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Updates May 17, 2023, 07:00 (UTC+3) May 17, 2023 (Wed) Update Details


Hello, Adventurers.


Here are the updates made to Black Desert on May 17, 2023.

(Patch size: approx. 1.17 GB)
- Please note that the update for Steam may be larger than the size listed above.


※ Please read below for details.



  • Event 1. Head Into the Dark Rift for Bountiful Rewards!
    • Event Period : May 17 (Wed), 2023 (after maintenance) - May 31 (Wed), 2023 (before maintenance) 
[More details]


  • Event 2. A Box with Rare Enhancement Materials!
    • Event Period : May 17, 2023 (Wed) maintenance – Jun 7, 2023 (Wed) before maintenance
[More details]

  • Event 3. Adventure with Bigger Hot Time Benefits!
    • Event Period : May 17, 2023 (Wed) after maintenance – TBA
[More details]


  • Event 4. Patrigio’s Secret Shop is Back!
    • Event Period : May 17, 2023 (Wed) after maintenance – May 31, 2023 (Wed) before maintenance
[More details]


  • Event 5. Ready, Set, Magnus! Journey to Land of the Morning Light!
    • Event Period : May 17, 2023 (Wed) after maintenance – May 31, 2023 (Wed) before maintenance
[More details]


  • Event 6. Double the Chance of Rare Boss Drops!
    • Event Period : May 17, 2023 (Wed) after maintenance – May 31, 2023 (Wed) before maintenance
[More details]



Hastiludium, Core: Hastiludium
  • Improved so Skill Add-on can be applied even on the last hit when using the skills.
  • Fixed so the description of Hastiludium I and II that the number of dash attack damage matches with the actual number.
    • Hastiludium II: Dash attack damage 867% x 3 → 867% x 4
    • Hastiludium III: Dash attack damage 1024% x 3 → 1024% x 5


Prime: Danse Macabre
  • Fixed the issue of the Ninjutsu Release not being applied when using the skill via Quick Slot.
Core: Equilibrium Break
  • Fixed the issue of the Bound effect not being applied in PvP when using the skill while summoning Gorr.


Spiral Cannon, Core: Spiral Cannon
  • Improved so Skill Add-on can be applied even on the last hit when using the skills.
  • Improved so Skill Add-on can be applied when using the skills.
Deadly Dance
  • Improved so Skill Add-on can be applied even on the last hit when using the skills.
Comet, Core: Comet
  • Improved so Skill Add-ons can be applied even on last hits when using the skills.



Undying Crow's Insignia Additional Stats

  • The following stats have been added to the Undying Crow's Insignia, which can be obtained from the Pit of the Undying.
Item Added Stat
PRI: Undying Crow's Insignia
Combat EXP +5%
DUO: Undying Crow's Insignia
Combat EXP +10%
TRI: Undying Crow's Insignia
Combat EXP +15%
TET: Undying Crow's Insignia
Combat EXP +20%
PEN: Undying Crow's Insignia
Combat EXP +30%

Seal of the Undying Exchange

  • Chorpy, the Pit of the Undying Keeper and member of the Crow Merchants Guild has begun exchanging Patrigio's Seals of the Undying.
    • Combat/Skill EXP Exchange Coupons can only be exchanged with Patrigio in Crow's Nest.
  • Patrigio of Crow's Next has begun exchanging different goods for Seals of the Undying.
Required Number of Seals of the Undying Exchangeable Item
Seal of the Undying x1
▼ Select one from the following:

Finto's Sweet Juice x1
Finto's Fresh Juice x1
Finto's Filling Juice x1
Mass of Pure Magic x1

Seal of the Undying x3
Cron Stone Bundle (x1-5) x1
Seal of the Undying x5
Marni's Unstable Fuel x1
Seal of the Undying x20
Crow Coin Bundle x1
(Obtain 100-120 Crow Coins)
Seal of the Undying x40
▼ 1 of the following items:

Crow Box of Relics x1
Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) x1

Seal of the Undying x100
▼ 1 of the following items:

Corrupt Oil of Immortality x1
Advice of Valks (+50) x1
Fine Accessory Box II x1

Seal of the Undying x300
Advice of Valks (+60) x1
Seal of the Undying x1000
▼ 1 of the following items:

Resplendent Spirit Stone of Destruction x1
Resplendent Spirit Stone of Protection x1

