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Updates Aug 4, 2021, 07:00 (UTC+3) 08/04 update details


Revisions to the August 04 Update Details


Hello, Adventurers. 


Here are the updates made to Black Desert on  August 4 2021

(Patch size: approx. 1.00GB)

※ Please read below for details.



Event 1. Corsair’s Awakening Countdown Rewards

Event Period   

-  August 4, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance – September 8, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance  

[More details]





● Improved the Enhancement UI so that it's easier to check and increase your Enhancement Chance.
● Added information to the bottom of the Enhancement UI on how to "extract increased Enhancement Chance" via Naderr's Belt and/or the Blacksmith's Secret Book.
● Added the option to exchange Black Stones (Weapon/Armor) for increased Enhancement Chance from the Black Spirit (/) - Enhancement <1>.
- You can now press the [+] button next to Enhancement Chance and Valks' Cry in the Enhancement UI and select the desired materials to increase your odds.
- Just like how Valks' Cry and other similar items worked before, you can only use this function to increase your Enhancement Chance if its value is at 0.
- Pressing the [+] button for Enhancement Chance will allow you to exchange a certain amount of Black Stones (Weapon/Armor) to improve the Enhancement Chance from +5 to +30.
- Likewise, you can select Valks' Cry and Devour to see how many of the selected item you have in your possession, and you can also choose to use them.
- Pressing the [+] button for Valks' Cry will allow you to check how many Valks' Cry you have in your possession and you can also choose to use them.
You can now convert Black Stones (Weapon/Armor) directly into stacks (increased Enhancement Chance) via the Enhancement UI. You can convert these stones into +5, +10, +15, +20, +25, and +30 Enhancement Chance stacks. Since they also serve to alleviate some of the inconvenience in "stacking" Enhancement Chance, we've adjusted the required number of Black Stones to be a bit higher. We've retained all other methods to be the same as before, but made such improvements as being able to check the different means of increasing your Enhancement Chance directly from the UI.
● Fixed the issue with the Meter (vertical) lines being displayed irregularly when maximizing and/or minimizing the Compose/Score window in the Music Album.
● Improved the UI to now be able to magnify compositions up to 200% in the Compose/Score window of the Music Album.
● Added 32nd notes and 64th notes to the Compose/Score window in the Music Album.
Last week, we fixed the issue where maximizing the size or changing the BPM of a composition would realign the notes. With this fix, however, it's become difficult to compose more rhythmically complex beats. Now with the addition of 32nd and 64th notes, along with the addition of a 200% zoom function, you'll be able to arrange your compositions in meticulous detail. We're also preparing to allow for BPMs up to 200, along with several other bits of feedback that our musically inclined Adventurers have provided us. We'll continue to examine and deliberate over your suggestions and do our best to continue delivering these improvements in a prompt fashion.
● Separated the controls and rest keys of the campsite.
- Controls (R), Rest (F5)


● Fixed the issue where certain classes could immediately recover with a certain movement after being dismounted.
● Added color effects to detailed numbers for skill add-ons.
● Changed "PvP AP" effect to "Extra AP Against Humans" for skill add-ons.
- Since the actual effect applied to all human types, we changed the name to match.
● Improved the movements after stopping in combat stance for the following classes:
- [Archer, Guardian, Hashashin, Nova, Sage, Corsair]
We've simplified the basic movements for Archers, Guardians, Hashashins, Novas, Sages, and Corsairs in combat stance. We're currently in the middle of making improvements to their non-combat stances as well, and we will update them as soon as they’re done.



● Fixed the issue where season characters could mount Dream Horses.
● Fixed the issue where the Whirling Slahs, Wave Breaker skills would work on the right in certain situations during Mareca Swing.
● Mareca: Sea Stroll - Fixed the issue where your outfit appeared abnormal during the skill demo in the Skills window.
● Fixed the issue where movements after stopping appeared abnormal.


