GM Notes [GM Note] [GM Note] Even More Powerful Than Before! - Absolute Skill Update
Black Desert 2018-05-24 07:00
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Hello, Adventurers!


Today we will introduce the absolute skills that were added into the game. These absolute skills are an upgrade to the skills you already own!

What are Absolute skills?


Absolute skills are improved versions of main weapon skills that allows you to use more skills and combos.


Classes can acquire Absolute skills after they are awakened. These have a level requirement of level 56 ~ 60.


* Absolute skills become available after you complete the awakening quests which you can get at level 56.

* Absolute skills are in the Main tab on your Skills window.

* You must have all the previous levels of the skills before getting their Absolute skill.

* Absolute skills have increased damage and number of targets compared to regular main weapon skills.

* Some skills have their damage reduced during PvP.



Try fighting stronger monsters after getting your Absolute skills. You can even try to go after Field Bosses and start exploring new places!


This update is a foreshadowing of all the awesome powers that are to come. You can expect more changes to follow!


We’ll return with useful information that our Adventurers need to know for their journeys ahead!


Thank you.

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