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GM Notes Feb 21, 2024, 07:00 (UTC+3) War of the Roses
By the Oracle of Sylvia, the War of the Roses
ignited between Kamasylvia and O'dyllita over the Allmother's throne!
300 vs. 300 large-scale PvP, matchmaking content War of the Roses, will soon kick off its regular season as the preseason comes to an end.
It’s time to find out more about the contest of skill and strategy that is the War of the Roses!

Application and Participation Requirements!

You can participate in the War of the Roses from the ESC Menu - War (F7) - War of the Roses.



Each faction is made up of a Leading (Captain's) Guild and the Third Legion, with participation conditions as follows:


[War of the Roses region]

  Leading (Captain's) Guild The Third Legion
How to Apply

Sat 00:00 - Sun at 00:10 

Leading guilds announced on Sun at 00:10 

(Guild masters or alliance leaders can apply for the Leading Guild.) 

After leading guild announcement, 
Sun at 00:10 - Sun at 15:05 
Conditions Guilds (alliances) who've won at least one Tier 4/5 Node War/Conquest War in the past two weeks Total gear score of at least 700 (AP + DP)
(Sum of main/awakening AP (highest of the two) and DP)
War of the Roses Times  Sun at 18:00 - 20:00 
(Times may be subject to change during the preseason) 

O'dyllita-1 server 

[Important!] Adventurers participating in the War of the Roses must be in the War of the Roses region on the active server, O'dyllita-1, before the war starts to be automatically moved to each faction.  

※ You will not be moved automatically when on standby at Ornette Castle or Odore Castle. 

* You’ll be randomly selected and placed in either Kamasylvia or O'dyllita factions.

* Please refer to [Update Details] for more info.


What's the Mission?

[Victory Conditions] Defeat the Commander in each faction's Castle!!







Commander Narchillian of Ornette Castle Commander Sephir of Odore Castle

[Leading Guild Captain] Lead your allies to victory through strategic mission orders!

[Leading Guild Member] Assist the captain and contribute to victory by supporting the Third Legion!

[The Third Legion] Carry out the captain's orders and contribute to the faction's victory!



Captains can form platoons and set up objectives for the Third Legion with the help of lieutenants.

Please refer to the [Update Details] for detailed operation of the tactical map.


[Captain's order]

Captains play a crucial role in the War of the Roses, strategizing with key battle elements like sanctum passives, Spirit's Altar occupation effects and faction skills, to help steer their allies towards victory.


First, captains can use the War of the Roses faction skills to strategically seize sanctums and the altar, to help tip the scales of battle in their allies' favor.
Skill Name Skill Description
Enhance Vision
Reveals an obscured field of vision for 10 sec.
Cooldown: 5 min
Rally Forces
Instantly teleports a selected platoon to the targeted sanctum.
Cooldown: 5 min
Powerful Attack
Summon King Griffon/Khalk near a designated sanctum to temporarily unleash heavy area-of-effect damage.
Cooldown: 10 min
Summon Ogre
Summons a group of violent Ogres near the designated sanctum. The summoned Ogres will disappear either when a targeted sanctum's guardian is defeated or after a certain period of time.
Cooldown: 20 min
Obscure Vision
Obscures the enemy's field of vision in fog for 30 sec.
The enemy captain can use "Enhance Vision Range" skill to remove the obscure vision effect.
Cooldown: 3 min
Immobilize Guardians
Freezes the sanctum's guardians and restores 20% of their HP,
making them impossible to target for approximately 1 min. 
Cooldown: 10 min


Additionally, strategically capturing sanctums to gain passive benefits can lead allies into a more advantageous battle.

* Sanctums must be occupied in order, starting from the closest one connected to the faction's castle, and sanctums that are not connected cannot be occupied even after defeating monsters.


[Mission to attack a sanctum through the Tactical Map]

Sanctum Passives

AP +40

Evasion +40

All Resistance +5%

Damage Reduction +40

Accuracy +40

Movement Speed +10%

Black Spirit's Rage Recovery +2% per 10 sec

Attack Speed +3%

HP +2,000

[Transferring Black Spirit's Rage to occupy the Spirit's Altar]
The War of the Roses exclusive weapons which can be obtained by occupying the Spirit's Altar in the center of the war area is key to seizing the chance of victory.
Spirit's Altar Occupation Effects
Ancient Chariot, Ancient Trolls, Elephants
"Spirit's Blessing" boon granted
* The Spirit's Blessing grants temporary but powerful effects helpful when besieging the enemy castle.
Weapong (Range) Max HP (Durability) Mobility Damage and Debuffs

