Goddess Sylvia planted the roots of the sacred tree at the highest place in the forest.
That is where she gave birth to Ganelle and Vedir with the energy of the sun and moon.
They received the blessing from the goddess and prospered under the protection of the sacred tree.
No one imagined their eternal peace and harmony would ever come to an end.

Year 235 of the Elionian Calendar
Until the power and desire of one Vedir created a chasm between them ...

A dispute broke out between the Ganelle and Vedir. This led to a war that wounded their homes.
One Vedir proposed to burn the sacred tree down. Cries of the spirits resounded through the air.
The sisters started to clash swords against each other and left behind everlasting scars.
The first scar left by those that will be called the Ahib was the seal they placed on the foundation of Kamasyvle.
They appeared to be sealing away desperately something that they greatly feared.

Kamasylve lost its brilliance after the war, perhaps it was due to the seal.
The sturdy roots that supported Kamasylvia started to grow thin,
and the bright leaves that symbolized peace and prosperity started to lose their shine.

"Luthraghon, my children,
I’ve hidden your existence from beings that do not draw power from Kamasylve.
However, the cries of the spirits echo on for eons. The time of your new destiny will come soon."

As the tears from the goddess Sylvia flowed down the roots,
the powerful seal the Ahib placed on them were weakened. Eventually,
the watchers in the depths of another realm have opened their eyes.

* Luthraghon = Archer’s faction from beneath the earth

The ones that carrying the burden of fate are like the absolute darkness, silent and dark.
Goddess Sylvia gave birth to the sisters above the earth with the energy of the sun and the moon,
while She gave birth to the brothers beneath the earth with the energy of the earth.

They used the roots of the sacred tree to make their crossbows and great bows.
and trained to protect the realm where the roots took hold.
They continued to tends to the roots as it was what their goddess called them to do.
However, no matter how hard they tried, the roots continued to grow weaker.

"Mother, what can we do?"

They were in pain as they continued to fail to do what their mother asked of them ...
Then they discovered a rift that they’ve never seen before.

They were called to protect the world beneath the earth
so this small change brought about a great confusion among them.
It was obvious that this was a rift that connected their world to the surface.

"Never touch that rift."
An elder proclaimed they must continue to serve their purpose which was given to them by their Mother.
The rift was simply created by random chance.
Still, a group of Archers of the luthraghon believed this was the answer that goddess Sylvia gave to them.
The elder read the minds of these Archers and blocked their path so that they cannot touch the rift.

The stench of gunpowder stung their noses as they approached the rift.
Groups came through the rift on a few occasions and attempted to harm the roots.

Everyone gave up on the idea of reaching the rift and settled to serve their purpose.
Then a piercing roar came ringing through the rift.
The roar transformed into a dark light and seeped into the roots right in front of Archer luthraghons’ eyes.
The roots soon dried up and started to crack on their surface.
How could they believe this was the will of their Mother.

An opening was created for an instant when the elder looked behind, surprised by the roar.
That’s when a young Archer luthraghon leaped forward.

"Nothing will be accomplished if we hesitate to step forward."

The luthraghon elder and the group of pursuers tried to stop him nearly at the same moment
the young Archer Luthraghon’s hand reached the rift.

"...our Mother’s will is above the earth."

The moment the young luthraghon’s hand touched the rift, everything he saw appeared to flow past him slowly.
The light felt like falling asleep in the warm embrace of our mother.
The young Archer luthraghon continued to hold on to the warmth that wrapped around his hand.
This was the first time he saw light while living in the realm beneath.