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Install the Black Desert Launcher to start the game.

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Pearl Shop Jul 14, 2023, 12:05 (UTC+3) [New Outfit] Nightveil Nobles, They Operate in Shadow, Nightveil











Nightveil Nobles, They Operate in Shadow


Dark Knight, Drakania, Nova, Kunoichi

In the deep dark of night, when even moonlight slumbers,
An abandoned hilltop castle peeks through the mist.

Admist the flickering candlelight that cuts across a dark underground chamber,
representatives of each noble family gather to await the king’s words.

Known as the Nightveil Nobles, they operate in shadow and on royal orders alone.

When the sun sets, they converge like shadows,
to exchange information and covertly carry out orders from the king.

They pride themselves in building the king’s trust over generations.
They are ruthless, logical, and are not swayed by mere emotion.

However, even they cannot ignore the call to adventure that stirs in their hearts.

Some of them grew up together since they were young.

Their curiosity led them through the castle to discover a secret door.
Beyond the door they found books filled with ancient secrets and knowledge.

As time granted them complete power and bravery, they made their decision.
To leave behind the veil of night and set out to discover the truths of this world.

They smiled and told one another.
We will leave the shadow of night and become shining stars.











Release Date Classes
July 26, 2023 (Wed) Dark Knight, Drakania, Nova, Kunoichi