs and many protected skills, lending itself to a very chill playstyle. However, she loses the HP sustain of Awakening, so you will need to use lots of pots and sustain elixirs at spots where mobs hit hard.

Flying is one of the Lahn’s signature abilities and is a really fun aspect of the class. Glide over rivers, canyons or other annoying terrain features with ease.


Flight Skills

Nimbus Stride: This is the first flight skill you will gain access to. The distance traveled increases as you level up the skill. After you reach the end of the flight animation, you’ll begin to do a gliding animation towards the ground. This glide animation cannot be interrupted by any other skills and is actually quite dangerous. Upon starting the skill, you gain a 10 second buff which renders you immune to falling damage. If you are stuck in the slow gliding animation when you’re high in the air, the falling damage immunity buff might wear off before you land, which will likely lead to your death. You’ll want to end Nimbus Stride with a landing skill instead of the gliding animation. These skills are discussed later in this section.


Nimbus Dismount: This skill allows you to end Nimbus Stride early, but you typically won’t use it for that purpose. Instead it is mostly used in extended flight combos, which are discussed later.


Flow: Nimbus Stride: This skill allows you to extend flight by holding shift to cover an even greater distance. The 10 second fall damage immunity buff is refreshed when you use this skill. As with Nimbus Stride, if you reach the end of the skill animation, you’ll begin to do the slow gliding animation towards the ground.


Succession Specific Flight Skills

Prime: Spring Breeze: This Succession Only flight skill allows you to glide at skill level three, which requires level 58 to obtain. Gliding uses stamina. As long as you have stamina remaining when you land you won’t take falling damage, unlike Nimbus Stride which relies on the 10 second falling damage immunity buff. Compared to your other flight skills, gliding with Spring Breeze travels downwards and is not effective at travelling up slopes. While the skill may be used while on cooldown, the glide portion cannot be.

Important: This skill only allows you to glide at rank three, which requires level 58!

Note: You can cast this skill during Prime: Primrose Sprint to enter the gliding state immediately, and you can do so even if Prime: Spring Breeze is on cooldown. Casting Prime: Spring Breeze in this way won’t put the skill on cooldown, either. Take advantage of this to double up on your mobility.

Note: You can transition from gliding state directly into Flow: Nimbus Stride by pressing shift, and you can also transition into Nimbus Stride if you press and hold space and then press shift. Do be aware however that the inputs for these transitions conflict with each other. If you press shift first and then space, you will transition into Flow: Nimbus Stride instead of the regular Nimbus Stride.

Note: You can also transition from Nimbus Stride or from Flow: Nimbus Stride directly into the gliding state by casting Prime: Spring Breeze during either of these skills. Doing so does not put Prime: Spring Breeze on cooldown, and works even when Prime: Spring Breeze is on cooldown.

Flight Skills and Super Armor

Note: While all flight skills all have super armor while you are airborne, you can be grabbed out of flight by an opponent who is below you!


Landing Skills

Fragrant Stigma: This skill is our most used landing skill. There is a slight wind-up animation using this skill with your main hand weapon, after which your character will travel straight down. If used with the awakening weapon the wind up animation is eliminated making it an extremely quick skill. The skill inflicts bound state and a movement speed debuff on your opponents, but do keep in mind the attacking animation once you land is unprotected.

Note: When used from Awakened stance, you can use this skill to land from extreme heights safely. No matter how far downwards you travel, you’ll remain in the attack animation.

Note: When used with your main weapon, you cannot use this skill to land from extreme heights. After a certain distance you will transition into a falling animation and will belly flop / face plant into the ground.

Ethereal Dance: Our secondary landing skill, this one travels forwards instead of straight down like Fragrant Stigma. There is a smaller wind up animation so you can use this to land more quickly with your main hand weapon than with Fragrant Stigma. This skill stuns your opponents, instead of bound.

Note: You cannot use this skill to land from extreme heights. After a certain distance you will transition into a falling animation and will belly flop / face plant into the ground.

Note: This is the only landing skill you may use while gliding using Prime: Spring Breeze.

Morning Dew: Our least useful landing skill. When used, you will throw your weapon forwards at an angle towards the ground. If it hits an opponent, it will stiffen them and you will be pulled towards them. However, if you miss, you’ll very slowly float downwards until you reach the ground, and this animation cannot be interrupted by any other skill. You’ll need to level this skill even if you don’t use it in order to access the White Heron skill enhancement.

Awakening Extended Nimbus Stride Combo


Nimbus Stride → C Swap → Nimbus Dismount → Flow: Nimbus Stride

Shift+Space → C → Shift+A/D → Shift

You will go further with this combo rather than straight up using the skill! Starting from pre-awakened stance, begin by using Nimbus Stride, then use C Swap to switch to Awakened stance. While in Awakened stance, Shift + A/D will do a roll to either side, which can be useful for avoiding a fence, tree or other obstacle. Afterward rolling hold Shift to continue into Flow: Nimbus Stride.

Succession Extended Flight Combo

(or )

Spring Breeze Glide → Nimbus Stride or Flow: Nimbus Stride → Spring Breeze Glide

W+F → Hold F → (Space+Shift or Shift)→ W+F

Note: In order to glide you must have Prime: Spring Breeze skill at level 3!

Main Skills

Moondance: Our auto attack. Only useful for some cancels and PvE stuff. Skip this unless you’re flush with skill points.

Moon Slash: A modified auto attack that triggers after some skills, notably Eye of the Phoenix. A good skill to use while leveling up in conjunction with Eye of the Phoenix spam, otherwise skip this unless you’re flush with skill points.

