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GM Notes Dec 1, 2023, 13:00 (UTC+3) Late Night Talk in a Nutshell

Black Desert Late Night Talk Highlights!

Greetings, Adventurers.


We’ve gathered all that was covered during the Late Night Talk streamed on November 30 (Thurs) in one page.

PvP Contents

Gunslinger Class




PvP Contents - Guild League

If asked to recall a favorite PvP moment, many reminisce of group PvP battles in the field alongside fellow guildies.

Having answered the call in guild chat to the aid of fellow guild members, then battling enemy adventurers for hours without ceasing... This is the vibe we wish to capture once more.

The Guild League can be summarized as follows.

  • Guild vs guild matchups via applying at a set time
  • Instanced battlefields (Southern Kamasylvia, Star’s End, etc.)
  • Minimum 10, maximum 20 adventurers per guild
  • Divided into two leagues, promotions exist
    • Honor rewards for top guild of league 1
  • Friendly test matches will be held in Dec 2023


* If the Guild League is implemented, Final Battle will be removed.

We designed this in a manner to lessen the burden on guild members, so only those truly focused on PvP can participate.

We hope many adventurers come to enjoy this content where they can simply enjoy being in the thick of battle, exchanging blows alongside their guild.


PvP Contents - Node Wars

It’s apparent that many adventurers wish for the current iteration of Node Wars to change. However, there is also concern that, while Node Wars warrants a change, such an update doesn’t guarantee that it will turn out for the better.

An update which seeks to retain the current method of Node Wars by simply tweaking bits here and there we felt wouldn’t address all the issues our adventurers feel are plaguing this content. (These include barrier of entry, sniping, cartels, filling up participant spots, difficulty in preparing for annex construction, etc.)
Therefore, we decided to take a serious look at starting entirely from scratch with the following ideas.

  • By Territory
    • Victory goes to the guild who occupies at least one of the pre-installed neutral nodes in a territory by the end of the war.
      • Apply to a specific territory to participate
      • Random matchups set 10 minutes prior to Node Wars beginning
      • No. of neutral nodes automatically changes with the no. of participating guilds
      • Guilds who remain occupants of such nodes at the end of a war will exit Node Wars
  • Nodes with different or hidden ending times
    • Various strategy would come into play when discerning which node to occupy first based on their varying ending times
  • Node Wars Prep Improvements
    • Reduce the amount of elements for preparing prior to a Node Wars to increase approachability
  • Reduce Node Wars Time (2 hours -> 1 hour)
    • To deal with sniping and increase the tempo of battle
  • Various Forms of Combat Structure
    • To reduce cases where one guild clearly overpowers the other guild and Node Wars ends rather anticlimactically.
  • “Last Attack”-determining Node Occupation
    •  Even if a participating guild is clearly the underdog, this element would grant a fighting chance if they could get the last attack in to occupy a node

We’ll continue being upfront in sharing our thoughts and direction with you as much as possible. We only ask that you continue to share your feedback with us, adventurers.

We pledge to pay closer attention to your concerns for Node Wars, not treating your feedback as a mere laundry list of fixes to resolve, but truly striving to create meaningful change to the entire gameplay experience.


PvP Contents – Red Battlefield

  • Planned Patch for Re-entering Red Battlefield
    • Once teams are set and Red Battlefield is underway, exiting and re-entering will not change your designated team.
    • We are also planning rewards for victory/defeat, as well as a points system to accrue and exchange for further rewards.
      We will strive to implement meaningful changes for all of our Red Battlefield-enthusiast adventurers.


Gunslinger Class

  • Scheduled for release next year, we’re currently working on the concept stage, and will share more with our adventurers as it’s ready.



  • Outfits
We’ve also started to implement some changes to our outfits. Rather than revealing outfits with similar traits just to retain class identity, we seek to design more modern-themed outfits as well.

We will strive to create outfits that will be enjoyed by all of our adventurers.