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HELP OFFERED - Engrish Langwij
Pamthryte 2018-10-29 11:05
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Hallo Black Desert MENA designers, programers, writers and GM's

Having played through most of the quest content in the MENA version of BDO, I have read through, I'd say a good, 75% of the game's text.


Most of the English Language Version is acceptable but there are numerous rather bad spelling mistakes, and quite a few hilariously incorrect gramatical errors. Often, you simply can not understand what the intended message is, but most of the time you can decipher it while holding back tears of laughter.

Furthermore, the official announcements on this page and in game are often not 100% correct English, the structuring being...unique.

Understandably, this is a Korean game, translated into Turkish by yourselves and then again into English. Resources I doubt are vast and unlimited, so a tertiary language is not a priority.

I would like to offer my unbridled unconditional assistance in correcting existing in game text, and spell checking as well as crazy English control for announcements.

I will gladly offer this service to you free of charge.


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