● Improved the description for boxes that mention obtaining items according to a set probability.
● Changed the icon for the [Event] Rare Tungrad Accessory Box.
● Changed the Artina Sol converted by a [Season] Tuvala Awakening Weapon Conversion Stone to now be able to recover durability with a normal Artina Sol.
● Fixed the description for [Mystic] Outlaws of Margoria Armor (Tattoos) to correctly add the "(Tattoos)" portion to the armor name.
● Fixed typos in the following item descriptions:
- [Event] Grandpa Cron's Gift
- [Event] Spooky Halloween Furniture Box
- Halloween Mystery Pumpkin Box
● Added details explaining certain restrictions to the item description of slot expansion items.
● Changed the item descriptions of the Atoraxxion rewards "Vahmalkea: Aakmah Chest," "Vahmalkea: Hystriah Chest," and "Vahmalkea: Desert Chest" to read more naturally.
● Changed the text displayed on the bottom part of a Pearl Shop (F3) item with selectable bundles.


● Fixed the issue where dying to Putrakium in Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea on the season or normal servers would still apply a penalty.
● Fixed the issue where defeating monsters during the season server-only Ancient Weapon Invasion event would give credit for certain quest objectives which required defeating Elvia Realm monsters.


● Fixed the issue where cutscenes (intro visual, Kzarka cutscenes) would sometimes stop playing prematurely.
● Fixed the abnormal background of the Blue Maned Lion's Manor's vicinity in the World Map (M) window.
● Changed the background music for Hystria Ruins and Aakman Temple.
As Hystria Ruins and Aakman Temple are both located in the desert regions of Valencia, we composed their new background tracks with traditional instruments of the Middle East. We also added string instruments to add a dramatic element for Adventurers who may suddenly find themselves in combat situations in these zones.
● Fixed the priests sent to the town blacksmith for gear cleansing to offer the relevant dialog options.
● Changed certain parts of the Terrmian Night Market background.


● Changed weekly quests to now reset according to a specific day.
- All weekly quests will now reset every Thursday after midnight.
※ If you have accepted and/or completed but haven't handed in a weekly quest prior to this week's maintenance, the changed reset rule will apply immediately. Weekly quests that were completed prior to maintenance will follow the previous rule (reset one week after completion) and will reflect the changed rule once the previous rule's reset period has ended.
Weekly quest was accepted and/or completed yet not handed in prior to Aug 4, 2021 (Wed) maintenance Changed rule applies
(Resets every Thursday after midnight)
Weekly quest was completed and rewards obtained prior to Aug 4, 2021 (Wed) maintenance Quest can be re-accepted one week after its date of completion,
at which the changed rule will apply
(Resets every Thursday after midnight)
- The following weekly quests will now reset every Thursday after midnight.
Weekly Quest

[Special II] The Terror Revived (1/W)

[Special II] Confronting Hexe Marie (1/W)

[Special II] A Scheme under the Monastery (1/W)

[Special II] Confronting Dim Tree Spirit (1/W)

[Special II] Kzarka Shrine (1/W)

[Special II] Confronting Muskan (1/W)

[Special III] Divine Power (1/W)

[Special III] Confronting Ancient Puturum (1/W)

[Special V] The King of Navarn Steppe (1/W)

[Special Quest V] Face Ahib Griffon (1/W)

[Special VI] The Mightiest Warrior (1/W)

[Special VI] Confronting Urugon (1/W)

[Special] Confronting Leebur (1/W)

[Training Quest] Valtarra - To a Higher Place (1/W)

Sealing the Sycraia Underwater Ruins (Weekly)