Pendulum Cleaver: Attack speed buff. Required for Succession builds to unlock Prime: Pendulum Cleaver.

Blade Dance: Spammable DPS skill, only useful while leveling up. Required for Succession builds to unlock Prime: Blade Dance.

Blade of Blood: One of our most used utility skills. Has lingering super armor, can be hot barred and used from Awakened stance to transition into your main weapon. You can chain into this skill after Wind Orchid, but we recommend that you lock it instead and use it from your hot bar.

Dismemberment: AP buff that uses stamina. Useful for Succession if you can fit it into your combos.

Catasetum: Very niche quick float skill. Useful for hitting between enemy gaps in protection or behind someone. Crescent barrage is an okay follow up skill to this.

Furious Chase: Gap closer with forward guard for the entire skill animation. Very useful as an engagement or movement tool for Awakened builds. Required for Succession builds to unlock Prime: Furious Chase.

Eye of the Phoenix: Filler skill which restores HP and stuns your target. This is a good place to put nice-to-have addons like +dp or +acc depending on your needs. Note: May sometimes prevent you from jumping when spacebar is pressed after certain skills. Required for Eyes of Blood and Phoenix Chase skill enhancements.

Salp’uri Purge: Protected DP debuff with float and a decent AOE. You’ll use this often as Awakened as a CC in PvP and occasionally as a debuff in PvE. Required for Succession builds to unlock Prime: Salp’uri Purge.

Note: While you may be tempted to use this version as a Succession player to benefit from SA, you should not do so as you will be forfeiting too much utility by giving up the chain.

Cymbidium: DPS skill with a cone shaped AOE, inflicts bound and also has FG. Useful as a protected CC for Awakened builds in PvP. You can extend the forward guard using Three Point Stipple and Four Point Splatter. Required for Succession builds to unlock Prime: Cymbidium. Also required for White Heron skill enhancement.

Coax: Super armor skill with slight movement backwards, uses stamina. Useful as a very short disnegage SA but not really needed for protection.

Deadly Restraint: A ranged and lengthy frontal guard skill. Can be mouse/camera moved and air smashes/down smashes. Useful when extending the frontal guard on cymbidium.

Three Point Stipple: Short ranged frontal guard which can be used after Cymbidium. Bounds on hit.Useful for catching classes that engage unprotected and for extending the FG of Cymbidium.

Four Point Splatter: Useful for extending the frontal guard on Cymbidium and Three Point Stipple, also has a 10% movement slow.

Berated Ghost: Garbage, do not use, lock this.

Spring Breeze: This is a useful protected movement tool for Awakened builds with FG during the movement animation. Required for Succession builds to unlock Prime: Spring Breeze.

Crescent Barrage: Required for Succession builds to unlock Prime: Crescent Barrage. Not really useful for Awakened builds, but there are some skill chains where it comes up.

Soul Ascent: Unprotected skill with a quick stiff. Very very fast but stiff is unreliable. Has a cancel after spring breeze but a bit redundant since spring breeze has a stiff as well.

Blooming Nether Flower: One of our better pre-awaken DPS skills, unprotected but has a knockdown. Can be cancelled by a few skills, most notably Primrose Sprint and Sacred Dance. High skill point cost.

Wind Orchid: Extremely useful utility skill with a frontal guard and an AoE knockdown. Wind Orchid can be cancelled by many other skills (see the section on animation cancels) with both frontal guard and knockdown on a single hit. Awakened builds don’t typically take this skill because of the input clash with Bridled Despair, but it can technically be hot barred.

Note: This skill used to have lingering forward guard when cancelled, but it was removed in the August 26 2020 patch. The forward guard is only while attacking now.

Sacred Dance: Decent skill with a frontal guard while charging and super armor while attacking. Can be hotbarred to skip the charge but still retains a small window of FG on cast. This is Lahn’s most reliable down smash and is often used in PvP combos.

Animation Cancels and Skill Chains

Many of Lahn’s abilities can be animation cancelled and chained into other skills. You should take some time to learn these chains as several of them are very useful for extending protection in PvX situations.

Spring Breeze Chains

LMB cancels:

Spring Breeze Four Point Splatter:

Spring Breeze → LMB (while landing) → LMB

Spring Breeze Splatter Barrage Stigma Stipple:

Spring Breeze → LMB (while landing) → LMB → LMB → LMB → LMB


Spring Breeze Splatter Barrage Stigma Orchid:

Spring Breeze → LMB (while landing) → LMB → LMB → LMB → RMB

RMB Cancels:

Spring Breeze Cata Orchid:

Spring Breeze → RMB → RMB


F Cancels:

Spring Breeze Morning Orchid:

Spring Breeze → F (while landing) → RMB → RMB

Note: if Pendulum Kick comes out when you press F, you pressed F too late!

Note: for Succession players, if Ethereal Dance comes out when you press F, you pressed F too early!

Spring Breeze Orchid Dance:

Spring Breeze → F (while landing)  → S+RMB → LMB+RMB

Note: if Pendulum Kick comes out when you press F, you pressed F too late!

Note: for Succession players, if Ethereal Dance comes out when you press F, you pressed F too early!

Advanced Techniques

Double Jump Tech

This is a technique to gain more jump height for getting over certain walls or obstacles. Using primary weapon, input S → Tab → Space → LMB.

Credits to Gorgonnus#1311 aka Azurlia for this clip and discovery


Left: W → Space → LMB. Right: S → Tab → Space → LMB

Lahn’s Grab

You probably know Lahn's grab is ranged, but for reference, the distance to grab someone is about here.

Note: This was taken with MAX FOV. This might affect how your range will appear.



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