English Life Skill Guild ~~ Halcyon~~ .
Helmond 2021-06-24 10:49
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Edit Date : 2021-06-24

Guild Halcyon is a Life Skill international guild that welcome all adventures who are seeking a peaceful place to be able to enjoy game without getting caught in Game Drama.
We are International guild so all members use english to communicate.
We do multiple group activies such as Whale/ Khalk Hunting, Khan clearing, Guild Land bosses and more ~~~
Feel free to whisper one of our Officers for invite or join our discord channel .

Guild Master :
- Brighton
- Zephrine
- Jackzen
- Folfaid
- MyEuphoria
- BreadPitt
- Vitani
- FlashX

Character Name Helmond
Main Character Warrior
Lv 62
FeedbackTopicEnglish Life Skill Guild ~~ Halcyon~~ .

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