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Notices Mar 27, 2024, 10:00 (UTC+3) Pearl Abyss ID: Everything You Need to Know

Pearl Abyss ID: Everything You Need to Know

Pearl Abyss ID integration will begin on Mar 27, 2024 (Wed)

On Mar 27, 2024 (Wed), your Black Desert account will be integrated into a Pearl Abyss ID account. Please read the guide below to learn everything you need to know so that you can proceed with the integration process. 

Pearl Abyss ID Integration Guide

Simple Pearl Abyss ID Integration!

Integration Guide

Pearl Abyss ID FAQ

Curious about Pearl Abyss ID?

Improvement Information



Pearl Abyss ID Integration Guide


What is the Pearl Abyss ID?

A Pearl Abyss account not only allows you to play Black Desert but will also include other games serviced by Pearl Abyss.
As of now, the Pearl Abyss account system is implemented for Black Desert services in Korea, North America/Europe, South America, and Asia (SEA and Thailand), and with the Mar 27 (Wed) maintenance, Taiwan, Japan, Turkey and MENA regions will be added to this list.

The Pearl Abyss account system is planned to be expanded to include and be used across Pearl Abyss’s upcoming new titles in the future.

How do I integrate to a Pearl Abyss ID?

If you currently do not have a Black Desert account, you can log in through the official website or game launcher with your existing login method to complete the Pearl Abyss ID integration process without any additional steps.

After logging in using your existing login method, the integration with the Pearl Abyss ID account is complete! You will now be able to use the official site and access the game.


When logging in, an integration message appears.

If there is a Pearl Abyss ID created with the same email as the one used for the attempted login of your Black Desert account, or if it is registered as a secondary email for another Pearl Abyss ID, you may receive this message.
If you do receive this message, verify your email to complete the Pearl Abyss ID account integration process.


Log into your existing account.


You will receive a pop-up message about the verification integration process.


Start the verification integration.


Click the [Verify Email] button. A verification code email will be sent to the email address you used to log in. Follow the steps listed in the email to complete the verification.


Your Pearl Abyss ID account will be created once the verification is complete! You can now access the website and game via your integrated account.


A screen asking for additional account information appears.

For some Adventurers, additional information, such as your name, birthday, and region of residence is needed to complete the Pearl Abyss ID account integration process.
Input the correct information to continue with and complete the integration.

A screen asking me to create a Pearl Abyss ID appears.

In the case where the OpenID linked with your Black Desert account is already connected to another Pearl Abyss ID, or in certain other situations, you may need to create a Pearl Abyss ID.

Input the email address and password you will use for your account, as well as the required personal information, then complete the email verification steps to create your Pearl Abyss ID account.


There was an error during the integration process.

If you encounter an error during the integration process, please contact Support with your account information for assistance. We will ensure that all can swiftly integrate to Pearl Abyss ID.



Pearl Abyss ID FAQ

OTP Verification

If you logged in with your already existing Black Desert account for Pearl Abyss ID integration, you will be able to continue using the OTP registered previously for verification. If there are problems with your current OTP, it can be deleted so that you can continue with the integration.

Your data will continue to be protected safely even after the Pearl Abyss ID integration, and the OTP service will be maintained without any additional settings or steps needed.

* If you have difficulties resetting your OTP during the integration process, please contact Support.
* After Pearl Abyss ID integration, enter your mobile phone number on your account information page to receive OTP codes via SMS.
* If you used an email identical to that of your Black Desert account when integrating to a Pearl Abyss ID, the existing OTP method registered to that account will be maintained. After integration, simply open the authenticator app once used, and receive the OTP code from ‘pearlabyss’ in the app.



During Pearl Abyss ID integration, your linked OpenID may be automatically disconnected, and so Adventurers who wish to continue logging in with OpenID should follow the link below to view and connect with a variety of different ID options.
* If your desired OpenID is already connected with another Pearl Abyss ID account at the time of integration, this will be automatically unlinked and connected with the latest account you have integrated.


Pearl Abyss ID integration period

You’ll be able to complete the Pearl Abyss ID integration any time after the maintenance on Mar 27, 2024 (Wed).

However, if an end date is decided for the integration period, we will give you prior notification at least 6 months before the set date.


Black Desert+ App

If the Black Desert account has been integrated with a Pearl Abyss ID, you will be logged out from all environments where the Black Desert account was previously logged in, including Black Desert+.

If you continue to use BlackDesert+ with your Black Desert account that has not yet been integrated to a Pearl Abyss ID, you may have difficulties using the app. Please log in to the Black Desert website or launcher to complete Pearl Abyss ID integration to continue regular use.

New Additional Improvements

After the maintenance on Mar 27, 2024 (Wed), Adventurers will be able to benefit from the highly anticipated Twitch Drops and other services. We look forward to adding more excitement to your adventures!

Watch Black Desert streams and be rewarded!

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Along with the Pearl Abyss ID, we hope to bring further improvements that provide you with a more satisfactory experience.

Thank You.