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Black Desert 2017-11-07 00:00
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This is The MMORPG Black Desert.


We want to announce the winners of the Show Off Your Character Event, which was done to commemorate the open of the Customization try out server.


Here are the adventurers that were picked among those who posted their registered SNS address and the screenshot to the Beauty Album. Please check this list to see if you’ve won this event or not. 


We want to sincerely congratulate every adventurer who won a prize in this event.


■  Show Off Your Character Event Winner announcement

  • Reward Contents: Geforce 1070 Graphic Card for 3 people
Geforce 1070 Graphic Card
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※ Notice

- This notice will make announcements based on the Family name of the applicant at the time of the event’s end.

- Please send the necessary details to the email below until 2017/11/15 (Wednesday), so that we can send the prize to you. that is needed in order for us to send the prizes to you.

Please send your ID, name, address, GSM number to this e-mail. (

- The prize will be sent based on the latest information you sent based on the last day of Personal information input is available.

* If you submit incorrect personal information you may be omitted from prize shipping, so please be careful in sending us your information.

- The prize is scheduled to be sent, starting on 2017/11/20 (Monday), we will make a notice about this if there are any changes made to details on shipping.

- Prizes may be changed to other products in the same price range depending on the supply and demand situation. - If you have used an improper method to win the prize at the event, you will be excluded from the winner.

- If you have any other questions about this event, please send a ticket through [Support> CS].


We really thank everyone who participated in these events once again, and we will work hard to come to you with a more enjoyable event.


Thank you

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