[Event] To Vell's Realm

[Repeat] Alustin's New Experiment

[Weekly] Morco & Patrigio's Apparel Bag

Inverting the Energy

[Weekly] Inverting the Energy

[Weekly] Hordes of Bandits

[Weekly] Rules of the Roud Sulfur Works

[Weekly] Impenitent Criminals

[Weekly] Homesick Desert Naga

[Weekly] Dangerous Argos Saunils

[Weekly] Help that Never Arrives

[Weekly] New Mushroom Dish

[Weekly] Rule of Power

[Weekly] A Soldier Who Cannot Go Home

[Weekly] For the Forest

[Weekly] Frenzy of Manshaums

[Weekly] Full-scale Cleaning of the Tshira Ruins

[Weekly] Blood Wolf Extermination

[Weekly] Training with the Shultz Guard

[Weekly] Revenge against the Basilisk

[Weekly] Sleep-disrupting Centaurus

[Weekly] Accepted by the Bashim

[Weekly] Purify the Sherekhan Necropolis

[Weekly] Breeding Protties

[Weekly] Preparing to Leave

[Weekly] Bounty on the Cadries

[Weekly] A Rattling Sound

[Weekly] Darkened Parchment

[Weekly] Lucretia's Ruby

[Weekly] Vestige of Immortality Bestowed by Vaha

[Weekly] Vestige of an Era Bestowed by Vaha

[Weekly] Trace of a Moment Left by Vaha

[Co-op][Weekly] Vestige of a Rift Bestowed by Vaha

[Weekly] Black Abyssal Weapon Exchange

[EXC] Asula's Crimson Eye Necklace

[EXC] Asula's Crimson Eye Earring

[EXC] Asula's Crimson Eye Ring

[EXC] Asula's Crimson Eye Belt

[Weekly] A Special Fishing Rod

[Weekly] Fly Like the Wind

[Weekly] Old Moon Grand Prix, Rider of Honor

[Weekly] Old Moon Grand Prix, Rider of Honor

[Weekly] Trophy: Kzarka

[Weekly] Trophy: Garmoth

[Weekly] Trophy: Kutum

[Weekly] Trophy: Karanda

[Weekly] Trophy: Offin

[Weekly] Trophy: Quint and Muraka

[Weekly] Delivering Essence of Tunta

[Elvia Weekly] Ready for the End

[Weekly] Preparing to Set Sail for the Great Ocean

[Weekly] Ferocious Saltwater Crocodile

[Weekly Professional Cooking] Unforgettable Cooking I

[Weekly Professional Cooking] Unforgettable Cooking II

[Weekly Artisan Cooking] Unforgettable Cooking I

[Weekly Artisan Cooking] Unforgettable Cooking II

[Weekly Master Cooking] Unforgettable Cooking I

[Weekly Master Cooking] Unforgettable Cooking II

[Professional Day Fishing] The Good Feeling of Harpooning

[Artisan Day Fishing] The Good Feeling of Harpooning

[Master I Day Fishing] The Good Feeling of Harpooning

[Master I Day Fishing] The Good Feeling of Harpooning

Redeeming the Good Name of Xian

Urgent Request from Calpheon Workshop

Must-Haves for Calpheonian Madams

Dreaming Little Girl

Skin Care for Altinovan Nobles

Parade of Research

[Weekly] A Special, Healthy Meal for Horses

We've changed weekly quests to no longer reset one week after the date of completion, but on a specific day. Now you'll be able to accept weekly quests after they reset every Thursday at midnight. This new reset rule will now apply to all weekly quests that were accepted and/or completed but weren't handed in prior to the maintenance. However, weekly quests that were completed before maintenance will adhere to the previous rule (reset in one week after completion). Holders of those quests will see the new reset rule effect once the weekly quest can be re-accepted.
We hope this change helps address the previous inconveniences caused if you forgot exactly when you completed a weekly quest, and/or how proceeding with weekly quests at a later date would continue to delay when you could accept the quest the following week.
● Adjusted the quest objective for the "[O'dyllita] Arienne's Ouk Pill" quests in the O'dyllita main questline.
Before Now
Defeat Fallen Ahib x300 Defeat Fallen Ahib x150
● Added "[5-person Co-op] The Last Stronghold, Atoraxxion" and "[Lv.60] Orzeca's Records: Time of Dragons" to the Recurring tab in the Quests (O) window.
- You can look in the Recurring tab for other weekly quests similar to the above two quests.
● Fixed season characters who were proceeding with the pre-revamped main questline to be able to finish the Season Pass objectives listed below. Upon completing [Boss] Witch of Horrors, speak with the Black Spirit to complete the following Season Pass objectives:
- [Season Pass] We Meet Her, Again!
- [Season Pass] The Return of Kzarka
● Fixed the knowledge of "Dehkia's Will" and "Vaha's Records #22: Conclusion" to read more naturally.
● Fixed the quest objectives for the Atoraxxion main quests "Activation," "The Story Thus Far," and "Start of the Maze" to read more naturally.