Seal of the Undying x6000
Combat/Skill EXP Exchange Coupon (same as before)
※ The Combat/Skill EXP Exchange Coupon can only be exchanged once per family, thus cannot be obtained again if already exchanged for before.
※ The following items can be obtained from the Crow Box of Relics:
Item 구성품
Crow Box of Relics
▼ 1 of the following artifacts: 

Marsh's Artifact- Melee/Ranged/Magic/Monster AP
Marsh's Artifact- Melee/Ranged/Magic Accuracy
Lesha's Artifact- Melee/Ranged/All/Monster Damage Reduction
Lesha's Artifact- Melee/Ranged/Magic/All Evasion
Kehelle's Artifact - Max Stamina/HP
Kehelle's Artifact - Black Spirit's Rage Max Increase


Change in number of obtainable Seal of the Undying and Crow's Black Jewel

  • Changed the number of Seals of the Undying rewarded for completing PRI-PEN Duel of the Undying.
Tier First Duel Second Duel Third Duel Duel
PRI 10 10 10 x10 → x20
DUO 10 10 10 x15 → x30
TRI 10 10 10 → 20 x20 → x30
TET 10 10 → 20 10 → 20 x25 → x30
PEN 10 → 20 10 → 20 10 → 20 x30 → x40
  • Changed the number of Crow's Black Jewels rewarded when victorious during the final duel.
Final duel by tier Number of Crow's Black Jewels
1 → 5
DUO 4 → 8
TRI 7 → 13
TET 10 → 25

Removed items needed for re-attempting the quests (Black Jewel/Crow's Sealed Promotion Scroll)

  • You no longer need Black Jewels or Crow's Sealed Promotion Scrolls to attempt Pit of the Undying promotion quests.
    • As such, the rewards for each promotion quest have been changed to Contribution EXP.
      • [Promotion] DUO (II) Crow's Sealed Promotion Scroll: Contribution EXP +100
      • [Promotion] TRI (III) Crow's Sealed Promotion Scroll: Contribution EXP +200
      • [Promotion] TET (IV) Crow's Sealed Promotion Scroll: Contribution EXP +300
      • [Promotion] PEN (V) Crow's Sealed Promotion Scroll: Contribution EXP +500
    • The promotion quests have been updated accordingly.
      • [Promotion] DUO/TRI/TET/PEN Undying Crow's Insignia: Go to Chorpy and "Tell him you want to take on the promotion challenge."

Special reward for PEN (V) Undying Crow's Insignia

  • Chorpy is now delivering Crow Merchant Shakatu's gift for those who obtain the PEN (V) Undying Crow's Insignia.
    • If you've obtained PEN (V) Undying Crow's Insignia, you can accept and complete the following quest from Chorpy. (Once per family)
Quest Name Quest Requirements Quest Reward
Chorpy Complete [Promotion] PEN (V) Undying Crow's Insignia

Advice of Valks (+100) x1

Immortal: Giant's Draught x4
Immortal: Perfume of Courage x3

Crow's Warrior Changes

  • Changed the following Crow's Warriors that duel at Pit of the Undying.
Category Changes
  • Improved so Kardun's frenzied state is over even faster.
  • Improved so the bomb that Brodie summons does not do guard break attack.
Van Riker
  • Reduced the damage of Sandstorm that is summoned during the duel with Van Riker.
Max HP Decrease
  • Max HP -30%
    • Kauha
  • Max HP -40%
    • Undead (Kauha), Undead, Undead Archer, Undead Soldier, Undead Warrior, Syahzar Kardun
  • Max HP -41%
    • Ascendra, Kun, Duran, Solaria, Kharoxia, Cokro, Kyrill, Gotha Rensa
  • Max HP -50%
    • Valkin, Fareed, Evergart, Man of Steel, Man of Fortitude, Kunga, Bennet, Van Riker, Petroglyph Stalker
  • Max HP -60%
    • Brodie
AP Decrease
  • AP -26% approx.
    • Valkin, Fareed, Evergart, Man of Steel, Man of Fortitude, Kunga
  • AP -43% approx.
    • Brodie
  • AP - 6% approx.
    • Kardun in Frenzied state
  • AP -12% approx.
    • Petroglyph Stalker, Undead Soldier, Undead Warrior
  • AP -21% approx.
    • Bennet, Van Riker
  • AP -19% approx.
    • Kauha, Undead, Syahzar, Kardun
  • AP -20% approx.
    • Ascendra, Kun, Duran, Solaria
  • AP -29% approx.
    • Kharoxia, Cokro, Kyrill, Gotha Rensa
  • Changed Yulho, Crow's Warrior that duels at Pit of the Undying, as follows:
Duel Tier HP Decrease
PRI (I) HP -50% approx.
AP -30% approx.
TRI (III) HP -50% approx.
AP -40% approx.
TET (IV) HP -40% approx.
AP -26% approx.
PEN (V) HP -40% approx.
AP -19% approx.


