General Discussion Imperial Crafting is bugged in Mena
AgentRuss 2018-05-11 14:04
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I believe there is a typo error happaned in coding the imperial patch for mena server.

We can only trade in 3/1 instead of 2/1 of CP for the imperial crafting boxes. 

In NA/EU we can trade 150 boxes with 300 CP but in Mena we can only trade 100 boxes with 300 CP

Even on the GM Notes we recieved last week it says the following;

"if an Adventurer with 100 Contribution Points only sells Skilled Cook’s Meat Stew Cooking Boxes for the entire the family limit, that Adventurer earns 9,750,000 silver daily!"

Meat Stew is 195,000 silver

9,750,000 / 195,000 = 50 boxes for 100 CP

but in Mena we can trade only 33 boxes with 100 CP

I believe this is a bug because if it was a nerf we could have detailed information about this changes in patch notes.

if it was a nerf and they forgot to add the information to the patch notes then better to remove the life skills from the game completely. because there is already no way to make money from life skills in mena. The game forces you to grind for the silver to get gear. With the current market prices nothing you produce sells in the game. 

Life skills need a big boost in this game to make it viable again. Currently life skills is only for people who likes to play the game for the sake farmvile/tycoon style and doesn't care about making money or progression in game. I can't even call it tycoon because even in tycoon you make money and __create the biggest bussiness. 

Anyway, Please check the imperial patch and see if it's a bug or a nerf

And life skills need redesigning. I don't even want to mention more than half of the imperial boxes sells way lower than the market price, while it supposed to be %250 of the market price.

Does the person who design the imperial crafting boxes' prices even played or logged into this game? all you have to to log in to game and check the market place for 5 mins and you can realize how wrong the math for imperial crafting.


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As far as I know its not a bug, on SEA its also 1 / 3 of your CP.
I completly agree with you about the marketplace and not enough money in lifeskills.
I hope it will change with Valencia Part 2
2018-05-19 13:32 0