Due to the change to certain Conquest Wars rules, we will be holding a ""Conquest Wars Pre-Season"" from August 4 (Wed) maintenance until September 1 (Wed). During this Pre-Season, we will be continuously monitoring all Conquest Wars, keeping an eye out on all the feedback our Adventurers have given us, as we hope to make Conquest Wars a true battlefield for glory and honor. At the start of the ""Conquest Wars Pre-Season,"" all territory information will be reset, as well as when the Pre-Season ends on September 1 (Wed), so we ask for your participation and feedback. The following changes will apply for the ""Conquest Wars Pre-Season"":

Certain Conquest Wars rules will be changed. First off, in the spirit of providing a challenge for participating guilds and guild members, we've greatly boosted the rewards. Besides the potential tax benefits, a rather substantially-sized reward awaits those who emerge victorious in battle. Even guilds who fought their hardest and faced defeat will still earn a special reward, as well as one for guilds who liberate a territory.

In addition, we are planning to release the Territorial Decree system, where guilds who have won a Conquest War could enact policies over an occupied territory, which has been tested on the Black Desert Global Labs since this past April.

However, along with improved rewards, we've added AP/DP limits to the Mediah and Valencia Conquest Wars to offer more Adventurers a chance to participate. We've made sure to not set these limits too low, and they will be adjusted depending on the overall growth of our Adventurers over time. While the current type of limits are already fixed, we are also considering a variety of settings such as those that factor in class characteristics to administer selective limits (lower AP, Damage Reduction, but higher Evasion, etc.) in the future. Please note that we are still making additional developments to factor in limits to Accuracy as well.

● Now achieving victory in a Conquest War over Calpheon, Mediah, and Valencia will see all guild members receive a reward in addition to the general tax benefits.
- You can collect your individual reward from a Conquest War victory/defeat/liberation from the Guild Information (G) window -> Guild Member Status -> Reward button.
- You must retrieve your participation reward after a Conquest War ends in order to participate in the next Conquest War.
- Conquest War rewards will expire within 15 days upon receipt.
- Tax benefits remain the same and separate from individual rewards.
Conquest War Result Reward

Glorious Victor Reward


Fighting Spirit Reward


Burning Inspiration Reward

● You can now earn the Resplendent Medal of Honor from Conquest Wars.
- Depending on your performance in Conquest Wars, you'll be able to obtain up to a number of "Resplendent Medals of Honor” according the amounts listed below.
Territory Conquest War Victory Conquest War Defeat Conquest War Liberation Ranking in Top 5% for Contributing to Guild's Victory
All territories 84 10 36 5
- Adventurers who ranked in the top 5% for contributing to their guild's victory in the Conquest War will receive additional medals.
- If the points of all Adventurers in the top 5% for contributing to their guild's victory are the same, none will receive additional medals.
Example) In a Conquest War of 100 participants, if the top 5 Adventurers all earn the same number of points, none will receive the additional medals.
Conquest War Contribution Points














Kill with





Points 20 15 1 0 1 1 0
※ The "Destroy Command Post" category refers to destroying Conquest War Fort/Command Post/Field HQ.
● The Adventurer who ranks 1st in contributing to their guild's Conquest War victory will receive the following buff item upon receiving their reward:
- Conquest War Victory Contribution 1st place reward: Battlefield Glory (HP +500 for 4 hrs)
- This item will expire 24 hours from the time it was obtained and it cannot be used after it expires.
● Balenos and Serendia Conquest Wars will undergo a period of reorganization.
- After reorganization, they'll be revamped in a different way. Hence, during this period, Conquest Wars will only be held in Calpheon, Mediah, and Valencia Territories.
- Accordingly, all conquered territory information will be reset following the August 4, 2021 (Wed) maintenance.
● Changed the conditions to participate in a Conquest War as follows:
Before Now
If you've occupied a Tier 3-4 node once or more If you've occupied a node of any Tier once or more
● Changed the price of forts, command posts, and field HQs necessary to participate in Conquest Wars as follows:
- Due to the price change, all items stored in your inventory and guild warehouse will be recalled and refunded as Guild Funds based on the same price they were purchased for prior to the change.
Item Guild Funds Price Before Guild Funds Price Now
[Guild] Command Post (Conquest War)

