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Install the Black Desert Launcher to start the game.

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Install Guide

1 Run BlackDesert_Installer_TR.exe to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Start the game once installation is complete.


Events Jun 23, 2021, 07:00 (UTC+3) Black Desert for FREE (Again)!


All you have to do is reach level 50 and you’ll receive a permanent game pass!  


Event. Get Black Desert for FREE!

Event Period 

- June 23, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance – July 13, 2021 (Tue) 23:59 


Who is Eligible? 

- One. New Adventurers who play Black Desert during the event period. 

- Two. Adventurers who play Black Desert without purchasing a package using a Guest Pass Coupon. 


 Event Details 

① Click the [30-Day Free Trial] button on the official Black Desert website to get the Guest Pass Coupon for 30-day free access to Black Desert. 

② Complete the following mission during the event period to get a “Permanent Game Pass.” 

Event Mission 

Reach at least lv. 50 with any Character in your Family 

- You must reach level 50 during the event period to receive the “Permanent Game Pass.” (Adventurers who previously reached level 50 with a Guest Pass Coupon before the event period must re-achieve level 50 to receive the permanent game pass.) 

Adventurers who receive the guest pass during the event period must reach level 50 before July 20 (Tue) to receive the permanent game pass. (Guest passes received between July 14, 2021 (Thu) - July 21, 2021 (Wed) will be not eligible for the event.)

[Guest Pass?] 

This is a coupon that lets you enjoy Black Desert for free without purchasing a package for a set period. However, you must get the “Permanent Game Pass” or purchase a package to continue enjoying Black Desert after the guest pass coupon’s period ends. 

* Any previous guest pass records will be reset at the start of this event, so you can still get a guest pass coupon even if you’ve previously used one before as long as you’re eligible for the event. So, don't be sad if you got a guest pass last time~  


[Permanent Game Pass?] 

This is a coupon that lets you permanently enjoy Black Desert for free without purchasing a package. If you complete the event mission, your account will receive the permanent game pass on the following day at 12:00.  

* You can still purchase packages even if you have a Permanent Game Pass.

Additional Notices

- The 30-Day Guest Pass Coupons can be obtained from the [30-Day Free Trial] button on the official Black Desert website. You have until July 20, 2021 (Tue) at 23:59 to complete the mission for the Permanent Game Pass. 

- If you complete the event mission by July 20, 2021 (Tue) at 23:59, you will automatically receive the permanent game pass on July 21, 2021 (Wed) at 12:00. 

- The guest passes that are eligible to receive a permanent game pass will be distributed until July 13, 2021 (Tue) at 23:59.  

- The last day the permanent game pass will be distributed will be on July 21, 2021 (Wed) at 12:00. 

- During the event period, you will be automatically granted the permanent game pass at 12:00 of the following day after completing the mission at 23:59 on the previous day. 

- If you received the 30-day guest pass coupon during the event period, you can still access Black Desert during the coupon validity period even after the event ends.

- Trial Characters cannot be used to participate in the event.

- Accounts that purchase packages will not be eligible for the permanent game pass. 

- You will be able to purchase and upgrade packages after getting the Permanent Game Pass. 

- Purchased Acoin and packages cannot be refunded in accordance with the Black Desert Terms of Service.

- Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change or cancel the event depending on mitigating circumstances. If changes are made, they can be found on this event page.

- Participating in the event using inappropriate methods may result in a cancellation/retrieval of your reward(s) and/or restriction from the game. 

- For any questions or concerns regarding the event, please contact us via [Support]. 

- Any content not mentioned on this page is subject to the [Black Desert Event Rules].