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Hello, Adventurers.

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.

We’d like to announce the updates made to the Black Desert as of 2019, April 24th.

(Patch volume approx. 578.85 MB)


※ For the details, please refer to the contents below.



● Event 01 - create Your Lahn Early

- Event Period: April 24, 2019 after maintenance - April 30, 2019 before maintenance

Event 02 - Customize Your Lahn and Share!

- Event Period: April 24, 2019 after maintenance - May 8, 2019 before maintenance

Bonus! Weekend Hot Time  & Golden Bell Event

- Event Period:

> Regular Servers: April 26, 2019 at 20:00 - April 29, 2019 at 02:00

> Olvia Server: April 26, 2019 at 00:00 - April 28, 2019 at 23:59

> During the entire event period! Combat EXP +200%, Skill EXP +40%

GMs are ringing Golden Bells!

- Bells will ring at specific times

> April 26: 19:00, 23:00

> April 27: 19:00, 23:00

> April 28: 19:00, 23:00

[Click here for more details]



● Buff icons for the following Guild skills have been updated.

- State of Perseverance

- Complete Perfection

- Sweet Luck

- Sharp Eyes of a Gatherer

- Merchant's Art of Persuasion

- Scholarly Ambition

- Endless Exploration

- Regained Senses

- Horrors of Battle

- Frenzied Fighter

- Intimidating Force

● Number restriction on how many War Heroes can participate in Node Wars for each tier below has been added.

Tier 1 - 0

Tier 2 - 3

Tier 3 - 5

Tier 4 - 10

* However, the number of War Heroes who can participate in Conquest Wars is still unlimited.

● Some of the region near Calpheon Shrine has been changed from Kamasylvian to Calpheonian territory.

● Buying one of the following items from Datu Varudatu in Mediah consumes one amity point per item now.

- [Scroll] Graveyard Dominator

- [Scroll] Dominator of Ancient Weapons

- [Scroll] Dwarf Dominator

- [Scroll] Wiping Out Pirate Island

- [Scroll] Elite Hunter

- [Scroll] Cute Little Things

- [Scroll] Fist to Fist II

- [Scroll] Robbing the Rogues II

- [Scroll] Food Chain II

- [Scroll] Breaking the Spells II

- [Scroll] Crushing the Steel II"

● Fixed the issue where the following titles could not be used since Shadow Arena had been closed.

- Shadowed Hero

- New Challenger

● Red Battlefield has been revamped.
- The Combat EXP and Skill EXP that can be gained during Red Battlefield have been increased.
- Combat EXP increase is as follows.

Obtainable Combat EXP


% gained before change (for Defeated side)

% gained after change (for Defeated side)

% gained before change (for Winning side)

% gained after change (for Winning side)

















































































● The Silver gained for being defeated/winning in Red Battlefield according to your character’s AP and DP has all been equalized now.
- The previous standard written below on how Silver was gained in Red Battlefield has been removed.
       - Ex.) If your character’s AP + DP fell in the range of 400 - 499, you would get 2 million Silver for winning in Red Battlefield. If your character’s AP + DP was 500 +, you would get 2.5 million Silver for winning in Red Battlefield.
● The newly-applied standard for winning or being defeated in Red Battlefield will reward you with more Silver. Please enjoy Red Battlefield just for the fun of PvP, but also to stack up on Silver for your adventures!
- Silver for winning: 6 million
- Silver for being defeated: 4 million

● The Red Seals obtainable from Red Battlefield can now be used to make more variety of Red Battlefield Crystals.
       - Red Spirit Crystal
       - Red Battlefield Crystal: Harphia
       - Red Battlefield Crystal: Cobelinus
       - Red Battlefield Crystal: Viper
       - Red Battlefield Crystal: Hystria
       - Red Battlefield Crystal: Carmae
       - Red Battlefield Crystal - Addis
- The additional damage to Humans has been increased by +1 for Red Battlefield Crystal: Power.
- The combined stat. restriction of AP and DP for the Red Battlefield with AP and DP restriction has been changed.



● Changed that you need to press Q key instead of the Space Bar to dive into water.

- Press Q key while floating in water to start diving.

- You can press F key instead of Q key to recover Stamina while in water.

- Improved character movements while swimming to be more natural.