Atoraxxion Changes

  • Adjusted the level of Vahmalkea: Shattered Memory Thread.
    • Adjusted the time limit to unravel the thread from 30 sec to 60 sec.
    • Added info regarding thread time limit.
  • Changed so that when exchanging rewards from the weekly Atoraxxion: Yolunakea quests, the interaction button for handing over Key of the Burnt Dawn is displayed at the top of the dialog.


Changes to Sniper Rifle Hunting

  • Sniper Rifle Hunting has undergone the following changes:
    • Enhanced the visual effect when the rifle is fired.
    • Changed so that when entering sniper mode, you will see the reticule immediately.
    • Changed so that when in sniper mode, the reticule will not move but rather the aiming screen.
    • Removed the increased accuracy when aiming at a yellow area while holding down your mouse in sniper mode. Firing at a yellow area will now be applied as a perfect shot.
    • Mastery level will no longer affect accuracy and decreased recoil. Instead, it will affect the duration of how long you can hold your breath and the drifting of the scope while aiming.
    • Adjusted the areas for shooting hunting monsters to be more precise.
    • Increased the HP of all sniper hunting monsters. (However, sniper rifles will deal the same amount of damage as before.)
    • Added a guide at the bottom of the screen when sniping rifle hunting.
    • Improved so that pressing RMB while crouched and moving with a sniper rifle will switch you to snipe mode.
    • Improved so that pressing RMB while crouched with a sniper rifle will switch you to snipe mode.
    • Improved so that when you move while aiming, snipe mode will deactivate.
    • Fixed the issue where, in certain situations, pressing SPACE while moving upright would not make the character crouch.
    • Improved the stopping motion to be more succinct when coming to a halt while moving forward with a sniper rifle.
    • Fixed the issue where rolling in certain areas with the sniper rifle equipped would apply damage to monsters.


The "Special Attack damage +10%" effect has been added to certain sub-weapons, such as Blackstar, Nouver, and Kutum. Special Attacks are effects that affect Critical Hit Damage, Down Attack, Back Attack, and Air Attack. Please understand that this decision was made to solidify these weapons as the top tier sub-weapons.

We have been aware that the Increased Special Attack Damage effect of normal sub-weapons with an ultimate upgrade and the Extra AP Against Monsters and Increased Critical Hit effects of rented Nesser gear made them extremely powerful. However, as Nesser gear consumes Contribution Points and normal sub-weapons cannot be upgraded with Garmoth's Heart, we believed this difference would separate these weapons from Black Desert's ""best gear"", and left the situation as it was. Even when these weapons could be compared to Blackstar weapons, the best in the game, we did not take steps to improve the situation as we believed the comparisons were merely hasty conclusions. We would like to take this chance to apologize. We will be much more thorough in double checking issues such as these and take preemptive measures to ensure that there are no more similar situations that arise. If, by any chance, such an issue occurs again, we will address it beforehand, take all of your opinions into consideration, and take quick action to mend the situation. Once again, we apologize for the inconveniences we have caused to our Adventurers.

The function of Nesser sub-weapons will stay the same. They are easily accessible as they only require Contribution Points, and will stay available for those who need a quick and temporary switch out for gear.

The overall AP will increase following today's maintenance, and we will be sure to scrutinize and balance the effects of this change

Thank you.

