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Install the Black Desert Launcher to start the game.

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Pearl Shop Aug 3, 2022, 00:00 (UTC+3) 🌴 2022 Summer Outfit Catalog 🌴

Sand, sun, and surf. That’s right. It’s summertime!

Whether you’re letting your worries drift away or having a splashing good time, make sure you’re doing it while wearing 2022’s summer style! ✿˘◡˘✿


▲ Get the first look here!


Outfit Name 
Male Classes 
Mr. Mussels 
Female Classes 
Shell Belle 
Shai Class 
[Shai] Conch Cherub 
Are you a Mr. Mussels, Shell Belle, or maybe a Conch Cherub?

No matter what class you play, there’s an ocean-themed outfit for you!


New Shell Belle on August 24!


We’re releasing a new design for the [Female Class] Shell Belle armor!

And son, on August 24, you’ll be able to express yourself with the new Shell Belle Armor (Shucked).

If you own the previous Shell Belle armor, you can bring it to Tranan Underfoe in Velia to freely exchange it.

Check out the notice for more details:

#Refrshing #Blue🌊

The Shell Belle’s design and materials were inspired by iridescent nacres (mother of pearl) and mysterious sea creatures found deep within the ocean.

You can turn the outfit’s cape on and off to show off a variety of different styles. Make sure to take a close look at the cardigan’s hem and be “wowed” by the mermaid tail-inspired designs!

Here’s Shai’s Conch Cherub outfit dyed in blue. It’s 100% guaranteed to show up Shai’s adorable charm!

Aren’t the round hair accessories a perfect match with her bracelets?


And lastly, we have the wave-inspired Mr. Mussels outfit!

It’s decked out with all the summer accessories you need to look your best on the beach. :D



#Beach #☀️set 


#Sunny #Morning ☕


#Summer #Bling ✨

* The outfits displayed in the images of this notice may differ slightly from how they appear in-game due to the dye colors, lighting, and filming conditions.

* Check specific outfit details after the August 3 maintenance in the Pearl Shop (F3).