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Deboreka Ring (Trial of Erethea) Guide
Jun 7, 2024, 15:38 (UTC+3)
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Last Edit : Jun 7, 2024, 15:43 (UTC+3)
# 1

1. Introduction

The Trial of Erethea is a faster variation of Erethea's Limbo with different rewards! 
  • The Trial of Erethea will let you obtain Deboreka Rings, if you're lucky you can even get a DUO
  • The Trial of Erethea consists of 3 different trials and you have a 20 minute time limit
  • You need Forgotten Limbo Seals to attempt the Trial of Erethea which drop from 310+ AP spots
  • You can also fast travel directly to the Trial of Erethea from anywhere for added convenience 


Trial of Erethea is currently the only way to obtain a Deboreka Ring though this might change. 

2. Starting the Trial of Erethea 

To fast travel to The Trial of Erethea you can use your ESC menu in order to teleport there. You can use ESC Menu - Adventure (F5) - Trial of Erethea or search for it. 



This will let you travel directly to the entrance to the trial, making the trial a lot more accessible than before. 



You need to be at least Lv. 56, out of combat, at max HP, out of party but all of these requirements are a standard at this point. 


You can start the trial by interacting with Erethea's Slate within the Trial of Erethea but you'll need Forgotten Limbo Seals in order to enter. 


The drop rate of the seals are quite low, but once you obtain the Forgotten Limbo Seal, you are guaranteed to obtain 2 Deboreka Rings (Up to DUO) from the Trial of Erethea.



In order to get Forgotten Limbo Seals you'll need to obtain them from grind spots that have a 310+ AP gear requirement.


The patch notes state "You can obtain Forgotten Limbo Seals from the following monster zones at a very low probability." so it doesn't sound like they'll be all that common. 


Monster Zones with the Forgotten Limbo Seal
(310+ AP recommended)
- Tungrad Ruins
- Yzrahid Highlands
- Darkseekers' Retreat
- City of the Dead
- Tunkuta [Dehkia's Lantern]
- Olun's Valley [Dehkia's Lantern]
- Thornwood Forest [Dehkia's Lantern]
- Ash Forest [Dehkia's Lantern]
- Cyclops Land [Dehkia's Lantern]
- Quint Hill [Elvia]
- Crypt of Resting Thoughts


This makes The Trial of Erethea more suitable for end game players, which makes sense considering the prominent reward is the Deboreka Ring. 


If you're not sure which spot you'd like to grind at, you can check our Global Grind here for more spot information!


3. Deboreka Ring 

Since currently the Deobreka Ring is exclusive to the Trial of Erethea, here's a quick look at the stats of the new accessory. 



Notably the ring comes with a new set effect. The Deboreka Accessory 5-Set Effect: All AP +8, making the full set give a total of All AP +20.


This set effect is adding even more value to running full Deboreka for accessories. Here's a look at the ring's stats as it's enhanced. 


Enhanced Level Effects
Deboreka Ring AP +9
Accuracy +2
PRI (I) Deboreka Ring AP +12
Accuracy +4
DUO (II) Deboreka Ring AP +15
Accuracy +6
TRI (III) Deboreka Ring AP +18
Accuracy +8
TET (IV) Deboreka Ring AP +21
Accuracy +10
PEN (V) Deboreka Ring AP +24
Accuracy +12


4. The Trial of Erethea

As mentioned, there's a 20 minute time limit on the Trial of Erethea, you'll be automatically removed from the Trial after this 20 minutes.


There's no death penalties for dying within the trial, so don't worry about exp loss or crystals breaking while inside. 


Once the trial begins, Limbo Crystals will appear, and you will receive the Limbo's Blessing.



Limbo's Blessing: The Frost
- A blessing of oblivion which erases the fear of the Frost.
You inflict extra damage on monsters that appear from the trial of the frost.
Limbo's Blessing: The Rift
- A blessing of oblivion which erases the fear of the Rifts.
You inflict extra damage on monsters that appear from the trial of the Rifts.
Limbo's Blessing: The Ancients
- A blessing of oblivion which erases the fear of the Ancients.
You inflict extra damage on monsters that appear from the trial of the Ancients.
Limbo's Blessing: The Void
- A blessing of oblivion which erases the fear of the void.
You inflict extra damage on monsters that appear from the trial of the void.


The coloured buffs relate to the different crystals, if you have difficulty discerning colour, you can use the symbols in order to locate the correct crystal. 


Here's an example of which symbols relate to which Limbo Blessing to hopefully make it a little easier: 



When you successfully complete 3 trials, the Limbo Gate will appear to lead you to the Chamber of the Slumbering Forgotten Trial's Legacy.


Witch's Lingering Presence

  • When you complete a trial from the Limbo Crystal, a Witch's Lingering Presence will appear.
  • One out of many Witch's Lingering Presence will appear, and you will be able to receive Forgotten Trial's Legacy depending on the result.
  • You can obtain several loot, including the Deboreka Ring, all according to a set probability from within the Forgotten Trial's Legacy.

Chamber of Erethea's Slumbering Forgotten Legacy

  • After completing 3 trials, all Limbo Crystals will radiate with gold as all gates will connect to the chamber where the Forgotten Trial's Legacy awaits.
  • You can obtain the below loot, including Deboreka Ring, from the chamber where Erethea's Forgotten Legacy slumbers.



You can also get a chance to obtain additional rings from an extra chest that may spawn depending on which trials you complete.


The max enhancement level of the Deboreka Ring you can obtain from the chests is also DUO.


Main Rewards from The Trial of Erethea
Deboreka Ring
Resplendent Lightstone of Fire
Purified Lightstone
Limbo Star


Limbo Stars are a new item that are used as a pity piece exchange for more Deboreka Rings. You'll be able to exchance 100 Limbo Stars for a Deboreka Ring. 


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