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Black Desert 2018-05-17 07:00
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“Fists that Destroy Foes and Feet that Shakes the Earth!
Power Flows Through the Body!”


Hello, Adventurers!

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.


We expect many of you will be swept away by Striker’s powerful body and skills using his bare-hands.

Striker uses a mix of eastern martial arts and street brawler style of fighting that makes use of his tough body.
He chains together non-stop combos of fierce attacks.


He reacts flexibly to different situations at close range.

He can step behind his enemy to target their back,

knock them up and hit them while they’re airborne,

or grab them to render them helpless.


Crimson Fang and Knee Hammer are the basic skills used in Striker’s combos.

His multiple skill combo connects so naturally that it looks like a single skill.


He can start the combo with Twisted Collision then followed it up with Flow: Fatal Smash or
Flow: Landslide to hit them while they are airborne.


Let’s find out more about his story and his extraordinary skills.






These are the first things I remember,

sparkling chandeliers, laughter of nobel women, pleasant melodies, exquisite drinks and food.


However, the laughter seized and sadness started to loom over the house.

Soon I was being dragged on to a boat heading east by my parents.


I still remember that stench. The stench coming from that filthy boat.

We were a famous and rich family in Calpheon and the people on the boat stared at us with disdain. We left as a family of three, then I arrive at a strange harbor alone.


I was obviously an outsider in a land of black hair and dark eyes.

I begged through the market streets to survive even though I didn’t know their language. That’s when I met my eccentric teacher who liked unusual things.

It’s only by sheer luck that I got to meet my teacher.


I wandered the continent with my teacher.

I started to learn how to speak and write their language.

Eventually, I started to want to settle down here.

There was only one way for a foreigner like me to live here.

I needed to win the martial arts tournament.


The ‘Western Frontier’ was the most prestigious martial arts organization and they did not care for a person’s age or rank. They accepted anyone that wins the tournament,

and I won.


I thought I was prepared for this.

However, I couldn’t adjust to this community. I lived alone and free for most of my life. Not only that, having blonde hair and blue eyes brought me a lot of unwanted attention and was made an outcast in the organization.


My teacher advised me to head west after watching over me during this time.

To go to the land where it’s full of people that look like me, my origin.

This was a chance for a special person like me to feel normal.

So I got on a boat headed for Goma Naru.




Striker was born in Calpheon that went to the east and learned martial arts from his teacher.


He has perfected his punches, kicks, and energy skills through practical experiences fighting with his bare hands in the streets.


Striker boasts in his physical strength and powerful skills that are listed below.




Steps forward and dig into the enemy’s chest using his shoulder.

Used to start combos.


Knee Hammer

Moves forward and kicks the enemies with his knee.

Used to connect combos.  


Twisted Collision

Rises up with his fist to strike enemies.

Followed up with a skill to spike enemies to the ground or to send them flying.



Kicks the enemies while doing a somersault.

Followed up with another kick if the enemy is launched into the air.


Massive Suppression

Grabs the enemy with his left and batters them multiple times with his right.



Striker’s Combat Video


Check out Striker beatdown foes with his powerful physique and skills.


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