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SamuraiXD 2019-03-15 03:18
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If someone attacks and kills you while your PvP mode is switched off he will receive special karma points for this. A player gets 5000 karma points for each PK. If your karma is high you will be attacked by guards and other players even in peaceful areas where normal PvP is not allowed. As you see it’s rather difficult to be Player Killer.

There is only one way to decrease the amount of karma points – you need to kill monsters.

Life of a criminal with very high karma is much more difficult than the life of a normal player.

  • If your karma is high you will lose 5% of experience every time you die, instead of 2%. But there is good news: if the amount of experience at the current level is equal to nil the level will not be decreased. So you lose only experience you get at the current level.
  • As you know Black Desert is a game with full loot, meaning you can pick up items of you dead enemies. The other disadvantage of high karma is that the more it grows the higher the chance of losing items is. The chance increases according the growth of your karma points and can reach 100%. The worst possible situation is: every time you die, you lose 5 items simultaneously and any player can take this loot after 1 minute.
  • But you can drop not only items from your inventory. There may be situations when you lose special stones which improve gear. These stones can’t be picked up.

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