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[GM Note] - Kamasylvia - Part 2

  • 2018.09.05 07:00
  • / by Black Desert


 Hello Adventurers!

 We will be introducing new contents coming in with the Kamasylvia Part 2 Update.

There’ll be new monsters appearing alongside the new storylines and regions. Figure out the right regions for you. This information will be helpful to you in your future adventures and challenges!


Introducing Kamasylvia Part 2 - Grána City, the capital of Kamasylvia









The story continues in Kamasylvia Part 2 in the capital city - Grána City - which is the center of the Ganelle territory.

Grána City is a beautiful place and it thrives under the protection of their Goddess, it seeks harmony and stability.

Here, the queen’s command is absolute. The Ganelle have a strong sense of duty as they worship nature and spirits.


The sacred tree Kamasylve that symbolizes Kamasylvia is located here. However, the recent incidents with the Vedir have caused the unstable state to continue.

More regions will be added in this update. The Acher Guard Post that takes part in handling internal affairs of Kamasylvia. The Tooth Fairy Forest, where some of the oldest spirits in Kamasylvia (Tooth Fairy and Ronaros) lives. As well as Polly’s Forest, where the fairies Weenie and Looney live.

Here is the information about the hunting grounds of Kamasylvia.


 Polly’s Forest.

The main inhabitants of Polly’s Forest are the monsters that look like mushrooms.

It’s a fairly easy area in Kamasylvia, but you should be careful of the environment as there are poisonous mushrooms.




 Loopy Tree Forest

The Fadus that first appeared in Kamasylvia Part 1 came on an expedition to help the Ganelle, but they have decided to stay here temporarily due to circumstances.

It’s an ideal hunting ground for Adventurers with levels in the early to mid 50’s.



Gyfin Rhasia Temple

This is where the powerful monsters appear.

This ancient ruin has close ties with the Tooth Fairy. Monsters here are slightly different from the previous Ancient Weapons.

You should form a party to defeat monsters in this area.




Other than that, Forest Ronaros roams the White Tree Lake area.

There are different types of the four-legged Forest Ronaros (melee fighters, mages, and marksman) and they stay together in groups.

Not only that, they are extremely powerful so you’ll need to be level 60 or higher to fight them.

 There’s also a rumor that you can see Diné and fairies deep within Kamasylvia…!


                                          ▲ What abilities does the horse ‘Diné’ have?

Kamasylvia Part 2 is a new region where high level Adventurers equipped with good gear can enjoy. It’s difficulty is similar to Sausan Garrison, Mane Post, and Wandering Rogue Den. Now you have a wider selection for PvE and hunting grounds. Even Adventurers at lower levels and weaker gear can go to the new region and check out its contents.



September 05, 2018

Kamasylvia awaits for you, Adventurers!

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