- A message will be displayed when your character is swimming to explain key commands for swimming.


● Fixed the issue where the inside of lower body appeared as empty when wearing Airblock Boxer Briefs or Python Boxer Briefs.

● Fixed the issue where the Warrior returned to non-combat stance after climbing wall after going from non-combat to Main Weapon combat stance.

● Fixed the issue where the character's chest area appeared abnormally with a specific customization while wearing the Clead Armor.

● Fixed the issue where the neck area appeared as broken when wearing the Clead Armor.


● The lace of the [Ranger] Atanis Armor will now be properly displayed.



● Fixed the issue where the helmet appeared unnaturally with a specific customization when wearing the Shadow Chaser Hood.



● Fixed the typo in the skill description of Cyclone Slash.


● Fixed the issue where Musa moved awkwardly when the Q and E buttons were pressed simultaneously if his Divider skill was at level III.

● Fixed the issue where the skill Absolute: Cyclone Slash was not being performed correctly after Whirlwind Cut: Cyclone.

● Fixed the issue where the cooldown for Absolute: Cyclone Slash was applied and Rising Storm was performed after pressing the S + LMB+ RMB buttons to use Rising Storm after Whirlwind Cut.


● Changed the animation for the skill combo Whirlwind Cut: Cyclone and Cyclone Slash.

● Fixed the issue where an incorrect message appeared and the character stopped her actions when the skill Maehwa's Will was used during frontal Slice (W + LMB) in Tiger Blade mode.

● Fixed the issue where an incorrect message appeared and the character stopped her actions when the skill Divider was used during Slice in Tiger Blade mode.

● Fixed the issue where a strange message appeared and the character stopped her actions when the skill Roundhouse Kick was used after Blind Thrust I.


● Added information about cooldown time to the item de scriptions of Archaeologist's Map and Explorer's Map.

● Fixed the issue where items that could not be sold to NPC vendors showed price in their item descriptions.

● Fixed the issue where some items with price in the item description could not be sold can now be correctly sold.

● The following changes have been made to matchlocks.

- You can now load matchlock while moving.

- The bullet UI (like the one that appears when using a [Combat] Trina Matchlock) has been added for quest-related (e.g. practice) matchlocks and hunting matchlocks.

- You must now first load before shooting a hunting matchlock.

- The number of bullets loaded every time you load a quest-related, hunting, or Trina matchlock has been increased from two to three.

  *This change has also been applied when using a matchlock while mounted on a horse.

● Different types of icons for different types of Pearl Shop outfit/costume sets have been added for clear recognition.

● The following items have been changed to orange-grade.

- Epheria Marine Classic Set

● Fixed the item descriptions of the following items.

 - Broken Shackles

 - Rock Fragment

● The weight limit buffs of the following items for Guild Galleys have been changed as follows.


[Guild] Galley: Enhanced Shield

Enhancement Level

Before (LT)

After (LT)



































[Guild] Galley: Enhanced Blue Plating

Enhancement Level

Before (LT)

After (LT)


































●The following information has been added to the description of Da-Dum Da-Dum Diving Suit Set and Splat Fisher's Clothes Set for Striker and Mystic.


※Your Gauntlet, Vambrace, and Gardbrace will be invisible.


※Your Gauntlet, Vambrace, and Cestus will be invisible.

● Golden Pig's Blessing has been changed from Character bound to Family bound.

● Fixed the issue where you could not purchase Hard Black Crystal Shard from Patrigio's Secret Shop.

● Fixed the issue where the bonus EXP described on the Value Pack in Pearl Shop was displayed as +10%. We have confirmed that the actual EXP boost has been correctly applied with +30 and correctly shown in the item tooltip and buff window.   


● New types of attacks have been added to the following Black Spirit quest boss monsters.

- Biraghi

- Kelcas

- Dim Tree Spirit

- Black Mane

- Illezra's Servant

- Mad Scientist's Assistant

- Kavali

● Fixed the issue where Red Nose boss monster would not have a weapon.

● Scratch attacks from an Ahib Griffon will no longer deal a knockback CC status effect.

● Protector of the Fallen Kingdom will no longer appear in the basement of Valencia Castle.

● Attacking the following sea creatures from the back will no longer count as back attacks.