50,000,000 Silver

1,000,000,000 Silver

[Guild] Field HQ (Conquest War)
[Guild] Square Fort (Conquest War)
[Guild] Strong Square Fort (Conquest War)
[Guild] Sturdy Octagonal Fort (Conquest War)
Due to slight changes in the rules of engagement in Conquest Wars, we've raised the Guild Funds price of forts and command posts to 1 billion silver to prevent indiscriminatory "leeching." However, during this free season, if we come to the conclusion that there hasn't been any "leeching," we plan on refunding this additional cost.
● Added the AP/DP limit to Mediah and Valencia territory Conquest War. However, this system has is not applied to Calpheon territory Conquest War.
- Max AP and DP limits are applied to the character's basic attacks, main/awakening skills, summon skills, and all other forms to attacks in PvP. However, it does not apply when on mounts like horses, elephants, hwachas, cannons, and other war mounts.
* Level 1 Node War will be the same as before where the AP limit will apply to when mounted on a horse and the Damage Reduction Rate is fixed by levels.





Evasion Rate


Damage Reduction


Fixed Demage Reduction

Rate Limit

Mediah 481 818 20% 317 19%
Valencia 500 847 20% 339 23%
● Changed the max AP thresholds for Mediah/Valencia Conquest Wars to now also apply to horse damage.
- Horse skill AP and your character's skill damage while mounted will now be considered for Conquest Wars max AP limits.
● Changed the AP/DP limits applied to Tier 1 Node Wars to now also apply to forts, flame towers, hwachas, supply depots, and all other annexes.
- However, the Extra Damage of the [Combat] Trina Demolition Axe, Node/Conquest War annexes, and Medium/Large Siege Towers will not be considered.
● Changed for guilds that conquer the territories of Calpheon, Mediah, and Valencia to not automatically start PvP wars between guilds.
● Added a feature that displays information on the damage reduction rate on the Strict Restriction UI for Node/Conquest Wars.
● Changed defensive Guilds to now be able to hire War Heroes during Conquest Wars, and both offensive/defensive guilds can now hire up to 5 War Heroes each.
● Changed War Heroes to now be able to obtain participation rewards.
- War Heroes can click on the "Reward" button from the Guild (G) window -> War Hero tab to obtain rewards.
● Added the number of War Hero participants in the territory Conquest Information.
● Changed the Node/Conquest War Participate button to be usable after midnight on the day of participation.
- You can participate in Node/Conquest Wars through the Guild (G) window > Guild Member Status.
- However, you can only participate in the Node/Conquest War servers and a Fort/Command Post/Field HQ need to be constructed.
● With this change to AP limits to now consider all Tier 1 Node War forts, flame towers, hwachas, and all other annexes, we've reduced the rather highly-set DP of Tier 1 forts, barricades, iron barricades and currently under-construction wooden fence gate by 50%.
● Change the DP of flame towers, hwacha, and certain annexes used for Tier 2-4 Node Wars & Conquest Wars as follows:
Tier Annex

DP Change (%)