  • Added Extra All Special Attack Damage +10% to the following sub weapon items.
    • The above effects will be applied to the following Improved items:
Item Name
Blackstar Sub-weapon
Godr-Ayed Sub-weapon
Nouver Sub-weapon
Kutum Sub-weapon
Tuvala Sub-weapon
Narchillan sub-weapon
Sub-weapons of Harmony (Magnus exclusive gear)
Suppressed Sub-weapons
Valks' Sub-weapon Box: (Normal/AP/Balance)
Arsha's Sub-weapon Box (AP/Balance)
  • Unified the buff effects of the Main/Awakening weapons which could be obtained from the Young Ancient Spirits during combat in Serendia's Elvia Realm.
    • You can now obtain the buff effects regardless of the weapon upon talking to the Young Ancient Spirit.
    • Removed description regarding main weapons in the Valtarra, Okiara. and Narc buff descriptions accordingly.
    • Changed the types of selectable rewards for completing the following quest into unified boxes:
Quest Name Quest Reward: Ancient Spirit Weapon Box
[Elvia Daily] The Power of Three Ancient Spirits
[Elvia Weekly] Ready for the End
▼ Select one of the following items: 

Burning Valtarra's Weapon Box
Torrential Okiara's Weapon Box
Thunderous Narc's Weapon Box

  • Updated the description of the Spirit Weapon Box in the Serendia region to provide clearer guidance to Elvia Realm.

  • Changed [Event] Ellie's Special Seal item as follows:
    • Changed it to be sellable at NPC shops for 10,000 Silver.
    • Changed so that you can exchange it once per Family with NPC Igor Bartali in Velia.
    • Changed so that when you right-click the item, you are guided to NPC Igor Bartali in Velia, instead of NPC Ellie.
    • Removed exchange info of Advice of Valks (+120) and [Event] Essence of Limits in the item description.


  • The respawn time for monsters in the Vessel of Inquisition was reduced by 30%, allowing for faster combat.
  • Increased the HP for the Vessel of Inquisition by 50% compared to before.


  • Changed so Silver rewards are displayed at a separate location upon obtaining them in the Quest Rewards window.


  • Removed shattered bone objects in certain areas of Hexe Sanctuary to ensure smoother movement.


  • Improved so the "Family/Character Name" settings button is displayed at all times within the Chat category, and not just in Whisper chats.


  • Changed loading screen to Land of the Morning Light background.
    • A QR code has been added at the bottom right of the loading screen. Scan the code and it will link you to the page.


  • Fixed the issue where the date range filter button of the My Login History page would not function properly.


  • Changed and unified the following terms in English:
    • Ash Seesaw Board → Ash Board
    • Birch Seesaw Board → Birch Board
    • Maple Seesaw Board → Maple Board
    • Changed and differentiated the previous "Vision Range" into two separate functions: "Vision Range" and "Discovery Radius."


  • [Warrior, Archer] Fixed the issue where the movement after Strike a Pose in Beauty (F4) appeared awkwardly in certain situations,
  • [Ninja] Fixed the issue where sound would not be played in certain areas upon using Transition Stance
  • [Archer] Fixed so that Gaping Darkness skill controls match the skill guide.
  • [Archer] Fixed the issue of eyes being displayed abnormally after a certain move in Beauty (F4).
  • [Hashashin, Sage] Fixed the issue of the foot displaying abnormally when sitting on an inclined area.
  • Fixed from Vision Range to Vision Range for the following crystals that display in Crystal Inventory.
    • Magic Crystal of Enchantment - Vision, Magic Crystal of Infinity - Vision, Black Magic Crystal - Vision
  • Fixed the issue of this quest region displaying or not being able to move in the following situation:
    • When navigating or moving after opening Quests (O) near an NPC.
  • Fixed the issue of not being able to dry consecutively when having a fish that had expired and didn't expire.
  • Fixed the issue of being able to interact with an NPC that is invisible in certain locations within the Valencia Castle Site.
  • Fixed the issue of the stone floating abnormally in a certain location within Kuit Islands.
  • Fixed the issue of the "getting better gear" notification overlapping with Find NPC that displays for New and Returning Adventurers.
  • Fixed the issue of the character displaying in an abnormal location when reconnecting after the game shutdown abnormally during a specific cutscene.
  • Fixed the issue of the camera rotating due to mouse controls while searching for duplicates when changing the Family name.
  • Fixed the issue of the notification of obtaining Black Spirit's Adventure Dice disappearing immediately after displaying at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Fixed the issue of not being to join Team/Final Battle due to debuffs such as Hunger.
  • Fixed the issue of not being able to equip crystals when changing the sort order in Crystal Inventory UI.
  • [Berserker] Changed so View Underwear cannot be activated during Beast Form win Safe Zone.
  • Fixed the issue of the Chat Ban function not working properly in chats excluding Chat Group when using the Chat Ban function via Request Chat Ban.