- Candidum

- Hekaru

- Black Rust

- Nineshark

- Ocean Stalker

- Young Candidum

- Young Black Rust

- Young Nineshark

● Fixed the issue where the following sea creatures some moving patterns were counted as back attack which was not intended.

- Hekaru: Fixed the issue where every attack in all situations was counted as back attack.

- Candidum: Fixed the issue where it was possible to back attack while returning back to its spawning place. 

● Fixed the issue where it was possible to back attack while moving and attacking. 

- Black Rust

- Nineshark

- Ocean Stalker

- Young Candidum

- Young Black Rust

- Young Nineshark



● You can now transfer horses to the stable at Northwestern Gateway.

● When you press the S key to descend when using the Skill Wings or Wind or Wings of Freedom on an Arduanatt, you should now descend immediately, instead of first ascending then descending.



● Rearranged the rocks near Olvia Coast so that Berserkers won't get stuck there.

● You can no longer use the R key to buy First-grade Wagon Horse from NPC Gula, the Stable Keeper of Stonetail Horse Ranch.

● Removed some awkward NPCs near the Calpheon Parliament.

● Fixed the graphical issue with the waterfront at Tarif in Remastered and Ultra Mode.

● The title of the following NPC has been changed.

 - Before: Izella

 - After: Izella

● Fixed the issue where invisible NPCs would appear when you failed to Steal from NPC Martha Kiyen at Bree Tree Ruins.

● Fixed the graphical issue where specific terrain in Gavinya Great Crater was displayed as duplicates when Graphics is set Low or lower.

● Fixed the issue where the following NPCs do not disappear and still remain after a certain period of time.

- Soldier

- Kagtum Prisoner



● You no longer need Shiny Golden Seal - [Calpheon Trade] or Shiny Golden Seal - [Mediah Trade] to complete the parts of the quest [Miniature Elephant] Permit from the Merchant League which required you to hand over the seals.

- If you had those quests in progress, they have been reset with this maintenance.

● New trade quests have been added to replace old trade quests, which have been removed.

● Condition to complete the black spirit's quest from which you can obtain an Adventurer's Tome via the quest Lost Gift (Adventurer's Tome) has been changed as below.  

 - If a character in your Family has already completed the quest Black Spirit's Gift (Adventurer's Tome) and that character does not have an Adventurer's Tome in possession, you can complete the quest even with a Lv. 1 character.

● Instructions on how to purchase and use an Empty Bottle has been added to the quest [Villa] Freshly Scooped Cool Water.

● You can now gain the knowledge Caphras' Seal, which was unavailable via the renewed main questline,

- You can obtain the knowledge by completing the quest What Was Left Behind.

- Those who have already completed the quest What Was Left Behind can gain this knowledge from NPC Philance, who can be found at Caphras Cave.

● Fixed the issue where 'Magic Dagger Exchange I' quest could not be accepted with Wizard class when you are progressing the renewal main quest.

● Condition to accept 'Magic Dagger Exchange I' quest has been changed from '[Boss] The Witch of Horrors' to 'Looking for Adventurers' quest.

● Fixed the issue where the quest Precious, Precious Egg could not be completed.

The content below had been added to TR/MENA through the April 10th update. Please check the details that have been updated on 24th patch note.

● Dawn in the New World has arisen in Valencia. Many Adventurers began stepping toward Valencia in order to discover the clue for searching the treasure.

You can proceed the following quests if you have 'Parchment Dropped by a Grave Robber'.

- Dawn in the New World

- King's Eye

- How to Face the Sun

- Aiming for the Sun

- A Journal Left Behind

- Eyes that Watches Over the Treasure

- Eyes of the Fallen Giant

- Never Ending Riddles

- A Person Qualified to Face the Treasure

- Titium Valley Journal

● For Adventurers who delivered Gold Bar or some of Trade Seals by progressing '[Miniature Elephant] Permit from the Merchant League' but did not complete the quest, we are going to return the items since the quest was reset.



● You can now zoom in/out, and spin your character in the Character Selection window.

- You can use this function with your scroll wheel and RMB.

● If you use one of the skills on the Skill Guide that appears in combat areas, that skill will not become highlighted in the guide.

● Combat Focus Mode and Adventure Focus Mode buttons have been added to the Edit UI mode.