Tier 2

"Recovery Center, Elephant Nursery,

Cannon Observatory, Indomitable Flag Factory

- 50% 

Indomitable Flag

- 62.5% 

Flame Tower, Hwacha

- 10% 

Tier 3

Recovery Center, Elephant Nursery,

Cannon Observatory, Indomitable Flag Factory

- 16.5% 

Indomitable Flag

- 25% 

Flame Tower, Hwacha

- 17% 

Enhanced Flame Tower, Big Hwacha

- 7% 

Tier 4 & Conquest War

Recovery Center, Elephant Nursery,

Cannon Observatory, Indomitable Flag Factory

- 7% 

Indomitable Flag

- 6.25% 

Flame Tower, Hwacha

- 7% 

Enhanced Flame Tower, Big Hwacha

- 6.25% 

● Reduced the Conquest War wooden fence DP by 10%.
● Reduced the Tier 2-4 Node and Conquest War wooden fence gate DP by 10%.
● Removed the Balenos and Serendia Territories from the Conquest Status window.
● Removed information on the Serendia/Balenos Territories from the World Map.
● Added the Spirit of Battle content.
- The battlefield gets more heated by the death of comrades who share sorrows and joys.
- The unbelievable death of a comrade becomes a burning rage, and it can completely change the spectrum of the battlefield.
- You can check the Spirit of Battle gauge from the UI at the bottom of the Minimap on the upper right of the screen during a Node/Conquest War.
- The Spirit of Battle gauge fills up when you die during a battle, and when it is full, you can use a special skill that applies powerful effects to every guild member. However, since the gauge decreases when constantly defeating enemies, the gauge resets when you use the special skill.
- When you proceed with a Conquest War in multiple servers, the Spirit of Battle gauge is maintained for each server. Also, when you use the special skill, the effects only apply to the participants of Conquest Wars on the same server. On the other hand, the cooldown is applied to all servers.
- When the Spirit of Battle gauge is at 100%, it does not decrease and is maintained until you use a Guild Skill that consumes the Spirit of Battle.
- Added a new Guild Skill that can be used by consuming the Spirit of Battle.
* The new skills you can use by consuming the Spirit of Battle are detailed below. These skills require consuming the Spirit of Battle in order to activate, so you can only use these skills during Node and Conquest Wars.


Spirit of Battle Consumption Effect Cooldown

Breath of Life

100% Cooldown for reviving during a Node/Conquest War resets 1 hr

Blessing of Battle

100% HP
Recovery +500 every 3 sec for 30 sec
All Damage Reduction +200
Movement Speed +10%
Super Armor for 30 sec
5 min
● Changed the Guild Skills that you can use in Node and Conquest Wars to the following with the addition of the Spirit of Battle content.
- When you use the Guild Skills for Node/Conquest Wars, they will apply to guild members who participated in the Node/Conquest Wars in the same server. The cooldown applies to all servers.
- Node/Conquest War Guild Skills and Spirit of Battle skills can only be used by the leading guild in a Guild Alliance. The effects apply to all Node/Conquest War participants (every Guild Alliance member) in the same server.
* The cooldown effect for Guild Skills applies the same to all the guilds in the Guild Alliance, and it applies to the following Guild Skills:

Guild Skills

Battle Command to Gather


Horrors of Battle


Healing Touch


Battle Reorganization I


Battle Reorganization II

Initimidating Force


Boost Morale


Frenzied Fighter


Call of the Lord


Breath of Life


Blessing of Battle

● Changed Conquest Wars to now also require pressing the participate button to join with the addition of the Spirit of Battle content.
This Spirit of Battle system was added in hopes of guilds that are relatively weak at combat skills being able to make use of this strategically in a relatively equal environment where they have a better chance at fighting back. The battle gauge is basically built to accumulate when dying during battle. On the other hand, when you keep attacking an opponent, or there are many survivors in the guild, the gauge will keep decreasing.
● Fixed the issue where you could install annexes on rooftops in certain areas.


● Added a function button to recruit party members in the top left portion of the screen on the season server.
● Added the ability to choose the type (party/platoon) when writing an ad through the recruitment UI.
- Accordingly, you can now see the desired type in the party recruitment UI list.
● Changed the recruitment ad link that can be shared after writing and registering a recruitment ad for a party in the chat window to now connect you to the party recruitment UI once clicked on so you can respond to the linked ad immediately.
● Added a search function to search through all items held in your warehouse via the Sell tab in the Central Market.
● Talking with NPCs - Improved exchanging with NPCs to now allow you to select and exchange multiple items that do not stack at once. However, this does not apply to certain items that need to be exchanged with caution.
We've changed it so that you can now determine the actual number of items you wish to exchange, especially those that aren't stackable like fairies. While you may not frequent UIs such as these, we hope to continue updating various parts of the game that may feel somewhat inconvenient to use. We ask for your continued feedback.
● Added a guidance notification on how to obtain gear that can be equipped to the following slot when you click an empty equipment slot on the Equipment UI.
● Added a message that tells you that you can quickly adjust the height of the chandelier while in Place Mode for your residence by using the CTRL + mouse wheel.
● Fixed the issue where the simplified Find NPC UI and another UI could overlap.
● Changed the simplified Find NPC feature to only appear for new/returning adventurers.
● Changed the butler/maid Group Command button to simply appear.


