Notices [Notice] Secret Quest Challenge: The Tale of the Fallen Kingdom Reopening and Compensation
Black Desert 2019-08-02 19:30
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Greetings Adventurers, 


On August 1 (Wed) at 23:23 (GMT+3), we were forced to temporarily suspend all the quests of the Secret Quest Challenge: The Tale of the Fallen Kingdom after confirming that one of the quests, ‘United as One’, could be completed through an unintended method. 

For our Adventurers who devoted their time and effort by participating in the Secret Quest Challenge, we deeply sympathize with the frustration and disappointment you may have felt. Thus, we offer our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience and disruption arising from the sudden suspension of the questline and lack of smooth quest progression.   

The quest ‘United as One’ has an NPC appear in a state where characters could not interact with. It was intended that this NPC would change to an interactable state once certain conditions were fulfilled in order to complete the quest. 


However, we discovered that it was possible to forcibly interact with the NPC, which is originally set as being unable to interact with, by using the interact keyboard shortcut while the game is loading after connecting to the server.

Therefore, we temporarily suspended all the quests, as this was an unintended way that could have a significant impact on the results of the Secret Quest Challenge.

Afterwards, we discussed the following with the relevant teams and people-in-charge to determine the future course of action.  


  1. 1.The United as One and Aspiration in the Sky quests’ status will be completely reset.
    The decision was made to reset the progression and completion status of and in order to provide all our Adventurers equal terms for a fair competition and safeguard the first place of the .
    In addition, any Key of Truth items in possession will be withdrawn, and items that were needed to exchange for the Key of Truth can be received again from the NPC ‘Eileen’ in Velia. We apologize to the Adventurers who have already completed the quest.


  1. 2.We will change the ways to progress through some of the quests for the Secret Quest.  

We will change the quest progression of and in order to ensure that everyone can compete on equal terms.
However, we believe everyone’s efforts and enthusiasm is important, and while the quest progression method may change, we will keep the solutions as same as before to ensure the experience and journey continuity stays the same.

  1. 3.We will offer the following compensation with our sincerest apologies. .

Although we cannot restore our Adventurers’ valuable time and effort with compensation. Nevertheless, we would like to offer compensation alongside our sincerest apologies.  
And so, we will offer compensation to all our Adventurers regardless of your participation in the Secret Quest Challenge, and provide additional compensation for the Adventurers who devoted time and effort to diligently complete the quests as soon as the event started. 


  1. 4.The Secret Quest Challenge will resume next week. 

Due to the special nature of the Challenge Event, the quick progression and completion of the questline is imperative part of the competition for first place. Thus, we believe the normal continuation and resumption of the questline is very urgent.  

The Secret Quest Challenge will resume on August 7 (Wed) with the improvements described above.  


Please refer below for the exact compensation schedule. 


■ ‘Secret Quotes Challenge: The Tale of the Fallen Kingdom’ Resumption and Compensation 


- Resumption Date and Time: August 7, 2019 (Wed) 16:00 


- Compensation Eligibility and Details 


  1. Compensation will be given to all Adventurers that have already created a Family at the time of compensation.
    - Heartfelt Gift Box III x1 


  1. All Adventurers that are progressing or completed one of the quests for the Secret Quest Challenge: The Tale of the Fallen Kingdom will receive compensation according to the table below. 


Quest Name 

(In-progress or Completed Quests)


Tears of Blood

Value Pack (1 Day) x1

Forgotten Bartali

Value Pack (1 Day) x2

Hidden Record

Value Pack (1 Day) x3

Eileen's Help

Value Pack (1 Day) x4

Materials for Memory

Value Pack (1 Day) x5

Back in Time

Value Pack (1 Day) x6

Traces of Forbidden Love

Value Pack (1 Day) x7

Root of Aspiration

Value Pack (1 Day) x8

United as One

Value Pack (1 Day) x10,
[Event] Blessing of Kamasylve (7 Days) x1

[Event] Sealed Book of Combat (7 Days) x1

Aspiration in the Sky

※ Queststage-based compensation will be given according to the latest quest in-progress. 


  1. All Gold Bar 10G and Elion's Tear used to progress or complete the ‘United as One’ quest will be restored. 

Once again, we apologize for the set back in the event progression resulting from our shortcomings, and understand there is no compensation that can redeem our Adventurer’s disappointment and emptiness. Looking forward, we believe that we must do everything we can to ensure our Adventurer’s efforts and passion truly shine for the time remaining. 

Due to this incident, we again offer our sincerest apologies to all our Adventurers who were looking forward to and enjoying the Secret Challenge Quest. Looking forward we will put forth our best effort to provide the smooth experience of the Secret Quest Challenge which resume next week. 


Thank you.


Comments 3
Not only you don't punish the exploit abusers but also you are rewarding them more than honest players! People got stuck on in the middle of questline just because you disable the WHOLE questline.
2019-08-03 13:34 0
There are people who stopped doing quests alltogether because they knew the quests were bugged and decided to wait for a fix. Now you are punishing these people for being honest? What a bullshit!
2019-08-03 13:36 0
We should have just rushed the questline in 30mins and exploit the last quest I guess, because fuck honest players right?! Thanks for being FAIR!
2019-08-03 13:36 0