- Select Combat Focus Mode to toggle off all UI except the PvP button, HP bar, Black Spirit's Rage icon, and Quick Slots.

- Select Adventure Focus Mode to toggle off all UI except the remastered HP bar, Minimap, Location/Time Information and Quick Slots.

- After selecting these modes, you can still customize your UI before saving.

● Improved certain UI so that they will no longer take up memory.

● The location of the Red Battlefield icon that appears in the Arsha server will now adjust according to whether or not the minimap is on or off.

● Fixed the issue where you could select who to send a Whisper message by selecting a Family Name from your own sent messages.

● You can now see how much time you have left in the cooldown time for moving items from the Inventory/Storage to the Warehouse and vice versa.

 - This cooldown is triggered when you fail to move an item to or from the Warehouse due to weight/volume limitations or network problems.

● The feature to check trade information by clicking the Transportation icon in the World Map has been temporarily disabled.

● Fixed the issue where using pressing Shift + ' to reply to a Whisper message would select the wrong player to reply to.

● You can now see how much Silver will be in your Warehouse after a purchase, in the bottom of the Central Market window the Purchase window.

● The Find in Pearl Shop button has been moved to the top of the Buy button in the Purchase window of the Central Market window.

● The appearance of the message that appears in the following situations has been changed.

- When you can learn a new skill

- When you have learned a new skill

- When you have enhanced a skill

- When you get a high-grade item

- When you discover a new region

- When you activate a Exploration Node

- When you get new knowledge

- When your mount levels up

- When your mount learns a new skill

- When you get a Contribution Point

- When you contract a new worker

- When you successfully produce/craft something

- When your Processing levels up

- When you get a Skill Point, or Guild Score point

- When your Guild learns a new skill"

● Fixed the issue where you could not use the scroll wheel to scroll through the Skill List in the Mount Information window when your mouse was over a skill name.

● Changed the size of the scroll bar in the Guild Skills Information tab of the Guild window.

● Fixed the graphical issue with the scroll bar in the Journal tab of the My Information window.

● Fixed the issue where the text "Health (HP)" in the Basic tab of the My Information window disappeared when it was clicked on.

● Fixed the issue where if you pressed on the 1 day, 7 days, 30 days, or Total tabs in the History tab of the My Information window the History tab did not appear selected.

● Changed the size of the scroll bar in the Central Market.

● Made an improvement on the number of products/items to be more clearly displayed on the notification window when purchasing Pearl, Pearl Items or Loyalty Items.

● Fixed the graphical issue that occurred after selecting a filter in the Title tab of the My Information tab.

● Fixed the issue where rapidly clicking the different tabs in the History tab of the My Information window would intermittently cause the stats to not refresh.

● Changed the size of the text that appears when playing the cart minigame.

● Fixed the strange rocks that appeared around Stonetail Wasteland.

● A new feature has been added where the Black Spirit guides you depending on situations when you log in if there's a main quest they you did not accept yet.  

● Fixed the issue where contradictory information about Safe Enhance appeared when trying to enhance certain Pearl items.

● You should now only see the Extract Chance button under the Regular tab in the Enhancement window.

● The Level Up button should no longer appear as interactive after closing the Extract Enhancement Chance window.

● Fixed the issue where certain UI appeared wrongly after exiting the Red Battlefield.

● Fixed the issue where the Whisper message alert will activate once in a certain period.

● Fixed the issue where the window to buy a villa invitation from a Villa Keeper would scroll unnaturally.

● Fixed the issue where an incorrect message was displayed when you find your mount in some specific region.

● Fixed the issue where you could not accept the quest 'Nantusa Letusa' again if it was forfeit after completing the quest objective.

● Fixed the issue where the cancel button was displayed as duplicate when you type text in the search bar in Web Central Market with Android.



● Added a descriptive image to explain the Settings>General>Show/Hide>Attack Decisions option that will appear when you hover over the option.

● Items in Central Market will now be correctly priced acccording to their enhancement level.

● The standby time for when you fail to register an item to Central Market has been reduced from 15 to 10 seconds.

   Ex) 1. When you exceed the VT limit in Warehouse.

          2. When your network condition is unstable


We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert,

Thank you.

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