● Added a function where your hardware data (CPU, RAM, DISK, GPU) is collected upon your consent to PC data collection when an error is reported on the Black Desert launcher.
● Fixed the issue where the screen display would lag when the character would level up, due to UI display and effects.
● Fixed the issue where storage items would not be processed properly when having 255 or more slots with items in storage while retrieving residential furniture or through other means.
● Removed the unnecessary logs from the game log.
● Fixed the issue where the Passive effect of some Guild Skills and the Equipped Item set effect would be saved in the Skill Preset.
Guild Skill Passive Effect Equipped Item Set Effect

Furious Roar

Battle Roar

Flame of Life

Flame of Protection

Keen Insight


Nimble Fingers

Art of Fishing

Skilled Rider 

Sahazad's Ring of Monarch/ Barhan's Ring of


2-Set Effect

Extra AP Against Monsters +7

Saya's Ring of Eternity / Manmehan's Ring of Gold

2-Set Effect

Damage from Monsters -5%

[Honor] Set 4-Set Effect

Attack Speed +2

Casting Speed +2

El Pento / Coco Summer Set Effect

Swimming Speed Increase +42%

● Fixed the issue where you could earn more than the maximum limit Guild Score.
- Adjusted some of the guilds' Guild Scores to 2002 if they surpassed the maximum limit of 2002 Guild Scores.
* You can obtain all of the guild skills even if you don't reach the maximum Guild Score.


● Added a function along with a reset button that allows you to reset the Pearl's Blessings rewards.
- You can restart Pearl's Blessings by pressing the reset button after claiming all the Pearl's Blessings rewards.


● Added a class symbol banner for all classes on their respective class introduction page on the official website.
● Changed the name of the sender for all text messages sent for identity and mobile number verification to "Pearl Abyss."




Changes and Fixes

● Fixed the issue where the background of the region near Serendia Shrine would appear abnormally.
● Fixed the issue where the resurrection motion for a character that died in the Serendia Shrine region would appear abnormally.
● Fixed the issue where some of the records would intermittently be omitted from the log of the Guild (G) window.
● Improved the dialog of the Collapsed Soldiers that appear in the main quest of the Calpheon region, "The Fallen."
● Fixed some of the typos found in a main quest of the Kamasylvia region, "New Business."
● Fixed the issue where an abnormal UI would appear when checking the Mount Registration window while having the Mythical Awakening window open.
Fixed the issue where the text box’s message would overlap with the Dark Rift text box when clicking on an icon on another menu in the bottom right, with the text box’s message still in the bottom right of the screen.
● Fixed the issue where the system message wouldn't appear on the screen in some servers when the maintenance fee was deducted every 24 hours due to a unilateral declaration of war.
● Fixed the issue where equipping the Outlaws of Margoria outfit on some classes would appear abnormally for certain movements.
- Sorceress, Sage, Ranger, Nova, Valkyrie, Corsair, Kunoichi
● Improved the quality of the holes on the [Female Classes] Outlaws of Margoria outfit.
● Fixed the issue where many Pirate Scarecrows would appear in the sea in front of Port Epheria.
● Fixed the issue where the quest [Event] Be a Server for a Day would reappear on the Quest (O) - New window even after completing the quest.
● Increased the chance of successfully making [Event] Terrmian Sunrise to 10 times the current chance.
● Changed the dialog that appears upon accepting the quest, [Event] Quench Your Thirst, to have a more natural flow.
● Reduced the duration of Cute Raccoons appearing for the [Event] A Raccoon In Its Element quest by approx. -50%.
● Increased the number of Cute Raccoons that spawn by the Terrmian Coast.
● Reduced the duration of Souvenir Boxes appearing for the [Event] Delivering a Bit of Happiness quest by approx. -50%.
● Increased the number of Souvenir Boxes that spawn for the [Event] Delivering a Bit of Happiness quest.
● Fixed the issue where the character would appear dark when opening the Knowledge window at the Terrmian Beach.
● Fixed the issue where Heidel 7-4, 1F > Furniture Workshop Lv. 3 wouldn't appear on the screen.
● Fixed the issue where a button you cannot use would appear on the My Stats window in a console control environment when you use the Gamepad UI.
● Fixed the issue where you could not receive an item with an expiration date in the mailbox when using the Gamepad UI.

We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert,
Thank you.