Ancient Troll (Melee) 

Mid-level Max HP 

Mid-level Mobility 

Mid-level Damage on Sanctum 


High-level Damage on Adventurer 

Elephant (Melee) 

High-level Max HP 

Mid-level Mobility 

Low-level Damage on Adventurer 
Various Debuff Effects (Knockback, Knockdown) 

Ancient Chariot (Short Range) 

Low-level Max Durability 

High-level Mobility 

High-level Damage on Adventurer 

Ballista (Mid-range)) 

Low-level Max Durability 

Low-level Mobility 

High-level Damage on Sanctum 

High-level Damage on Guardian Monsters 

Cannon (Long Range) 

Low-level Max Durability 

Low-level Mobility 

High-level Damage on Adventurer 

Debuff Effect (Knockdown) 


Leading Guilds and The Third Legion

The ultimate goal of the War of the Roses is the same for everyone - to bring down the commander stationed in the opposing faction's castle.


However, while they fight for the same faction, the Leading Guild Members and The Third Legion have slightly different roles in achieving this victory.


The Third Legion

First off, the Third Legion, the faction's main force, carries out missions directed by the captain.


[Defeating Old Mirumok, the guardian of the Kamasylvia faction, to occupy the sanctum]

Sanctum Attack 

Capture a specific sanctum within 10 min. 

Sanctum Defense 

Defend a specific sanctum for 10 min. 

Defeat a Commander 

Defeat a Commander within 10 min. 

Protect a Commander 

Protect a Commander for 10 min. 

Defeat Enemies (x40) 

Eliminate 40 enemies within 10 min. 

Spirit's Altar Activation 

Activate the Spirit's Altar for your faction within 10 min. 

While on a mission, they can attack sanctums to gain beneficial buffs for their faction or defend strategically important sanctums under ally control.
Remember, the more sanctums your faction controls, the stronger your faction becomes, and the more missions you complete successfully, the greater the rewards.
Also, when not on a mission, you can freely engage in battle within the war area.
Your title changes in real-time based on enemy kills, so adventurers interested in honor, feel free to take up the challenge!
Hero Devourer Elite Champion Champion

100 kills 

50 kills 

30 kills 

base rank 


Leading Guilds

While the Leading Guild and the Third Legion share the same end goal, guild members don't take on missions from the captain.
However, they can speed up the progress of missions by assisting the Third Legion with their assigned missions, fill in gaps where the Third Legion's influence doesn't reach, and act as a crucial unit capable of halting the advance of the enemy's key forces.
Thus, this group's main focus is strategizing and coordinating with the captain to lead the battlefield towards victory.



War of the Roses Top Tips!

Where can I revive my mount when it dies?

The War of the Roses spans across the vast regions of Kamasylvia and O'dyllita, making swift transport a crucial strategic element. If your mount (horse) dies, you will begin to face many difficulties when travelling on foot.
Upon death, your mount can be recovered via the Stable Keeper or Wharf Manager, who can be found at Onnet Castle, Odore Castle, Old Wisdom Tree, and Starry Midnight Port.
Additionally, when your character resurrects after death, your mount resurrects with you, both with fully recovered health.

Ornette/Odore guards are detrimental to your strategy!

The guards of Ornette/Odore Castle are quite formidable, but do not respawn upon defeat, so taking them down while under the effects of the Spirit's Blessing activated by occupying the Spirit's Altar is the key to achieving victory in the War of the Roses.

What's the difference between Quick and Normal revival?

You can choose to resurrect in one of two ways: quick resurrection (30 secs) or normal resurrection (45 secs).
Quick resurrection allows you to resurrect quickly but with only 20% of your max HP, while normal resurrection allows you to resurrect slowly but with 100% of your max HP.
The differences in both time and HP restoration can make big differences, so be sure to choose the right method that fits your strategy

How to turn the tide of the war?

Sanctums must be captured in the order connected to each faction.
If you succeed in capturing sanctums close to the enemy's castle, the other sanctums that were connected via said sanctum will be freed.
[N1 Sanctum being captured, and Ornette Sanctums being freed]


Cooperation between the Commander, Guild Master, and The Third Legion is vital for success during the War of the Roses.


From capturing sanctums passing through the Spirit's Altar, to killing the enemy faction's Commander, there's no room for complacency!


Now, let's head off to the battlefield!