GM Notes [GM Note] FAQ in Black Desert – April Edition
Black Desert 2018-04-19 15:00
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Hello, Adventurers!


Did you ever have questions while playing Black Desert? Before, you had to go find the answers about the game, events, updates, or anything else.

Sometimes you might get what you were looking for, and sometimes you might not.


Here you will see answers to questions that were actually asked by Adventurers. We hope that you find the answers presented here helpful and informative.



◈ Events


Q. Where does the Mysterious Lake Ellie Festival take place?

A. The festival is at the lake located north of ‘Northern Wheat Plantation’. Its exact location is visible on the World Map.

The will be there during the event period 4/5 (Thu) ~ 4/26 (Thu). If you want more details about this event, click here.



Q.What is the ‘Elephant Fountain’ and how can I get one?

A. The Elephant Fountain is an ornament you can place in your residence.

You can get one during the Mysterious Lake Ellie Festival by exchanging 50x ‘[Event] Traces of a Festival’.


Q. What rewards I can get by participating in the ‘Mysterious Lake Ellie Festival’?

A. You can get great accessories like the ‘Witch’s Earring’ and ‘Mark of Shadow’. You can also get Sharp Black Crystal Shards, Blackstones, and a variety of items.

If you want more details about this event, click here.


Q. What are ‘Koi’? Where can I catch them?

A. ‘Koi’ is a fish you can catch in the Mysterious Lake Ellie starting 4/12 (Thu) to 4/26 (Thu). It is not a trade item, but you can sell it to NPCs for 500,000 silver.

If you want more details about this event, click here.


Q. Where can I get Sunflowers and Roses that are needed to complete even quests?

A. You can find and gather them at the Northern Wheat Plantation. You can also grow them or buy them off the Marketplace.



Q. When do I get my Maehwa’s awakening event rewards?

A. Maehwa’s awakening event - ‘Raise your Kerispear’ - rewards will be sent after 4/26 (Thu) maintenance.

If you want more details about this event, click here.


◈ Game


Q. How can I get Contribution Points?

A. Contribution Points are usually given as rewards for completing quests.

There are fairly easy ways for you to get a lot of Contribution Points. If you want to find out how, click here.


Q. When and how can I awaken my characters?

A. If awakening is released for that class, you can awaken your characters once they reach level 56.

You can get the first awakening quest from Black Spirit. Your character will awaken once you finish the series of quests.  

Q. How can I get an Awakening weapon?

A. You will receive a +10 green-grade and a blue-grade awakening weapon while going through the awakening quests.


Q. I keep failing to enhance my equipment! Is there a problem with the system?

A. Your enhance results are based on probability. Your probability of success increases each time you fail.


Q. Where can I find schools of fish?

A. Schools of fish can be found out randomly on the sea or in rivers. The schools of fish on the sea have seagulls hovering over them.

You can find more schools of fish if you have a higher fishing level.


Q: How can I craft an Alchemy Stone?

A: The option to craft Alchemy Stone is available for Adventurers that reached Alchemy Skilled 1 or higher. If you want to find out how, click here.


We answered some commonly asked questions from our Adventurers.

Don’t be too disappointed if your questions didn’t make it on here this time. We will return with more answers next time!


Thank you.

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